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Stand Up Pouches Vs Lay Flat: Which Is Better for You Snack Food Product?

The right packaging attracts customers’ attention towards a snack food product. Pouches that stand up or lay flat have unique shelf appeal and benefits for consumables producers. Either style can benefit from connected packaging programs or eco-friendly pouch packaging. Find out more about the best options available for ordering custom stand up pouches no minimum for any product.

Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

Pouches designed to stand up in store displays are often a good option for snack pouch packaging. These packages offer more external space than lay-flat pouches, making it possible to fit bulkier products or larger quantities of any snack food. The front and back of these pouches also provide a lot of room to display custom-printed designs.

Stand-up pouches are also more structured than lay-flat pouches and can be displayed standing on a shelf or have a hang hole to allow products to be displayed on pegs or hooks in a store. Snack food brands seeking an advantage over competing products may prefer product packaging that makes it easier for customers to see products standing on shelves or in displays.

Advantages to Lay Flat Pouches for Snack Foods

Lay-flat pouches are the most cost-effective type of flexible packaging. This approach to package design is best-suited for products that can be stacked or lined up inside a box or tray for shipping and in-store display. These pouches protect the contents of packaging while providing a tight fit around products that reduces waste.

Whether a snack brand prefers to put products in pillow pouches, three-side seal pouches or stick pack pouches, it is possible to purchase lay-flat pouches fully formed or as roll stock. The latter consists of engineered film sent to brand or packaging partners to be finalized with the use of a form-fill-seal packaging machine. Lay-flat pouches can be displayed flat, but could have more visibility if packages feature a hang hole.

Tips for the Best Snack Packaging Design

Snack brands should consider the weight, size and shape requirements of packaged products when deciding on the best packaging materials. In addition to the presentation of packaging, it is also important to determine the right opening and re-closing options and any requirements for barrier films for snack food. Tear notches can provide easy access to single-use product packaging, while zippers may help to maintain freshness over multiple uses until the use-by date.

The films used in product packaging play an important part in preventing damage and preserving freshness. Options for air, moisture or odor protection are available. Brands that are committed to environmental responsibility or sustainability should seek out packaging that is recyclable through in-store programs or experiment with newer types of compostable packaging materials.

A brand should consult with specialists to determine the best approach to packaging a particular snack food. Digital print-on-demand services can offer options for no minimum print runs and variable package designs. A combination of digital printing and advanced materials make it possible to create stand up or lay-flat product packaging that will keep contents fresh and make an irresistible appeal to consumers.