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Can Fast Food be Vegan?

Being a vegan or sticking to a plant-based diet can be very rewarding in a lot of ways. You are avoiding the possibility of cruelty to animals in your meal’s supply chain. Additionally, you are having less impact on the environment. It doesn’t hurt that vegan diets are also healthy. However, it can also feel like you have to give up a lot. For many people, the sacrifice of fast food can be one of the most significant.

A lot of fast food places are not exactly known for their vegan-oriented menus. However, as you start your search for “lunch options near me,” you may be pleased to know that there is at least one fast food option available to you: pizza! In particular, Papa John’s offers vegan pizza options from all of their stores.

Try Papa John’s Vegan Pizza

Many people are surprised to learn that Papa John’s offers vegan options. However, their pizza is tasty and can be ordered as a vegan meal.

You will need to order a pizza with the original dough. Other dough types include milk or egg products. You can add the original or barbeque sauce to your dough. They are both completely plant-based. Obviously, you will want to skip the cheese. Finally, you can add vegetables and other vegan toppings. Papa John’s has an impressive collection of vegan toppings ranging from spicy peppers to juicy pineapple.

With so many choices, you can make a fully vegan pizza that suits your tastes perfectly. Plus, if you choose a variety of vegetable toppings, you can make a pizza that is a very complete meal. Being mindful of nutritional content is a big part of eating a healthy vegan diet. This lunch option gives you a lot of control. Plus, it is fast! Give Papa John’s vegan pizza a try today.

How To Order Papa John’s Vegan Pizza

Even better than the options for your pizza toppings are the options for ordering. People love fast food because it is delicious. However, there is no denying that the convenience is important too.

You can call the restaurant to order pizza if you like talking to someone. However, if you prefer to place a lightning-fast order, consider using the website or app. You can place a custom pizza order then look at the sides to decide if you want any of those. For example, the original breadsticks are also vegan.

Another great part of fast food is the pricing. With Papa John’s you can get everyday good deals along with pizza lunch specials. Plus, you can score some rewards with the Papa Dough program. This gives you money back for every order, so you can get your next vegan meal at a nice discount (or even free). It is a win-win.

Order Some Vegan Pizza Today

Are you ready for some vegan pizza? Papa John’s has a lot to offer anyone who is craving the convenience, taste and cost of fast food. Order vegan pizza today and complete your order with some drinks and sides. You don’t have to sacrifice fast food just because you are vegan.