Things to Do in Chicago

If you’re thinking of going to Chicago, there are endless things to see, do, and experience in the “City of the Big Shoulders.” From world-class museums to incredible cultural attractions lining commercial and industrial courses and fine dining restaurants, Chicago is deeply endowed.

Whatever your interest or hobbies, you can always find something incredible to do in Chicago. Are you interested in culture? Spend the day exploring Chicago museums? Looking to experience a fabulous night out? Try out Chicago’s unique bars and fantastic restaurants with diverse cuisines. While you’re enjoying Chicago’s beauty, Lane & Lane has got you covered should you get injured by acts of negligence, i.e., medical malpractices, accidents, or slip-and-fall accidents. Here are the top picks for the best things to do in Chicago: 

1. Visit the Magnificent Mile 

The Magnificent Mile is perhaps Chicago’s most popular tourist spot. It’s an international destination and among the top ten best dining, hospitality, and retail destinations globally. The Magnificent Mile will offer you and your friends or family one of a kind city adventure filled with fun, entertainment, flavor, and style. 

Get to experience majestic architecture, endless shopping, fine dining, natural beauty, international cuisine with live entertainment. Your tour of Chicago will be incomplete without touring the beautiful Magnificent Mile.

2. Experience Art Masterpieces at the Art Institute of Chicago  

Are you an art enthusiast and looking to fulfill your taste for art during your visit to Chicago? Why not visit the Art Institute of Chicago, filled with over 300,000 art masterpieces, including iconic paintings, impressive sword collection, gorgeous suits of armor, and crossbows. 

Experience timeless classical artworks spread across different eras, notably the Nighthawks and Georges Seurat’s iconic painting, i.e., A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. The art institute also houses a medieval armory and extensive art collection of artifacts from ancient Greek, Rome, Africa, Japan, and America.

3. Cruise the Chicago River and Lake Michigan

Explore Chicago’s cityscape on a cruise on Lake Michigan and along the Chicago River. Choose from a wide range of cruises, from gentle cruises to roller-coaster speed boat rides. The Classic Lake Tour takes about 40 minutes, giving you plenty of time to explore the city. 

If you prefer thrill, experience a speedboat ride at the old Navy Training Center on Navy Pier. For a more peaceful ride and great views of Chicago’s landmarks, consider the Chicago River Architecture Cruise with an expert tour guide. You’ll certainly be amazed by the cruises’ experience.

4. Admire Chicago’s Skyline at the Willis Tower

A great activity to do in Chicago is to admire Chicago’s skyline’s incredible sights at the 442-meter Willis Tower– the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The building attracts over 1.3 million visitors each year who are indeed amazed by the eye-popping view stretching four states over 50 miles away. If you’re acrophobic, you need to be careful as the ledge at the Skydeck would either give you serious stomach butterflies or make you a buzz. 

5. Try Out Local Cuisines in the City

Your tour to Chicago would be incomplete without trying out local cuisines in different restaurants in the city. Chicago is perhaps America’s leading food city attributed to a diverse culinary landscape. 

Experience both local and international cuisines such as Japanese bowl of ramen, original Tonkostu, Italian beef, Mexican tortas, and Polish pierogies. Local foods include deep-dish pizza, Chicago pizzas, hot dogs piled with seven toppings and sandwiches, etc. The city has plenty of dining spots, with the most common ones being Logan Square, Chicago Q, Eleven City Diner, and Navy Pier. 

If you’re a foodie, a food tour across Chicago is definitely worth it. 

Closing Words 

Chicago’s rich culture, awe-inspiring skyscrapers, and diverse foods make it a leading destination in the U.S. and beyond. The over ten museums, hundreds of fine dining facilities, cultural heritage centers, animal parks, rivers, and lakes in Chicago means that you won’t lack something to do in Chicago, no matter your interest or hobbies. 

If you’re planning on visiting Chicago, go beyond the usual attractions and explore the city’s natural hidden gems for better enjoyment.