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5 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Ingredients

Many people are addicted to artificial sweeteners, flavors, and other ingredients because they’re cheap and readily available. Others love them because of the flavors and sweetness they add to food. Some families are duped into believing that artificial sweeteners can help them fight diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Experts have always insisted that you should avoid artificial ingredients, including food flavors and coloring by all means. But do you know why the most beloved food additives should be something you should stay away from? Here are five reasons you should think twice before adding any artificial ingredient to your food.

They Contain Harmful Chemicals

Those dyes added to food coloring are chemicals derived from petroleum. Petroleum doesn’t seem like something you want to add to your body. These are things used in cars and hair shampoos to kill lice. You’ll also find petroleum in the construction industry used as floor sealers, tar, and asphalt. Now decide if this is something good for your body.

Other ingredients contain compounds that can turn toxic when heated. For instance, some ingredients generate dangerous compounds called chloropropanols when heated at very high temperatures. The compound comprises a group of contaminants that should be avoided by all possible means. These substances are not only dangerous for humans but also to animals and the environment.

Promote Weight Gain

Artificial ingredients are associated with weight gain in both adults and children. Studies conducted in both animals and humans suggest an association between artificial sweeteners to weight gain. The ingredients can also expose you to the risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. These are all dangerous to your general health, and you want to keep them as far away from your body as possible. So, instead of adding artificial sweeteners to your coffee or any other drink, use natural flavors such as lavender lemon syrup and keep things on the healthier side.

Artificial Ingredients Contain Cancerous Substances

While many people may dismiss this as a mere misconception, many artificial ingredients are tested and proven to contain cancer-causing substances. Currently, cancer is the leading disease in mortality rate worldwide. Considering that there are very minimal chances of cancer survival, you should avoid anything that can increase your chances of inviting any cancer substances to your body. Artificial ingredients that you should avoid the most to protect yourself from cancer include food dyes. The dyes include Yellow No.5, Red No.40, and Yellow No. 6. There are also food flavors and sweeteners that are cancerous, though they have not undergone enough scientific research.

Contain Synthetic Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients made with artificial flavors are not good for human consumption. Some flavored ingredients are engineered in the lab to form what’s called GMO. Some synthetic ingredients are engineered beyond GMOs. These ingredients have little research done to determine their safety but are entering the market at a high rate anyways. Some of them are even approved by FDA despite containing ingredients that are harmful to human health. If you like taking fast foods, chances are that you consume these synthetic ingredients without knowing.

Artificial Ingredients Are Banned in Many Countries

Why do you think several states, especially in the US discourage the use of artificial ingredients such as food coloring? They’re no doubt harmful to the general health of the entire nation, and keeping them at bay takes a combined effort of the government and the general public. Many stores in the US refuse to stock any artificial food coloring their stores. These measures will discourage the selling of these products in stores and prevent their usage altogether. These ingredients can also harm the environment, according to experts, therefore, they must be avoided by all means.

Opt for Healthier Alternatives

Well, not all artificial ingredients are harmful to your health. Some are made with all the safety measures in mind and are proven to be good for consumption. However, it’s always a good idea to opt for healthy alternatives by going for natural ingredients instead. There are excellent natural ingredients in the market that you can use as sweeteners, food coloring, and other flavoring needs. You should also know how to identify artificial ingredients in your food labels to help you differentiate the harmful ones from healthy ones. Always keep yourself healthy by minding everything you add to your body.