Top Promotional Items That Benefit From Embroidery

Top Promotional Items That Benefit From Embroidery

Embroidery offers a premium look and is best for thicker materials, like jackets, polos, or sports jerseys. Non-profit organizations can use embroidered blankets to showcase their logo and message as a donor thank-you gift or as merchandise supporting their cause.

Embroidered items help elevate brands and leave lasting impressions on potential customers. 


The classic t-shirt is an excellent item for embroidery at businesses like, and the results look great. However, it’s important to choose the right design for your t-shirt. Designs that are too large will pucker after a few washes, while small designs with lots of intricate detail will be difficult to sew.

Embroidery on t-shirts and other clothing can increase brand awareness and intrigue potential customers, setting you apart from your competition. You can even use embroidered apparel to create a unique business, sports team, or school uniform.

If you want your embroidered logo to look its best, always use a high-quality, colorfast thread and ensure the stitches are sewn tightly. This will help ensure the embroidery stands up to lots of washes and looks sharper. Embroidery on t-shirts will also look better if you use a smaller needle. Too large of a needle can cause the fabric to pull, distorting the design.

Sports Towels

Embroidery on these items provides a one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity for your brand. While many premiums and company gifts get tucked away and forgotten, a custom-printed fitness towel or blanket with your logo will promote your brand whenever end users use it.

These towels are ideal for sports teams, health clubs and gyms, supplement companies, expos, and more. They’re absorbent, quick-drying, and come in various colors and designs. Some also feature clips or belt loops to easily clip onto athletic bags, workout wear, or golf carts.

This personalized embroidered gym towel (opens in a new window) is soft and lightweight, perfect for wiping sweat or taking to the beach. It also features a convenient carabiner clip to hang from your belt or in your bag for easy access. It’s even treated with antimicrobial protection for added safety and hygiene. This is a must-have for any athlete. Order yours today!

Duffle Bags

Originally known as seabags or ditty bags, duffle bags were fashioned from rough cloth to hold all the belongings a sailor would need on a long journey at sea. The formless design allowed sailors to stretch their gear and even cram in photos of a loved one or contraband.

Today, duffle bags are popular for athletes, gym members, and travelers. They can be customized with a team logo or company design that helps brand your organization.

Embroidered duffle bags also make a unique gift for new employees or a client you want to thank for their business. They are easy to use and leave a positive impression on the recipient.

Embroidery is an excellent way to keep your brand visible on towels, work shirts and service wear, hats, blankets, tote bags, and jackets. 


Embroidery is a great choice for hoodies because it gives them a premium look. Hoodies are a staple item for many people, so embroidering your brand or logo can help build awareness and increase brand recognition. It also helps to ensure that your branding looks consistent on each piece of apparel.

Whether you want your business name or logo embroidered on the back of your hoodie or your front kangaroo pocket, it’s a great way to make it stand out and appear professionally. It’s also a good option for sports team hoodies to add a touch of professionalism to your athletic uniforms.

Embroidery is also a great choice for hats of all shapes and sizes. The quality of embroidery will last much longer than a print on the same material and can hold up to multiple machine washes. Incorporate a bold design or company logo to create one-of-a-kind promotional items that your audience will wear and share.