The Gift of A Getaway: 4 Vacation Gifts for the Holidays

The Gift of A Getaway: 4 Vacation Gifts for the Holidays

It’s nearing the end of the year, and this period of time is filled with festivities and gift-giving. Rather than adding another item to the pile of junk this holiday, why don’t you give your loved one a vacation gift? 

Vacation gifts can spur a lot of excitement and gratitude. After all, who doesn’t love a good vacation after a long year? Here are some unique vacation gift ideas for you!

1. Spa Resort Trip

If your significant other has been complaining about their long work hours and being constantly exhausted, there is nothing better than giving them a surprise vacation gift for a spa resort trip. The two of you will be able to leave the hustle and bustle of normal life and simply enjoy a few days of relaxation. 

Spa resorts will also likely have nice scenery, so you will be able to take great pictures.

2. Seaside Resort Trip

One of the most popular vacation destinations is anywhere with a great view of the sea. This is why giving a plane ticket gift or a surprise vacation gift to go to a seaside resort will likely be put to use. 

If you find that giving plane tickets can be too expensive, why not plan a surprise for a loved one by buying them tickets to a yacht charter? When you give gifts that people can experience, you are giving them a chance to create special memories. Surely that’s better than buying something that will be put away in the back of someone’s cabinet!

3. Hotel Stay Gifts in the City

If your loved one doesn’t necessarily enjoy going far away from their current location, this doesn’t mean you can’t give them Christmas vacation gifts. You can give them a chance to experience a staycation!

All you need is to get a hotel gift card (or finance their booking) and choose a great hotel that is located in the city.

This will enable them to get a refreshed perspective of home, without having to feel the effects of homesickness or the pressure to explore a completely new location. Instead, they can simply enjoy staying inside a beautiful hotel room and have a relaxing weekend away. 

4. Give Them a Rental Car Gift Card

If your loved one enjoys traveling and going on road trips, you can buy them a gift card for a rental car service!

This way, you won’t need to worry about whether they like the trip (or vacation destination) you are trying to give them, because they can choose where they go themselves. 

Get Vacation Gifts for Your Loved Ones This Year

Bored of going to department stores to find something remotely decent to give to others? It’s time to get a bit more creative and give vacation gifts. This way, you will be able to give them a chance to make good memories!

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