Pipe Problems: Are Glass Pipes Illegal?

Pipe Problems: Are Glass Pipes Illegal?

If you’re a cannabis smoker, you probably have a favorite glass piece or several. It probably has intricate colors and designs, and you probably have given each one of your pipes names — like Lucille or Green Ranger. 

These pipes are considered art pieces, to the point that there’s a market for bongs that cost $100,000 or more. But here’s the million-dollar question — are they legal?

We’ve got answers for you. 

Keep reading to learn more about what you should know about glass pipes and their legal status. 

Glass Pipes Are Illegal Based on Intent

It’s important that you get to know the legal code when considering glass pipes and related paraphernalia. 

According to federal law, glass pipe paraphernalia is illegal in several instances. Drug paraphernalia is defined in several categories including glass pipes, water pipes, smoking masks, chamber pipes, and chillers. 

They are illegal when intended for use in conjunction with cocaine, meth, amphetamines, and yes — cannabis. 

Your first thought is probably — “But wait, there are shops that sell glass pipes near me!”

There are a few reasons that they’re able to operate, and why it’s also perfectly OK for you to buy them. The main differentiating factor is that these pipes must be sold with the understanding that they’re for tobacco or other legal products. 

This is why when you go into one of those shops, they’re not allowed to talk about any illegal substances or make any references. The shops are under strict instruction about this and can face heavy penalties. 

Likewise, it’s not illegal for you to use these pipes as long as you’re not smoking any illegal substances in them. 

Consider the State Where You Live

The state of residence also makes a difference. For instance, if you live in a legal cannabis state, you’ll be bound by those laws. As such, states that are cannabis-friendly also have less stringent paraphernalia laws when it comes to usage with this plant. 

In these states, the shops are able to sell glass pipes alongside cannabis or related products. 

Cannabis aside, glass pipes are governed on a state-by-state basis. They come with a variety of stipulations and laws that you’re subject to, so make sure to act accordingly. 

Get to Know the Legal Penalties

So what kind of legal penalties might you expect if you happen to get charged and convicted of a drug paraphernalia penalty? Check with your state legal code to know for certain. 

For instance, in Georgia, glass paraphernalia sale or possession is a misdemeanor, carrying jail time as high as 1 year and a $1,000 fine for the offense. 

In Texas, possession of a glass pipe or similar paraphernalia is a misdemeanor, while the sale is a felony that carries minimums of 90 days behind bars and as much as a year, along with a $4,000 fine. 

Take Steps to Legally Purchase a Glass Pipe

It’s important that you do your due diligence when buying a pipe to make sure you’re in bounds legally. By taking these tips into consideration, you’ll be able to stay on the right side of the law. 

Consider these steps when buying glass water pipes for sale:

1. Recognize Why You’re Buying It and How It’ll Be Used

Always purchase glass pipes with legal intent in mind and you’ll have little to worry about. Glass water pipes come in all shapes and sizes and can be an excellent fixture in your home. 

Take the time to decide what you’re looking for and stay true to that intent. 

2. Choose a Reputable Shop to Do Business With

You’ll also save yourself a lot of trouble by doing business with the best possible shop. These professionals will guide you toward purchasing an excellent piece and will operate within the confines of the law. 

Shopping with these professionals will also help you buy pipes that are well-made and long-lasting. 

Cheap glass pipes that are dingy, low frills, or seemingly homemade will draw more suspicion when if you’re searched or pulled over. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the wrong or in any legal trouble, it’s best to purchase quality products from a reputable shop. 

3. Secure the Pipe in Your Vehicle After the Purchase

Discretion is everything when it comes to purchasing glass pipes. Even glass tobacco pipes should be tucked away discreetly until you get home to be on the safe side. 

Keep them in your bag once you’ve made your purchase and keep them in your dashboard or trunk if possible. 

4. Seek the Help of an Attorney When Necessary

Finally, get in touch with an attorney whenever you feel the need. They’ll be able to give you advice if you’re in a sticky situation, and can help you protect your legal rights. 

Choose lawyers that specialize in drug cases, whether you need a simple consultation or are facing criminal charges after an arrest. 

Start Shopping for the Best Glass Pipes

The tips above will help you out when you’re interested in buying glass pipes. You’ll love everything about glass pipes once you’ve found the perfect one. 

Do your due diligence so that you can stay abreast of the laws that come with purchasing these pipes. This way, you can freely jump into the culture without any setbacks and will know your rights if you do happen to experience any sorts of issues. 

In the meantime, we’ve got you covered when you’re looking for other such information.

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