15 Types of Cannabinoids Pain Relief

15 Types of Cannabinoids Pain Relief

Did you know that cannabinoids like CBD can provide instant relief to chronic pain?

In fact, CBD is not the only Cannabinoid form that is capable of healing your pain.

Read our article to learn all about the 15 types of cannabinoid pain relief options that are currently available for your enjoyment!

1. The Legal Cannabinoid: CBD Oil

CBD has become the face of Cannabis in countries like the United States. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many cannabinoids that Cannabis has to offer.

CBD oil is the most popular mode of ingestion for those who are seeking a legal alternative to cannabinoids pain relief.

Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and is a great daytime treatment for chronic pain. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD can be used in small doses to help you relax while remaining alert.

CBD oil is fast-acting because your body can easily metabolize the carrier oil that CBD is infused into. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, so enjoy finding the perfect CBD oil for you!

2. Mixed CBD Tinctures

A tincture refers to a compound that has been mixed with an alcohol base. This helps dissolve the isolate into a form your body can quickly absorb into your bloodstream.

CBD tinctures can also be mixed with other medicinal ingredients like elderberry and ginger to add even more medicinal benefits to the mix.

Tinctures are quick absorbing so they can provide you with instant relief. It is always a good idea to have a CBD tincture nearby for instant pain relief!

3. Classic CBD Flower

CBD Flower refers to the smokable flower of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis has been smoked in spiritual traditions around the world for over centuries.

Smoking cannabis is another fast-acting method of relieving your chronic pain. CBD is normally absorbed through oils and tinctures, however, smoking Cannabis flowers has potent effects as well.

You can smoke cannabis flowers in wrapped form, through a pipe, or in a glass piece of equipment. Enjoy finding the perfect smoking method for you.

4. The New CBD Vaping

Vaping CBD is becoming the new way to ingest the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis. Vaping is quickly becoming mainstream for a number of reasons.

Vaping is convenient due to the lack of smell that the substance exudes. Vaping is preferred for its ease of indoor use.

Vaping CBD is a great idea to try if you need pain relief during a public event. CBD vape cartridges are available in tons of yummy flavors and strains.

Be mindful of the quantities that you vape, however, since research is still being conducted about the effects of vaping.

5. CBD-Infused Products

CBD-infused products are sold everywhere nowadays. They are not as scarce as they used to be, which is good news for those who need pain relief when they are on the go.

However, the amount of CBD options makes it difficult to know where to begin! There are CBD-infused beverages, medicines, and foods.

A great place to begin is with CBD-infused water. They are available in different dosages and often contain minimal ingredients. This will help you focus on the aspects of the CBD you enjoy the most!

6. CBD Topicals for Pain Relief

Topical pain relief options are a great idea if a specific part of your body is experiencing pain or inflammation.

CBD topicals often come in a cream or gel. They require a little time to take effect. However, they can be powerful pain relievers for those who have a specific area that experiences chronic pain.

CBD is world-renowned for its anti-inflammatory powers. You can rub CBD topicals on your joints and other spots that cause you pain. This will help cool the area down and provide relief.

7. CBD Edible Cannabinoids

Did you know that the medical use of cannabinoids can be achieved by a daily snack break? It is true!

Edibles are one of the most fun ways to ingest your cannabis. CBD edibles come in a wide variety of options.

Traditional snacks like candy, desserts, and chips are now loaded with CBD. This makes going to parties and other social gatherings an easier experience for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Do you love to cook? You can even infuse your own CBD oil into homemade CBD edibles if you like being in control of your CBD dosage.

8. Delta 8 THC Oil

Delta 8 is the latest breakthrough cannabinoid that is hitting the shelves of holistic health suppliers across the nation.

Delta 8 is a form of THC that is federally legal. Some states have banned it, however, so be sure to consult your local laws before investing in Delta 8 THC.

THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of the Cannabis plant. Delta 8 is a more mild compound compared to the popular Delta 9 strains.

It is common knowledge that THC offers potent and effective pain relief to its users. THC is best for lazy days at home when you do not have to drive a car or overexert yourself.

9. Nostalgic THC Flower

THC flowers can be smoked in copious amounts to achieve maximum pain relief. Caution, you will most likely be very sleepy after ingesting this medicine.

THC flowers can be smoked the same way other cannabinoids can. They can be rolled up or smoked in a pipe. Delta 8 THC is available in pre-rolled packages as well.

THC-containing Cannabis flowers are nostalgic for those who are veteran Cannabis smokers. The nostalgia alone may offer a bit of pain relief as well!

10. THC Vaping for Pain Relief

It is possible to order vape cartridges full of THC. Again, this depends on what state you live in. However, most states accept Delta 8 THC through their borders.

You will be amazed by the variety of strains that are available through a convenient vaping cartridge.

Vaping THC is available in disposable vape pens and in changeable THC cartridge heads that connect to a separate battery.

11. THC-Infused Products

THC-Infused products are just as common as CBD-infused products in states that have fully legalized THC use.

THC can be infused into honey, teas, and even chocolate! What Cannabis-infused product will you try first?

Delta 8 THC has a product line of products itself as well. For example, Delta-8 gummies are extremely popular this season!

12. THC Edibles for Pain Relief

THC edibles offer pain relief in a delicious form. However, this process will require metabolization. This means it is one of the slower forms of pain relief, but, it tastes great!

THC edibles can be found everywhere in legal states. For example, some Cannabis enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to open entire restaurants dedicated to cannabis.

You can enjoy Cannabis pizza, Cannabis cookies, and much more in states like California and Colorado.

13. CBG Oil: The Underdog

CBG is one of the lesser-known cannabinoids. However, their lack of fame does not take away from their potent pain-relieving properties.

CBG is responsible for relieving inflammation from those who ingest it. It normally accompanies CBD and THC in Cannabis flowers in nature.

In fact, CBG is so effective at relieving pain and inflammation from the body that it is being studied as possible cancer and glaucoma treatment.

14. CBG Flower: Your New Best Friend

CBG Flower can be smoked on its own. You do not need to obtain the trace amounts from the cannabinoid counterparts like CBD and THC.

CBG is potent on its own, however, so remember that a little goes a long way! Much like THC, you will only need to smoke a tiny amount of CBG to begin noticing its effects.

CBG can help you metabolize as well if your pain is preventing you from eating. It truly is the underdog among cannabinoids.

15. New CBG-Infused Products

CBG-infused products are still finding a place for themselves among the shelves of holistic health providers.

CBG-infused products will most likely follow the patterns of the other cannabinoids. There will be beverages, edibles, and supplements available with CBG as the premier ingredient.

CBG is already integrated into other Cannabis products in the form of a Full Spectrum Distillate. Do yourself a favor and explore the pain relief that cannabis has to offer your body!

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Now you are aware of the 15 types of cannabinoids pain relief that are available to you. Which one will you try first?

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