How to Make DIY Party Favors--Plus Some Cool Ideas

How to Make DIY Party Favors–Plus Some Cool Ideas

Kid’s birthday parties are always fun-filled affairs. But they can be expensive too! Heck, over 10 of parents spend over $500 on their baby’s very first birthday.

Are you looking for ways to keep costs down on your child’s upcoming big day? Well, DIY party favors are a perfect place to start. Cheap and cheerful, these gifts are amazing alternatives to traditional goodie bags.

First, though, you have to decide what you’re going to make! Want some help with the task? Keep reading to discover some awesome homemade party favors ideas (and learn how to make them)!

Mini Piñatas

Why not start off by whipping up some tiny piñatas? An amazing addition to any goodie bag, they’re fun, cute, and filled with what kids love most: candy! Better still, their miniature nature means they’re a) easier to make and b) involve less clearing up than traditional, full-sized piñatas.

Start the process by drawing a 5-6cm animal (such as a horse) onto some thin cardboard. Then do it again, making sure they’re identical. Next, cut a small square hole into the side of either animal.

Cut out the two animals and then cut out a strip of cardboard that’s long enough to stretch along the entire outside of them. FYI, the width of this strip will be the width of the piñata! From here, you have to carefully tape your strip around the outside of the two cut-outs to create a 3D version of the animal.

Fill this with sweets and then decorate the outside of it with colorful tissue paper to complete your mini Piñata!

Seed Bombs

Young, excitable children are sure to love the sound of anything with “bomb” in the title. Thankfully, though, seed bombs don’t involve anything explosive! Instead, they’re clever little bundles of seeds that sit in a small compostable ball.

The kids (or adults, for that matter) can throw (with permission, of course) their seed bombs on any patch of land they think needs some new life! Whether they contain flowers or fruit trees, they’ll land on the ground, decompose and release the seeds onto the earth. Assuming the conditions are good enough, you’ll watch the plants begin to grow as the days and weeks pass.

Making them is nice and straightforward too.

All you do is combine one part air-dry clay with two parts fertilizer and mix it together. Next, put some seeds of your choice into a bowl. Dip a small chunk of the clay/fertilizer mix into the seeds, roll it into a ball, and let it dry.

Voila, that’s one seed bomb! You can make as many as you want. Then, when you’re done and they’re 100% dry, try placing them in small plastic packages with a ribbon around the top for display.

Jars of Honey

All kids love sweet stuff, right? From chocolates to candy bars, they’d munch their bodyweight in it if they had the chance! If you’re looking for a healthier way to satisfy their sweet tooth, though, we recommend making some DIY honey jars.

Super cute and full of delicious honey, they’re sure to go down a treat.

To make them, you’ll need to get your hands on some small glass spice jars, some wooden honey dippers, some craft paper, and some twine, alongside whatever extra decorations you want (such as glitter).

Next, use a printer and your craft paper to print some labels. Extra points if they have honey-themed messages on the front (e.g. “It was meant to bee”)! Stick these on the front of each jar with some double-sided tape and then fill them with honey.

Last but not least, wrap the twine around the lid, securing the dipper to the side as you go. Tie a beautiful bow at the front to finish and there you have it, some gorgeous honey jar party favors.

DIY S’Mores Kits

You can’t beat the gooey, chocolatey goodness of a freshly made s’more (especially when you’re a child!). The result? Putting together some DIY s’more kits to hand out at the end of any party will always go down well.

The process of making them is easy too.

Imagine the perfect s’more, complete with chewy cookies (or Graham’s crackers, if you’re a traditionalist!), marshmallows, and chocolate. Get the ingredients, place each element into a cellophane bag, and then tie it up with twine/ribbon. Add a personalized label to the top for the finishing touch and there you have it:

Another first-rate (and affordable) DIY party favor you can send people home with.

Candy Bar Thank You Notes

Combinations don’t get much better than complimentary words and candy bars. Sweet on multiple levels, this particular party favor idea lets you tell your party guests how much you love them while giving them a delicious edible treat to boot!

The process of making these “thank you candy bars” is simple:

Buy some high-quality gourmet chocolate bars (or a brand that you know your guests will love). Next, print out thoughtful messages on attractive craft paper. To finish, remove the original packaging and wrap each candy bar in the personalized paper you just made instead!

Want to take things to a whole new level? Look for online guides on how to make paper look old and wrap each candy bar in special, prestigious-looking packaging.

Time to Make Some DIY Party Favors

Contrary to what many parents seem to think these days, celebrating your child’s birthday doesn’t have to break the bank! With a bit of effort and creativity, you can give them a memorable and fun-filled day that happens to be highly affordable as well.

Case and point? DIY party favors.

As we’ve seen, there’s no shortage of practical, attractive, and downright delicious things you can make that are perfect for putting in goodie bags. With any luck, the party favor ideas and insights on how to make party favors in this post will have provided plenty of inspiration in this regard! To read more articles on similar topics, browse the Entertainment section of the website now.