Holiday Party Fashion
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Holiday Party Looks for Every Body Type

Body shaming is common in today’s society especially if one doesn’t know how to dress their body. For one to appropriately pick the right outfit, he or she must know his or her body type. That can be a daunting task for both men and women but more so for women.

The holidays are usually a good time to meet up with family and friends for parties and get-togethers. Picking the right outfit that suits the body can be a huge confidence booster for the wearer.

Curvy and the hourglass body shape

Women with this body type have big busts and wider hips connected to a small waist resembling an hourglass. Many women want the hourglass shape as almost any article of clothing looks good on the ones with this body type.

Go for body-hugging silhouettes to show off those curves. Avoid highly textures, stiff or heavy fabrics as they hide the curves and make the wearer appear bigger than they are.

Go for structured, fit-and-flare silhouettes as they don’t bunch up or cling drawing the wrong attention to the curves.

For a long dress, consider going with a plunging neckline while for a shorter dress, keep the neckline up.

Athletic and petite

Some women especially those that work out frequently or are involved in sports tend to have a more muscular look. One can go for more form-fitting dresses to show off their toned curves and muscles.

Consider going for sleeveless and short sleeves to show off those toned arms. Slender women can go for mini shift dresses that won’t overwhelm their small frames. They can also consider girly finishes, ruffles, shiny sequins or bold colored garments.

Round or oval shapes

Here, the waist area is larger in measurement as compared to the bust and hips. The aim is to find pieces that make the waist and tummy appear smaller.

Consider cardigans and jackets for the upper body that drape well. Be careful when selecting the fabric as stiff fabrics make the wearer appear bulkier.

Flowy dresses and blouses in a tunic style would suit this body shape. Keep the blouse untucked and below the fullest part of the tummy.

Avoid form-fitting silhouettes and clothes that are too loose as they make the wearer appear heavier than they are. To show off the legs, straight cut skirts to the knee and straight length pants would be perfect.

Rectangular shape

This woman’s bust and hip measurements are equal with a slight change for the waist definition. The goal is to give her a defined waistline by making the bust and hips appear bigger.

One trick is to focus the eyes on the shoulders using shoulder accents, gathers, and pleating if one has wider shoulders. When the shoulders appear broader, it creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

Dresses and blouses which come in just under the bust make the waist seem smaller by highlighting the curves on the upper body. Pick fabrics that stretch with some form of drape and movement.

Keep necklaces around the base of the neck otherwise avoid them altogether.

The holidays can be an excellent time to get to mingle and socialize and what better way to do that than to get party outfits that makes one more confident.

One needs to understand one’s body type to make the right choices when it comes to fashion. Consider the kind of holiday party for one to choose the appropriate garments that suit the occasion.