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Christmas Around the World: Where to Celebrate the Holidays in 2019

To most people, Christmas means time with family, gift exchange, Santa, feasts, playing Christmas carols and remembering the unfortunate ones. It is an annual festival observed by billions of people worldwide on December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Christmas is a time to create new family traditions while still practicing those that have been there. Around the world, Christmas is a little different everywhere.


Christmas Eve is when the real Christmas happens in France. Families and friends gather up for a huge meal called le reveillon. The meal goes on late into the night where at around midnight, the children open their gifts. Sweet wines and liqueurs are also top-rated during Christmas.

In Paris the capital, highlights include the galleries Lafayette’s, stunning Christmas displays on the windows and inside shopping galleries.

If you have been planning to spend your Christmas in France, you can take a tour of the French Christmas markets such as Colmar and moulhouse. They are beautiful markets to soak up the Christmas spirit. There is also an option of Christmas at the mountains. It’s a favorite ski-holiday destination.

There are many chalets to rent in the French mountains especially in the Alps that can help you create a perfect wintery Christmas.


There are a lot of activities to enjoy in Norway for Christmas. You will get to enjoy various winter activities such as dogsledding, snow scooters, sleigh rides, and see the Norwegian Santa, skiing and so much more.

Celebrations begin early on in Norway. In the city of Drobak in southern Norway, the famous Christmas house is open to visitors. Besides that, many great restaurants serve you typical Norwegian Christmas dishes such as pork ribs and lamb ribs.

There are also Christmas markets and a variety of Christmas concerts held all over the country. The whole country is an ongoing festival of lights. Christmas viewing of the northern lights is also a national treasure during the holiday season.


In true Italian style, Christmas is celebrated from early December to 6th January which is the day of Epiphany. The pope hosts a midnight mass at St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City. On St Nicholas day, children write letters asking for gifts. They put up socks and plates on the table on the eve of that day. If the children have been excellent throughout that year then they get treats from St Nicholas.

During this festive season, a nativity scene is put up in churches, homes, and towns to depict the miracle of Jesus Christ’s birth in a manger. It is now trendy around the world, but it originated in Italy.  Bagpipers walk in the streets playing flutes to symbolize the shepherds in search of the new baby Jesus.

Christmas is an incredibly merry time throughout the world so if you are looking to enjoy a more authentic Christmas holiday this year; now you have a few ideas to choose from.