Rhine Waterfalls

5 Shockingly Beautiful Destinations to Visit this Year

Experiencing nature can be more relaxing than anything else in this world. It’s like restoring and rejuvenating your energy levels through your surroundings. 

This year, you can give your mind a break from your busy schedule by visiting the following spectacular places. 

Rocamadour, France

Amongst the beautiful villages located along the Dordogne Valley, this is the most outstanding settlement, and you will be fascinated by how it amazingly clings on a sheer cliff. This township’s absolute beauty is said to be hanging between heaven and earth, and the people perceive the city as sacred. 

Galesnjak Island

This island is located in Croatia and the only one in the globe to have a heart-shaped outline. This unique feature has made the island popular, denoted as the’ island of love’ or the ‘love island’ among other lovely names. If you are looking for a place to go on a honeymoon, celebrate your anniversary, or want to propose, this island fits the bill ideally. The island has a romantic aura and a charm which is without question magical.

Rhine Waterfalls

This is the biggest waterfall in Europe. It is located in Switzerland. Just one glance at the falls can make you visit the Rhine countless times. What’s even more mind-boggling is seeing the falls at night when they are illuminated. Sometimes people set fireworks which glorify the central Rhine Fall Rock. Optionally, you can also go overboard and climb the rock in the middle of the fall and take incredible pictures that may seem photo-shopped. More, in the adventure park nearby, you can follow an aerial route from treetop to treetop, indulge on a free-fall drop or a ride along a ‘zip wire’ (commonly known as the Panorama express).

Mullerthal Region, Luxembourg.

Also known as the little Switzerland of Luxembourg, Mullerthal owes its name to the magnificent hilly landscape- resemblant to Switzerland. This region is full of spectacular rock formations that will strike you, especially when hiking along the Mullerthal trail. The footpaths will lead you through fields and forests into the middle of a natural setting that is intact. Besides hiking, you can enjoy pleasant walks through the romantic brook valleys and spectacular viewpoints on the valley of Sûre. Additionally, you will also you will have a chance of being part of the beautiful small villages and the old ruins of the castles of Beaufort and Larochette.

Meteora, Greece

There are no adequate words to describe this serene beauty. Visiting Meteora will open you to a remarkable experience of the country’s loftiness regarding history, architecture and man’s eternal desire to connect with the Divine. It is a genuinely inspiring and a sensational setting build up with spectacular rock formations. It is a pilgrimage to a holy place for all Christians around the world and for that Meteora has become a preservation ark for the 2000-year-old Christian Orthodox creed.

If you love adventures and haven’t traveled to these amazing sites in Europe, this guide can get you started on a higher note to get the best experience on your tour.