What is Interrupting Your Daily Schedule?

If you are like many other individuals, you have a fair amount of tasks on your plate on a daily basis.

As a result, interruptions can be both annoying and time-consuming when you stop to think about it.

That said are there steps you can take to lower interruptions and regain more control of your life?

Don’t Let Interruptions Sideline You

In your quest to put the interruptions aside and move on, think about the following and how best to handle:

1. Unwanted phone calls – Many would state that unwanted phone calls are a major thorn in their sides. With that in mind, do you often wonder who called me after the phone stopped ringing? If so, there are online resources available to you to dig deeper into whom the calls are coming from. Many such calls are often sales and spam related. As a result, they are a waste of your time and peace of mind. Make sure you are on lists that point out that you do not want to be receiving such calls in the first place. Also avoid giving out your number all too often. Cases like this include when signing up for things, promotions and more. The less you give out your phone number, the less chance of you being bothered on a regular basis.

2. Co-workers not doing their jobs – If you work with others, you know all too well how distracting things can get. With that being the case; do your best to steer clear of such distractions. Some co-workers may come to you and want help. While some advice or a little help on occasion is fine, do not end up doing their jobs for them. Unfortunately, some people will end up taking advantage of you if you let them. If this becomes an on-going issue, talk with your supervisor on how to put an end to this.

3. Not being organized – Another fly in the ointment is when you are not organized. Yes, no organization can disrupt your daily schedule quite often. Take the time to try and better organize things. When you do, you should feel a sense of relief. Organization makes it easier for you to find things. You also will not be fretting about where you put important things. This can include bills, money, other paperwork and more. Even if you need to have someone come into your home to help you better organize things, know it is well worth it.

4. General stress – Last, it should not come as a surprise that stress can make your life seem interrupted. When you are not able to think clear, it makes getting through the day all the more difficult. Take time to breathe. Also take time to find ways to unwind. For instance, you could do more with exercise. Another option would be to plan a trip. Find ways to take the stress out of your life and be happier. When you do, your body will thank you for it.

When confronted with interruptions in your life, what will you do to change things around?