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Stay looking great while working out

Let’s face it: working out in the gym isn’t the sort of time at which you usually look your best. Working out is a sweaty business, and it’s also not the time for your usual beauty regimen to take center stage either. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great. The tips below will explain how you can keep yourself looking good while also getting your exercise fix and staying in shape. 

Be realistic

However, it’s also important to be realistic about what you can and can’t do while you’re working out. It’s unlikely to work well, for example, if you apply your usual make-up when you head to the treadmill in the gym, and it’s also not going to be possible to run round the local park in high heeled shoes! That means the best thing to focus on are the style choices which align themselves well with your goals. That’s why there are so many great clothing options designed to give you a chance to work out and to look good. Running shorts are available in every color from gray to baby pink, for example, so you’ll be sure to find some which match your complexion.

Choose good clothes

When working out, your clothes are likely to be the best place for an injection of style. Of course, you’ll be restricted in terms of the garment type you can go for: free-flowing dresses aren’t suitable for working out, say, but there’s a world of choice out there when it comes to shorts, tops, trainers and more. It’s also possible to achieve two ends at once with your workout gear options. Plenty of workout gear also provides health benefits. Take compression gear as an example, which can offer both a figure-hugging tight look while also increasing blood flow and helping you to work out effectively. Having a look at will reveal the range of stylish compression clothes that Tommie Copper can provide, so don’t miss out.

Shoes are also a good place to look. With so many trainer brands out there which can let you show off your style, you’ll be able to find your favorite designers just as easily in a sportswear shop as you will when shopping for day to day footwear. And with sportswear brands now in fashion outside of workout zones, you’ll be able to maximize your style investment and wear your sportswear at other times.

Think ahead

It’s surprisingly simple to avoid the red-faced, sweaty look which many people who head to the gym worry about demonstrating – simply by planning ahead. On the day before you head out to your gym session or exercise class, why not set out a small “style kit” of items which can help you reduce the problems that can arise. This could include a large bottle of water, and a sweat band to help you mop away any excess perspiration. And if you have long hair, by taking a hair bobble or other similar item you’ll be able to keep your hair out of your face – which always adds to your confidence levels. 

Which exercise type?

It’s also worth thinking carefully about which exercise type is best for your needs. If you’re determined to preserve your look and also get some exercise, it may be worth avoiding certain overly strenuous activities and opt for something gentler – such as jogging rather than marathon-running. And it’s also wise to broaden your definition of what constitutes “looking good”, too. Many sports and exercise formats allow you to look graceful and poised. Swimming is one such as example, as is dancing. Remember: looking good is just as much about posture as much as it is about clothes, and you can use this to your advantage.

You might not know it, but it’s not actually mutually exclusive to both work out and look great. It’s also possible to look and feel good while you work out – and it can even help you to gain confidence and push yourself as far as you can go while also looking out for your health and reducing the chances of injuries occurring. There are many ways to do it; from accepting what is and isn’t possible to investing in some good workout gear, you can stay looking super confident as you get your workout game on.