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Top 5 Forgotten Actresses From Popular Horror Movies

A lot of great movies came out in the 80s and 90s. Some of the best horror movies that are now classics were released during these two decades.

Yes, you may remember the horror movies you were dying to watch in theaters. Many of those movies had some of the most famous actresses who became household names.

The scream queens were in demand, but many of them are now forgotten actresses. Read this article to find out what happened to the top 5 actresses from popular horror movies.

1. Caroline Munro

Let’s start the list with Caroline Munro. Munro, 72, was in several horror films in the 80s. She started in the 1980 slasher film, Maniac, which now has a cult following.

Some of her other horror film roles were in The Last Horror Film and Faceless. Recently, she has been in a handful of movies, but not any major ones.

2. Deborah Foreman

Deborah Foreman started in several horror movies in the 80s. She started in these movies in quick succession, which is one of the reasons why you may have forgotten this actress.

In 1986, she starred in April Fools Day. In 1888, she started in two horror films, Waxwork and Destroyer.

Her last major film role was in 2007, but she did have a cameo appearance in the 2020 romantic comedy film, Valley Girl.

3. Jill Schoelen

Jill Schoelen is one of the forgotten 80s actresses who started in several horror films. She was an actress in The Stepfather and Cutting Class.

Schoelen, 58, is now retired from acting. Her last role was in the 2004 short film, She Kept Silent.

4. Neve Campbell

Do you remember the movie, Scream? The star of the Scream movie franchise is none other than Neve Campbell. She’s one of the forgotten actresses of the 90s.

Campbell became a household scream queen after starting in the first Scream movie that came out in 1996. Her character, Sidney Prescott, is the target of the mysterious killer, Ghostface.

One can argue that her acting made the Scream franchise one of the top 10 grossing horror movie franchises of all time. At 47, Campbell has a long resume of films she has started in. She is set to reprise her role in another Scream movie that’s set to come out in 2022.

5. Lisa and Louise Burns

Lisa and Louise Burns may not be familiar names, but there’s a chance you know what horror film they started in. These two actresses are the twins from The Shining. Yes, the same 1980 psychological horror film that started Jack Nicholson.

These twins played the roles of the Grady Twins. You may remember them when they appeared in the blue dresses in the middle of the hallway. Today, they’re no longer acting.

The Forgotten Actresses of the 80s and 90s Horror Movies

These forgotten actresses are some of the most famous scream queens. They played scream queens in 80s and 90s horror films. We shouldn’t forget about them as they played some of the most iconic roles.

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