It's TV Time Again for the 90s Show Charmed

It’s TV Time Again for the 90s Show Charmed

The old saying, what’s old is new again, hit the mark if they were referring to the TV show Charmed. The show, which hit the TV waves in the late 90s, has been popular since that time. Today, a new legion of fans can watch the old series on the WB, which still plays the reruns. They can also watch the new reboot of the show, which features many similar stories, but with a new cast.

A New Hit for the Team and Cast

The network had a very favorable idea about the show because of not only the actresses and actors in front of the camera, but those that had a hand in developing, producing, and writing the show.

Behind the scenes, Constance Burge created the TV show. She had just completed her work on the award-winning show Ally McBeal, which turned Calista Flockhart into a star and paved the way for others.

The show was produced by Aaron Spelling, who had many hits including the show 90210, which is also seeing a reboot. Rounding out the team was Brad Kern, who wore many hats, including a showrunner and a writer. In one season, he was also in front of the lens playing a Realtor.

Because of the power behind the scenes, the show hit the airwaves to a lot of positive feedback and a lengthy history with over 175 shows.

The Story Hits a Roadblock

What do you do when one of your three lead actresses wants to leave and explore different opportunities? You look for new story angles.

This is exactly what happened when Shannon Dougherty, who played one of three sisters that just happened to be witches, decided to look for other opportunities and leave the show. Let it be known that around this same time, there were some issues with the cast not getting along.

When Doherty left, the writers were tasked with writing her out of the show and introducing a new character. The transition was nearly painless, as actress Rose McGowan came on the scene to play the long-lost step-sister Paige Matthews. Paige ushered in a bunch of new storylines, and by the end of the season, even big fans were saying “Shannon, who???

There are not many TV shows that can still linger after a key character is written out of the script. This has happened numerous times, and very few can make it afterward. One of the few exceptions is Cheers after Woody Harrison replaced “Coach.”

Today, Charmed still isn’t done. It is now airing in a reboot with new characters, but they are still fierce and still fighting the bad guys and Warlocks.