Is Animal Kingdom Villas DVC Resale Right for You? A Closer Look

Is Animal Kingdom Villas DVC Resale Right for You? A Closer Look

Each day, around 38,000 visitors visit Animal Kingdom. If you’re going to be one of those visitors at Animal Kingdom, you might be wondering where to say.

A lot of visitors say that Animal Kingdom Villas is the best DVC resort, but what are the benefits of staying here?

Keep reading to see if this is the best DVC resort for your family.

Special Room Types

There are special room types at these Disney DVC resorts. There are some rooms with a view of the Savannah and also the animals. 

There are many different types of rooms to accommodate families of all sizes. There are studios with 300 square feet to some rooms that are larger than the hotel rooms. 


There are a few different types of shopping available at these villas as well. For example, you can go to a marketplace at the Jambo House.

They have all kinds of Disney souvenirs and apparel. There is also merchandise with the Animal Kingdom lodge merchandise. 

You’ll also be able to find all kinds of African treasures. 

There is also the Johari Treasures store in the Kidani Village. There is different African-themed merchandise that you can purchase here. They’re open for most of the day, and they also sell Disney items.


There are also many different amenities that the guests will love. Right outside of the hotel, there are animals, making you feel like you’re on a savannah. 

The animals are used to humans, and they’re there to just eat and play. It’s completely safe to be this close to the animals as they’re used to animals. 

There are also many other pools that guests can visit. These pools are intimate and small, and the popular one is the Samawati Springs Pool in the Kidani Village. 

There is also the large Uzima Springs Pool which is thousands of square feet. So many people hang out at this pool, so it can be a little chaotic. 

Pricing and Points Value

When you check out DVC resale listings, the main factor for the pricing is supply and demand. The price you pay for your contract will be based on how many people are buying DVC.

Disney made up a points chart that is based on demand and inventory as well. 

If there’s more availability, it’ll be cheaper to buy a resale. However, it might also be more expensive if many people want to stay at a popular resort. 

Since the studio of the Animal Kingdoms villa is limited and highly desirable, these might be expensive with multiple points per night. 

Learn More About Animal Kingdom Villas

These are only a few things to know about the Animal Kingdom Villas, but there are many other benefits to staying here. 

We know that planning any type of vacation can be stressful, but having this villa scheduled makes it a lot easier.

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