Winning Tips for Entertaining Outdoors with Utmost Style

With the Coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, many families are looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces in comfort and style year-round. Check out these simple and winning tips on how to transform your backyard, patio or deck into a personal sanctuary.

Create a relaxing and comfortable oasis

Close your eyes and picture how your outdoor oasis should look and feel. Make the space yours and glorify it. Perhaps it’s a private affair, away from the peering eyes of your neighbors. Most importantly, ensure that your guests will be comfortable and relaxed in your backyard, and having loads of fun. 

Your backyard should reflect your style and become a welcoming extension of the rest of your beautiful home. Vibrant chair cushions in colors that cool you down, such as blues and greens, provide comfort to those who want to relax and kick back.

Whatever your style is, don’t feel pressure to make everything match. In fact, one of the more popular recent outdoor dining ideas to consider is mixing and matching materials to create a unique and memorable environment.

Shade brings relief from the heat and sun

Splash your backyard with color and cheer, while at the same time, arming your backyard with necessary shade. A pretty umbrella provides much-needed shade and defines your outdoor space. 

Beautiful outdoor curtains are a great and inexpensive way to add some privacy and shade, and combined with sunshades or canopy designs create spectacular and cozy outdoor rooms for dining and entertaining. 

Homemade sunshades and canopy designs can be made in square, circle, oval, rectangle or triangle shapes. Just add grommets or D-rings to curtains, sunshades and canopy designs for mounting them to wood structures, fences or trees.

Four patio chairs. Is that enough? 

You may find yourself scratching your head and panicking if you realize you invited 10 guests and you only own four patio chairs. Don’t fret. Do you have any poufs, bean bags or ottomans lying around the house? 

Place one outside for that guest who likes to laze. Folding chairs can be purchased quite cheaply and you can also spread some nice quilts under a tree to create that picnic-style effect.

Don’t let bugs crash your party

Don’t forget to snub mosquitos and bugs by getting a bug-repellent gadget for your yard, offering guests bug wipes and using a wire-mesh colander to cover and protect bowls and platters of food. Drop by your local hardware store and invest in a bug lantern, which attracts bugs and zaps them dead. Try Tiki torches as another fabulous option. Geraniol and citronella candles add ambiance, and they’re affordable, effective and have a lovely, pleasant scent.

Keep your drinks cold and refreshing

How about color-coded drink buckets? Put red wine in red buckets and white wine in white buckets to avoid confusion. Keep soft drinks and water bottles crisp and cold in coolers, and that cooler doesn’t have to be enormous in size either. 

You know what your guests will love? A big pitcher filled with something tasty and completely refreshing. For something sweet and tasty, try bubbly strawberry mojitos for the ideal summer cocktail. It’s easy to prepare before your guests arrive. 

Do you like the idea of a Bloody Mary on a warm day? Yes, please. Effortlessly create an incredible smoky and spicy mix, and don’t forget savory garnishes like pepperoni, olives and baby dill pickles, to name a few. Go to recipes online to learn how to make an amazing Bloody Mary cocktail for a complete sensory experience. 

You may be reading this and already coming up with some more great drink ideas, but did you think about where all the drinks should go during your fabulous party? Think mobile drink station! 

Set up an appetizer cart filled with your favorite cocktails and nibbles like chips and dip, roasted nuts and edamame.

Crowd feeders that completely satisfy

Keep it simple, but go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs unless kids are coming to enjoy the party, too. The summer beckons color, so go for a Caprese salad. Everyone will love the fresh herbs and the juicy heirloom tomatoes. It can be the perfect complementary dish for your BBQ. Need a quick and healthy appetizer idea? 

Whip up an avocado-corn salsa in minutes. This bright salad mixes some of summer’s favorites — corn, avocado, and tomatoes — for a tasty dip that’s always a huge success. Who likes the sound of Brazilian grilled flank steak? 

Most everyone will, unless they’re vegetarian. Simple recipes exist online for a healthy way to prepare steak. Then comes dessert. Popsicles are a classic Summer treat and s’mores are perfect around a firepit during cooler months.

Music lovers!

Your smartphone can become the ultimate party DJ when partnered with the right portable speaker and a rockin’ playlist. And encourage all your guests to play DJ, young or old.

Beautify your table

Table clothes can blow in the wind. Use table mats. There are ample options to choose from –lace to inexpensive bamboo place mats to add some luxury. Keep centerpieces low key and you can even use clippings from your yard to make a casual garland.

Have fun!

Try some of these tips when you’re planning your next outdoor party or small gathering. We believe at least one of your guests, if not all, will think you’re the best host ever!