Reasons to Buy Your Watch From Authorized Dealers

Reasons to Buy Your Watch From Authorized Dealers

Any watch enthusiast knows about the three different watch buying options. You can either get it from an authorized dealer, grey market, or the black market. 

Of the three options, black should be out of the question. The risk that comes with trading in one does not make it worth the effort. You only then have two viable options. The grey market tends to have the most demand. It involves selling luxury watches at discounted prices. They sell genuine watches and are legal. 

The authorized dealer is the retail outlet with an arrangement by the watch brand to sell their watches. Buyers get 100% assurance of a genuine product when purchasing from this point. 

Of the two options, authorized dealers are the best option when buying a luxury watch. Here are the reasons why;

Manufacturer warranty 

Watches from the grey markets do not come with any official warranty. It means you will have to pay for the repair in case of any damages or other issues. However, you can look around for grey markets that offer their own warranty coverage. Still, this would be time-consuming compared to visiting an authorized dealer straightaway. 

Also, to let you know, most of the watch warranties are not of any significant help. The various watch brands offer their warranties depending on the possibility of damage. Given the top quality of most of the watches, you might not need the warranty unless in case of a legitimate mechanical issue. 


Most of the luxury watches come with specific criteria that make them best operable with experts only. Consequently, the watch manufacturer will only approve of the authorized dealer if they meet such required expertise. 

The authorized dealer also invests in reliable customer service. They employ and train several customer support agents to take through the purchase and use of the watch. As a result, you will get about Rolex so well that you will seem like an expert yourself. 

With this knowledge, you can take care of your watch correctly for the best return on investments. 

Genuine products 

The only way to be 100% sure of the product you purchase is when you get your watch from an authorized dealer.

Even though the grey market can claim to offer the same value, you are never too sure. The watches from the grey market do not have any documentation to prove their origin. The watches also come with no serial numbers to help you follow the source. 

You might also lack the proper importation documents. As such, you are never sure of quality compliance when buying watches from the grey market. 

Exclusive products 

Not all the watches you see around are available from any outlet. The watch manufacturing companies tend to produce exclusive editions with limited models. The only way to land these exclusive productions is through authorized dealers.

Bottom Line 

A luxury watch is an investment that you need to get the most out of. While the grey market might seem more affordable, you have every reason to purchase your watch from an authorized dealer. It comes with assured genuine products, expertise, and exclusive products. Besides, you get extended warranties in case of damage or mechanical issues.