Wilder vs. Fury Heavyweight Title Betting Prediction from 22Bet

The current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is set to defend his title against Tyson Fury from England. Fury is still unbeaten and the fight is causing a lot of media attention. The long-awaited rematch is due on Sunday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and you can bet on the latest odds with 22Bet

Was Wilder Lucky

A lot of people believe that Wilder was quite lucky the last time in December 2018 in Los Angeles. The boxer was lagging a lot on the scorecards. However, in round 9 he sent the British to the floor for the first time and then again a hard knockdown in the 12th round. At that moment, Wilder believed that he won the match but Fury somehow managed to get up and fight till the end.  

Overall, Fury was better in the first match but Wilder had the two knockdowns that helped him even the scores and end the game in a draw. 

Fury is Furious

Fury has been denied the world champion title in Las Angeles even though he performed brilliantly which is something that the boxer hasn’t forgotten and aims to remedy. Since that draw, Tyson had two fights, both against unbeaten boxers. He has beaten Tom Schwarz in the 2nd round and later boxed Otto Wallin. The second match took 12 rounds and even though Fury won, he got a big cut over his eye. The cut needed 47 stitches. Even though the cut has healed, there is a possibility that it can be reopened during the match against Wilder which could cause issues to Fury and his boxing.  


Wilder is the current champion and is famous for his knockouts which is something that Fury had an encounter with. This means that even if Fury keeps in the lead for the entire match, Wilder can win with one good shot. He is famous for knockouts in the 12th round. 

Fury will try to fight similar to the previous match and keep the match going for a long time. However, Tyson will have to improve his defence and give the best match of his life. On the other hand, all that it takes is one good shot from Wilder and the match can end quite differently. 

The odds on both players are the same which is why it could be best to bet on playing on the number of rounds in the match.