Holy Communion Gifts

Why Give Jewellery as Holy Communion Gifts?

Holy Communion is an essential ritual for the Christian community. It is the symbol of early Christianity tradition that involves hoy communal gatherings and gift exchanges.

The first communion of a young child is one of the most memorable and remarkable days of their life. On this day, they first receive the symbolic body and blood of Jesus Christ. Showering them with gifts on this holy occasion is an excellent way to make them and their parents feel valuable. It also represents that their loved ones are very proud of their faith.

Jewellery as Holy Communion gift

From traditional religious crosses to an excellent photo book, you can choose anything you like to give your child on his/her Holy Communion gift.

What about gifting jewellery? A beautiful piece of jewellery can bring a bright smile to the face of your child. Giving a little bit of jewellery will also make them feel valued by their loved ones when they grow up. For its precious value, children will never forget their first communion with so much fondness. Also, they will carry it for their life as a symbol of their great bonding with parents.

Whether you will go for the available collection of Holy Communion jewellery or you will make a customised one, it all depends on your preference, budget and type of relationship you share with your kids.

Cross necklace with pearl

A plain silver necklace with a white pearl rhodium finish will work as the best Holy Communion gift for a girl child. In addition, you can add a silver customised crosser as the symbol of religion. Trust me! It will fulfil the work of both style and religious tradition.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is a thoughtful gift for both boy and girl. Adorn the bracelet with multiple charms. Fill the item with the baby’s photos, the first letter of his/her name. Otherwise, keep the links blank, which they can fill with something memorable in future too.

Cross earrings

Cross-earrings can be a meaningful idea for her first communion gift. If her ears are pierced, then a tiny piece of diamond or rose gold cross-earrings can be the best fit. She will adore this gift forever.

Personalised Christmas pendant

Giving a Christmas ornament as the First Holy Communion gift will be a great idea on your part. The kid will cherish this every Christmas Eve. Go for a pendant personalised with the name, date of the first communion or the word he/she said on that day.

Stardust sparkly bracelet

A bracelet covered with little silvery stars can be an excellent choice for Holy Communion jewellery. Children are always fond of stars. So, many little stars bent on their wrist will create a sweet memory of their first communion.

Lastly, before buying anything, keep in mind that this is for your kid, and the occasion is holy. So try to choose small size jewellery beneath a thoughtful religious meaning.