What You Should Know About Gender-Fluid Fashion

What You Should Know About Gender-Fluid Fashion

A recent survey found that over one million nonbinary people are out in the US today.

As more and more people question the gender binary, we take a closer look at the ways that the gender binary is enforced. Gendered products are everywhere, including in the clothing we buy.

The good news is that there are ways to incorporate gender-fluid fashion into your wardrobe if you’re feeling constrained by shopping in one specific department.

What should you know about gender-fluid fashion? Read on for the facts.

What Is Gender Fluid Fashion?

Gender-fluid fashion isn’t always easy to define. It refers to clothing and fashion choices that are made for every body, not just people who identify as men or as women.

Some gender fluid style fashion is exactly what it sounds like: clothing that you’d be hardpressed to gender. Oftentimes, this variety of gender-fluid fashion is neutral in tone and loose in fit. 

However, gender-fluid fashion is always open to interpretation. Dresses, suits, jewelry, ties–all of these items can be part of a gender-fluid style, especially when worn in an expressive and subversive way. 

Gender-fluid fashion reminds us that we are not defined by our gender identity, and our gender identity is not defined by the clothing we wear. It throws away the idea that “male” and “female” are limited or definable categories. It restores clothing to a form of expression, rather than a way for others to form preconceived notions of who we are.

Can You Find Gender Fluid Fashion Throughout History?

Is there a gender-fluid fashion history? The answer is yes.

Gender-fluid fashion has taken on a number of forms throughout the ages, although never as openly and confidently as today. In US history, we’ve often seen women’s fashion borrowing from men’s fashion, such as the 1920s flapper look or the 1990s grunge look. 

Notably, it was less common to see men in history adopting a gender-fluid look. This was due, in large part, to the stereotypes and expectations surrounding masculinity and feminity–stereotypes that we’re breaking down today.

Should You Shop With Brands That Market Themselves as Gender Fluid?

When you are exploring your own gender-fluid fashion choices, should you stick with brands that market themselves as gender-fluid?

You can purchase any item of clothing from any brand that inspires you and makes you feel good. However, there may be times when gender-fluid brands are better catered to your needs. For example, www.koalaswim.com offers plenty of swimwear options for different body types and may sell pieces that are more comfortable in feel and look than other companies.

At the end of the day, buy the clothes that allow you to express yourself!

Dress to Express

Gender fluidity is opening doors and knocking down barriers. Gender-fluid fashion is just one of the ways that gender fluidity is changing our society for the better.

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