Understanding the Common Symbols of Love

Understanding the Common Symbols of Love

The most well-known symbols of love today for couples are beautiful diamond rings when they are ready to commit to marriage, and gold or silicone promise rings when couples are just not merely dating. It means they are committing to each other seriously in their relationship.

Here are some symbols of love:


Doves have life-long relationships. As a result, they signify dedication and faithfulness. These birds have long been regarded as symbols of love and peace, and they are known to pair for life. That is why doves are used in courtship rituals and have become a symbol of loyalty. An image of two doves together signifies eternal love.

 In Greek and Roman mythology, doves are sacred creatures. Furthermore, there are several depictions of white doves perching and fluttering about gods of love.


Ribbons and laces have long been associated with emotions of romance, dating back to knights when the knight would go into battle wearing a ribbon or scarf given to him by his beloved as a symbol of love and good luck. 

Any male who picked up a lady’s scarf would have an opportunity to converse with her. Women would utilize this approach to pique a man’s interest, allowing him the chance to tempt some romance. Furthermore, ribbons are widely used to embellish chocolate boxes and Valentine’s Day cards nowadays.


The harp represents love as the bridge that connects heaven and earth. In Norway and Iceland, the harp’s strings resemble a ladder, signifying the ascension to higher levels of love. Because of their soft tones, harps have historically been employed in love ballads. In lyrical art, poetry, and music, the Harp is a well-known emblem of love.


Tulips are typically associated with romance. Tulips in red represent passionate love and affection. Tulips are a sign of undivided devotion. The notion of “perfect love” is linked to Turkish and Persian folktales about Farhad and Shirin’s love. This story has been told in many different ways throughout the years. According to one legend, Farhad was a prince who fell in love with a lovely woman named Shirin.


Cupid is well-known in Roman mythology as the deity of affection, passion, and romantic love. Cupid, the son of Venus (the goddess of love and beauty) and Mars is shown as a young boy with a bow and arrow that pierces people’s hearts and causes them to fall in love with each other. It is now a symbol linked with Valentine’s Day.


A shell’s strong covering protects the valuable pearls inside, which is why the shell has become a symbol of protective affection. It represents different things in different civilizations. Seashells were considered a sign of renewal by the Romans. It was also applied to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The seashell is a symbol of love and fertility, particularly among Native Americans.

Padme Lotus – Ashtamangala Asia 

Padme, or Lotus, represents purity, light, love, progress, and development. A lotus with eight petals symbolizes peace and harmony, whereas a lotus with a thousand petals symbolizes enlightenment and self-love. A lotus seed or a tiny lotus blossom represents potential. 

The color of the Padme changes, as does its meaning and what it signifies. A white lotus, for example, represents purity and spiritual perfection, but a crimson lotus represents love and passion. A tiny blue lotus blossom represents wisdom and communication, whereas a pink lotus represents excellence.

 Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has been used as a long-lasting emblem of love and compassion since 600 B.C. It is frequently linked with Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese tales. There are stories and myths surrounding rose quartz, which, when combined with meditation and purpose, can generate self-love in oneself. Furthermore, it might attract the energies and love connections that one is looking for at that time in their life.


White swans have been discovered in many regions of the world throughout history. These lovely birds are timeless symbols of love since they exemplify affection and commitment.

Swans are typically shown with their beaks touching or forming the shape of a heart with their necks. Furthermore, because swans are believed to breed for life, they are a famous representation of everlasting love. They are also associated with the goddesses of love related to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Swans are often linked with feelings of love, elegance, purity, beauty, and honesty. They are also frequently linked to the Virgin Mary.


For ages, roses have been employed as symbols in a variety of civilizations. They have long been associated with beauty, love, and romance. Roses were notably linked with the ancient Greeks and Romans’ goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus.

Around the world, several symbols of love are used to express people’s feelings and way of love. Contrary to popular belief, love is not solely symbolized by conventional hearts and roses. Symbols of love can be found around everywhere, and each symbol has its meaning.