This Is How to Choose the Right Scope Ring

This Is How to Choose the Right Scope Ring

The weakest link of a firearm shooting system is often the scope ring and base.

No matter how high-quality your rifle is, an ill-fitted scope ring can make your shooting performance suffer. Scopes that are not secure can shift on your firearm, causing your accuracy to decrease.

Here are some tips for choosing a scope ring, so you can find the kind that suits your firearm best.

What is a Scope Ring?

The ring is what attaches the scope to the firearm.

If the scope ring is not securely attached to the firearm, it can cause the scope to move or shift. This shifts the zeroing of the firearm from its original point of impact, affecting your firearm’s accuracy.

How to Choose a Scope Ring

Traditional rings, such as rifle scope rings, directly attach the scope to the firearm. However, modern types of scopes often use a base that is either directly attached to the action or mounted to the action using screws.

The single-piece mounts are recommended for precision applications, as it has a greater surface area in contact with the receiver. These single-piece mounts are heavier though, so many prefer two-piece rings.

For Leupold-style rings, two-piece rings are necessary to be detached from the firearm.

Quick detach scope rings, such as Weaver-style rings, allow you to use one scope ring on multiple firearms. Ideally, quick detach scope rings will not cause the loss of the firearm’s zero when disconnected and reinstalled.

Extension rings allow for a shorter mounting distance between rings, so they are useful to mount short scopes on long receiver rifles. They can also be used to manipulate eye relief appreciably.

3/8″ dovetail rings are commonly used on grooved receivers that run lengthwise over the top of the gun. These receivers must be deep enough for the ring’s claws to firmly grip onto.

You may have also heard of tactical rings. These rings are designed for law enforcement or military applications.

Scope Ring Size

Scope rings should match the scope’s tube diameter for the best fit possible.

1 inch and 30mm are generally the most popular tube diameters. However, 20mm tubes are often used for short-range scope models, and 34mm have grown in popularity for long-range scope models.

Scope Ring Height

The most common scope ring heights are low, medium, and tall.

The height of a scope ring affects the distance a scope rides above the firearm’s bore. The closer the scope rides to the bore, the most you will be able to get out of the elevation adjustment of your scope’s range.

The lowest height setting you can have on a firearm is the size of the ocular bell. Scopes should not touch the barrel, and the higher the ocular bell, the higher the ring height must be.

Choosing the Best Scope Ring for Your Firearm

Between the various types, sizes, and heights of scope rings, finding a suitable one for your firearms can get complicated.

When choosing a scope ring, you should consider the firearm it will be attached to. For the sake of accuracy, it is important that the scope ring is correctly fitted and secured.

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