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The Top Six Chinese Takeout Dishes

Chinese restaurants in the United States were among some of the first to adapt the takeout model that so many others now must use in states with stay at home orders in place. That made the temporary transition due to the current COVID-19 crisis much easier for them than most other types of American restaurants

Some restaurants are also much busier because people want to support them via takeout and delivery so that their closures are not permanent.  Additionally, many are offering special discounts on Chinese takeout to continue attracting customers during these challenging times.

For anyone who’s a little wary of ordering takeout with the ability to ask a waiter questions, consider what some of the most popular Chinese dishes are for takeout nationwide. Below are six of the most popular Chinese main dishes and appetizers:

Fried Wontons 

This makes a crispy and crunchy alternative to spring rolls for anyone looking for a new favorite snack. Chinese restaurants also tend to be generous with offering what can seem like a never-ending supply of deep-fried wontons. The sweet and sour sauce, died dark red, adds to the enjoyment of biting into this appetizer.

Beef Chow Fun

As a fun take on the traditional Cantonese kung fu young, beef chow fun contains crunchy bean sprouts, beef, and flat and wide rice noodles. It includes a light soy sauce with a slightly sweet flavor. Beef Chow Fun also contains less sauce and makes less of a mess than similar Chinese dishes, which is another good reason for people to choose this alternative with their next takeout order.

Hot and Sour Soup

Soup has always been a comfort food. There is something about the way it glides down the throat and creates a sensation of warmth that makes people smile. Bringing home hot and sour soup from a local Chinese restaurant can have the same effect. The sour taste isn’t something available in most soups made from American recipes, so it can be fun to try something new.

Orange Chicken

Got a sweet tooth? Placing an order for orange chicken takeout can help with that. The battered and fried chicken comes covered with orange-flavored chili sauce that creates a delicious and attractive orange glaze. Most Chinese restaurants offer this dish and it’s easy to order at the drive thru.

Kung Pao Chicken

In China, the most common places to find kung pao chicken are in the provinces of Beijing and Sichuan. Those would obviously be the place to find the most authentic kung pao chicken in the world. With numerous travel restrictions still in place, however, Americans will have to settle for a less authentic but equally satisfying takeout dish.

Sesame Chicken

This is one of the most popular Chinese dishes among diners in the United States. Chefs first de-bone the chicken and then deep fry and batter the dark meat. After removing the meat from the fryer, it’s time to add broth, chicken, sugar, vinegar, and a few other ingredients. The final step is to sprinkle sesame seeds over the chicken.

The above are just a half-dozen choices for Chinese takeout. With literally dozens of other options, anyone intent on trying new dishes or appetizers should have no problem succeeding with that goal.