The Top Hemp Products of 2021

The Top Hemp Products of 2021

Nowadays, hemp is much more than just a plant that gets associated with marijuana. While the two are almost identical, hemp is different because it can’t get people intoxicated.

Beyond this, hemp also has a lot to offer the world. In fact, it gets used in a variety of products for consumers to enjoy in their everyday lives. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to other types of materials.

Interested in finding out what hemp products are currently available? Keep reading to find out the best-sellers of 2021! 

1. Hemp Milk

You’ve heard of soy milk, almond milk, and even rice milk. But did you know about hemp milk? It gets made from hemp seeds, and you can purchase it at the grocery store or make it yourself.

2. Skincare With Hemp

Skincare products containing hemp are all the rage. You can find lip balm, body lotions, eye creams, and more. Cosmetics, like skin primers or mascara, are also available as hemp gifts for the makeup lovers in your life.

3. Hemp Socks

Looking for hemp accessories to add to your closet? You can find socks made out of hemp to keep your feet warm!

4. Packaging Made For Hemp

Besides hemp products, you can also find products made for hemp, like specific packaging to keep it fresh. Visit this link to learn more about hemp packaging.

5. Hemp Seed Butter

Are you allergic to peanuts or tree nuts? If so, give hemp seed butter a try! It’s similar to other nut butters and tastes delicious on toast or in pasta sauce.

6. Hemp Phone Case

Skip the usual plastic phone cases. Instead, opt for one made out of hemp! It’s durable and environmentally friendly.

7. Pet Treats Made From Hemp

Your pets can enjoy hemp gifts, too! Like CBD products for animals, hemp ones make tasty treats for them.

8. Granola With Hemp

If you like to eat healthily, take a walk down the granola aisle at the grocery store. There, you can find granola with hemp seeds added for additional protein.

9. Hemp Paper

Go green and save the trees! Nowadays, you can find paper products like computer paper, paper plates, and even toilet paper made out of hemp.

10. Produce Bags Made From Hemp

Speaking of going green, stop using plastic produce bags and replace them with hemp-made reusable ones! You’ll want to take these hemp accessories each time you go to the grocery store.

11. Haircare With Hemp

As there are hemp products for your skin, they also exist for your hair! You can find shampoos, conditioners, and styling products made with it.

12. Hemp Biofuel

Interestingly, researchers have found that hemp can create biofuel. With its seed oil, biodiesel can be made and used in any diesel engine. Someday, it could be a widespread alternative to regular diesel!

Try Out Some of These Hemp Products

As our society continues to turn toward innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items, we’re more likely to see an increase in hemp products. While this list has some of 2021’s most popular options, there are still more to find! Start trying some out for yourself, or give your loved ones hemp gifts to test. 

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