The Best Hemp Products to Buy in 2021

The Best Hemp Products to Buy in 2021

The age-old remedy of using the hemp plant for a variety of applications is becoming more common and the growth in popularity has encouraged the production of some very cool new products. If you haven’t been shopping for hemp or CBD products in a while you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Are you ready to check out the best hemp products on the market right now? Let’s take a closer look at the top-quality products and what they can bring to your life.

Clearing Up The Confusion With CBD, THC & Hemp

Are hemp and CBD the same thing? Are THC and hemp the same plant?

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the topics of CBD, THC, hemp, and cannabis. But, here is the short and direct answer.

Hemp and cannabis are two varieties of the same plant (Sativa.) 

Think of them like lettuce, one is the iceberg, and one is romaine. They both are considered to be lettuce, yet they are different from one another.

Both hemp and cannabis contain CBD, and both contain at least traces of THC (the cannabinoid that gets you “high.”) However since hemp typically contains such a small amount, if any, of THC it is more commonly legal to sell and purchase, whereas a product that contains THC is not yet legal in every country.

Extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stems or stalks of the hemp plant, CBD is used in a wide variety of products including topicals which you can use on your skin or hair, to edibles and oils which you can ingest (eat.)

Why People Love Hemp Hair Products

Hemp for hair is like the miracle product that you least expected to find. Those with hair of all different, types, textures and lengths love CBD shampoo made from 100% hemp.

If you are looking for growth and strength, hemp products protect and strengthen hair while encouraging it to grow long and strong.

For those looking to hydrate and bring a healthy shine to their hair, hemp products are moisturizing and make hair glow.

And, for those looking to repair damage

Something For The Active Person In Your Life

We all should be getting in some type of physical activity each day. But, some of us feel the effects more than others.

Especially as we get older, or overdo it on the field or in the gym, our bodies will surely tell us. Various aches and pains are inevitable but can be treated.

CBD is the miracle remedy for muscular and joint pain. For direct application to aching muscles check out CBD in topical forms such as cream, oil, or stick.

CBD Topical Cold Therapy

Whether we realize it or not, we have been using cold therapy for most of our lives. When we were younger and we fell off of our bikes or hurt ourselves we would put an ice pack or bag of frozen peas on our boo-boos.

Now that we are older, we might still be using frozen peas, but we finally have access to something better. 

When you combine the wonder of cold therapy with the power of CBD the result is astounding and takes many people by surprise. Making believers out of non-believers.

Cold therapy works by reducing inflammation that is caused by a fall, overexertion, or an impact of some sort. Cold therapy also numbs the pain signal that goes from the wound or affected area to our brain.

Fast working with little to no side effects, CBD topical cold therapy has worked for athletes, runners, those that go to the gym, and all sorts of people with everyday pains. Keep a bottle of topical CBD cold therapy in your gym bag or medicine cabinet because when pain strikes you want to be ready to strike back.

CBD Topical Heat Therapy

Though it will never replace the timeless hot water bottle, topical CBD heat therapy is doing a darn good job trying.

Arnica is another homeopathic herbal remedy used for pain. When CBD is mixed with arnica they become a powerhouse for pain relief.

Use heat therapy for back pain, muscle stiffness, reduce muscle spasms, improve blood flow, and help to promote relaxation in the body and mind.

Great for repairing damaged muscle tissue, heat therapy mixed with CBD and arnica can get you back on your feet in no time. That is, of course, unless you want to stay off of your feet- then by all means sit back and relax.

CBD Edibles 

Did you know that the best way for the body to absorb CBD is sublingual? Sublingually simply means under the tongue.

CBD edibles come in many flavors, textures, and forms. Many people love CBD mints or hard candies because they can be placed under the tongue and are slow releasing, but long-lasting.

You can also find CBD edibles in gummy form, CBD tea, and bottled beverages or baked goods. 

The Amazing Sublingual CBD Oil Spray

You might already be familiar with using some type of CBD oil. But, have you tried a CBD sublingual spray?

Going directly from under your tongue and into your bloodstream, a sublingual spray works much quicker than CBD edible or capsule.

A sublingual CBD oil spray is also beneficial for those that have a hard time swallowing CBD capsules. Instead of gagging or having the capsule get stuck in your throat, shoot a few sprays under your tongue and forget about the fear of swallowing pills.

Though it is not very common, some people experience an upset stomach when taking oral medication such as CBD oil or CBD oil capsules. This can usually be avoided with a CBD sublingual spray.

Taking CBD Capsules With Your Daily Supplements

The easiest way to reap the many benefits of CBD is to take it in capsule form. Capsules are compact, no mess, and are packed with the same goodness as CBD oil, edibles, and your other favorite CBD and hemp products. 

The 20mg gel capsules are easy to take with you when you are traveling. They have no aftertaste and no THC.

Treat them just as you would with any other supplement and take them with food. First thing in the morning is best, that way you feel the effects throughout your day.

More CBD oil benefits are being discovered as we learn more about the hemp plant, its extracts, and the products derived from it. We started out using it to make pottery, and now we are changing lives and even making medicines out of it.

Enjoy A Hemp Joint

Do you ever feel like smoking a joint, but have no interest in getting high? Sometimes the act of smoking a joint can be relaxing in and of itself, especially for those who enjoy socially (or solo) smoking but don’t like the THC side of it.

Psychoactive reactions are not for everyone. Whether you just don’t enjoy being high or want to keep your body clear of THC contamination, pure hemp joints are the perfect substitution for a “regular” joint.

Enjoy a hemp joint in your backyard around the fire, or take one to the next concert you go to. The best thing about hemp joints is that they are legal and medicinal.

Hemp Pet Products

Our pets are like our family members and we want the very best for them, so why would we share our CBD with them? Well, we can’t give them the same CBD that we take, but there are specially formulated CBD products for pets that they can benefit from.

CBD is used for pets to calm anxiety, soothe arthritis and pain, help with skin conditions, encourage healthy fur growth, and just a general wellbeing additive to their lives.

We give our pets CBD in the form of oils, mostly. These pure CBD oils are non-psychoactive and can be added to their treats, food, or water bowl.

Try giving your Pet a small dose of CBD to see how they react, and then add it into their daily routine. 

Facts About Hemp

Did you know that the entire hemp plant can be used for a wide variety of things? It truly is a miracle plant medicine.

This plant is sustainable and resilient, needing very little water and no pesticides to grow. Hemp grows like a weed but is pest-resistant useful not invasive like most other weeds.

We use the oil from the hemp plant to make medicines, tinctures, beverages, paint, jewelry, fabrics and so much more. Hemp could be a key to a better future.

With the strongest plant fibers, we use the hemp stalks as building materials, clothing, textiles

Give Us More Hemp Products!

Just give us all of the hemp-please, and thank you. We love hemp and all of the products that we can get from it including medicinal oils and edibles, furniture to fabrics.

If you loved this article about hemp products, we have so much more in store for you. Check out some of our other blog offerings on subjects of interest.