The Best Golf Cart Batteries in 2022

The Best Golf Cart Batteries in 2022

The golf cart industry is booming, with nearly 100,000 carts sold each year. Golf courses, manufacturing facilities, and warehousing companies rely on golf carts. Over the years, private individuals have also discovered the many benefits of owning a golf cart.

If your golf cart power comes from batteries, it’s essential to buy high-quality golf cart batteries. Read on and learn more about the types of batteries for golf carts that are available and how to pick the perfect golf cart battery for your model.

What Kind of Golf Cart Batteries Are Available?

Before you purchase a battery for your golf cart, it’s essential to understand the different types of batteries that are available. It’s equally important to know which type is recommended for your specific golf cart model. 

There are four types of golf cart batteries: flooded lead-acid, AGM lead-acid, gel lead-acid, and lithium-ion. Acid-based batteries cost less, but lithium-ion batteries last longer and require no maintenance. If your golf cart already has an acid-based battery system, you can retrofit most carts to work with lithium-ion golf cart batteries. 

How to Pick Golf Cart Batteries

Golf carts do not use a single battery. Instead, they use a combination of batteries of the same voltage to power your golf cart. For example, a 48-volt golf cart will require 4-12v or 6-8v batteries.

Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the type of battery to use. Pay attention to the voltage and amperage requirements. The total voltage of your batteries equals the amount of power your cart will have. The amperage will determine how long the batteries will last.

If longer driving times are important to you, look for high voltage batteries with high amperage.

Where to Buy Golf Cart Batteries

There are many places to find golf cart batteries, but not all sources are created equal. It’s important to work with a seller who has experience with the type of batteries you need. You should also look for a source to provide long-term customer services and assistance if you need it.

If you’re interested in retrofitting a lead-acid battery system to lithium-ion, consider a battery provider with specific experience with this transition. Relion Battery offers a complete solution for golf cart owners who want to make the switch. You can learn more here and discover what makes Relion a leader in battery technology.

Keep the Good Times Rolling

Golf carts are essential equipment these days on golf courses, in warehouses, and throughout all kinds of businesses. Individuals buy golf carts for neighborhood transportation, quick trips, and leisure driving. To make sure your cart is always ready to go, make sure you have a source for high-quality golf cart batteries.

Look for a battery provider who sells the right type of golf cart batteries for your model’s specifications. If you’re interested in transitioning to a lithium-ion battery system, consider a seller specializing in this battery type.

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