Replace Your Office Chair With the Yogibo

Replace Your Office Chair With the Yogibo

Despite the increased focus on ergonomics for office chairs in recent years, there’s only so much manufacturers can do to make a traditional chair comfortable. The good news is that by thinking outside the box, you can get the most comfortable office chair you’ve ever had by choosing the Yogibo instead of a regular task or executive chair. The Yogibo is designed to eliminate all pressure points from your body, allowing you to sit in comfort for hours.

Excellent for At-Home Offices

Now that many office jobs have transitioned to at-home work, you can choose the type of chair that best fits your needs. Since the Yogibo takes on the shape of your body as you sit, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on air or a cloud instead of an actual chair. This is due to its patented micro-bead filling that gently cradles every part of your body that puts pressure on the chair. As you shift, the beads shift with you, creating a comforting pillow-like effect.

Another nice aspect of the Yogibo is that it comes in a variety of colors so you can easily match your home office decor. Whether you like bright colors or more subdued colors, you’ll find a Yogibo that matches your aesthetic. Then, if you have to host guests in your office, the Yogibo will still look professional. The only issue you might have is that your guest may want to sit in your Yogibo!

Support for the Way You Work

No matter where or how you work, the Yogibo can provide a supportive chair or pillow for your body. You can form it into a more traditional chair and sit close to your desk, or you can lay it flat on the floor and use it more like a pillow while you work on your laptop. Either way, you can work in the most comfortable position for you, whatever that may look like. The best part about this is that you aren’t restricted to just sitting in a chair as you hunch over your keyboard. Your body will be able to relax into the supportive bean bag surrounding you, giving it a much needed rest.

Need a Nap? Yogibo Has Your Back

While you might not get away with taking a nap when you’re in an actual office, you just might be able to pull one off in a home office. With the Yogibo, you don’t have to seek out a couch or bed because you can use the bean bag chair as a body-sized pillow to support you as you lay down for your nap. You’ll rest well on the soft cotton-blend cover, with all parts of your body supported by the microbeads. Just be sure to set an alarm so you don’t sleep the afternoon away!

Unconventional Seating for Productivity

Even if you do still have to work at an office, the Yogibo can offer an unconventional seating arrangement that allows employees to complete their work in the most comfortable way possible. Some employees are more productive when their bodies are fully relaxed and the Yogibo can help achieve total relaxation. You don’t have to replace all your office chairs, but giving employees the option of using a Yogibo instead will show that you care about their environment as they work.


Offices don’t have to look the way they always have. You can incorporate furniture that is comfortable and functional, and the Yogibo is the perfect choice. You’ll be amazed at how great your back feels after a full day of using the Yogibo instead of a traditional office chair.