Niagara Falls

Must-Visit Natural Wonders by Car

Traveling by car has its perks, but the number one benefit is being able to get to remote locations that other modes of transportation cannot reach. Trains, planes, and taxis will only take you as far as their routes allow, but your vehicle can blaze a more unique path. If you are driving to your destination, you may as well take the opportunity to see a few sights along the way! Here are some worthwhile places to visit in your automobile.

Redwoods, CA: The Tallest Trees in the Country

Redwood National Park is home to some of the tallest trees in the world. It is a place full of gorgeous natural sights, wonderful wildlife, and plenty of places to camp. This is an excellent trip to bring the new Chevrolet for sale that you have been thinking about. Pack your tent and sleeping bag to any Redwoods campground for a truly unforgettable experience.

Niagara Falls, NY: Awash With Awe

Ask any of your friends about a good place to visit, and they are sure to mention Niagara Falls. This wonder of the world is located in New York and has an entire tourism industry built around it! At any of its three waterfalls, you can view fantastic light shows, dine at quality restaurants, and cruise on adventurous boat tours. Visit Niagara Falls for the atmosphere, memories, and plenty of photo opportunities.

Death Valley, CA: The Hottest Place Around

Would you want to visit a place with the word death in it? Any sane person would certainly feel a particular way about the title of the place, but you can rest assured that this area is worth the voyage! Death Valley is the absolute hottest place in North America, with temperatures regularly soaring above 100°F (37.78°C). Located in the Mojave Desert, it is home to countless dunes, amazing landscapes, and wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. While you’re in the area, you could also head over to Las Vegas for some drinks and romp around at the resorts.

Mammoth Cave, KY: Underground Majesty

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in Kentucky and is the longest cave system in the world known to man. You can drive there from Nashville or Bowling Green, a city in Kentucky. Once underground, you will get to view some of the most beautiful scenery Mother Nature has to offer! Enlist a tour guide to get a glimpse into the history of the tunnels and discover areas ripe for selfies. Bring the entire family to Mammoth Cave for a memorable experience — just remember to wear comfortable shoes for the long trek ahead.

Drive to These Natural Wonders And Stay for the Adventure

Certain places in the world are both beautiful and hard to reach without the help of a vehicle. If you’re fortunate enough to be driving, then you really don’t want to pass up on the chance to see a monument along the way to your destination. The aforementioned sites are perfect for short-term visiting, so travel there by car when you get the opportunity.