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How to Throw a Horror Party… the Right Way

There’s no rule saying Halloween is the only time to host a horror party. With the right movie, the right friends, and some frightful party planning, you can host a horror party any time of year. 

But there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way. If you’re reading this, you’re already committed to throwing the best possible party, so the last thing you want to do is just pop in a horror movie and be done with it. Every facet of a horror party – from the food and drinks, to the activities and dress code – should scream “scary”. 

Here’s how to throw a horror party the right way!

For Food, Think Blood Red

The food you serve should evoke the messy, gory horror movies you love. When putting together a party menu, whether serving finger foods or a whole spread, think red. Here are a few suggestions for “bloody” foods: 

  • Beets are your best friend. Roast them for a delicious, blood-red side. Make a gory borscht soup. Or juice them, and add their vibrant red colour and sweet flavour to different dips, like hummus or queso.
  • Red meat is another logical choice. A rare roast or medium rare lamb loin will get you that striking visual you’re looking for, if serving a main. 
  • If serving pasta with tomato sauce, splash the sauce on the plate from a height. That will get you the “blood spatter” look you’re after. 
  • For drinks, go with the obvious: Bloody Mary. For a sweeter offering, whip up a punch that’s heavy on cranberry juice, blood orange juice or even a little beet juice. 

Go Axe Throwing 

Any good party, even if it is a horror movie viewing party, should get out of the house for a bit and partake in an activity. Axe throwing, arguably the trendiest party activity right now, is one of those cool party ideas that fits the horror theme perfectly. 

Book an axe throwing party ahead of time, since spots can fill up. And don’t worry if your guests have never thrown an axe before – with a booking, you generally get a comprehensive tutorial from a professional. It’s a fun way to keep the party on brand, and it helps shake up the average house party. 

Host a Mock-Séance 

Anyone remember, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board”, that mock-séance game that was all the rage on playgrounds when you were a kid? Revive that for your horror party. Break out the candles, chalk a cheeky pentagram on the ground, and conjure up the spirits. You might just catch one!

Encourage a Dress – or Rather, Mask – Code

Is there anything more iconic in the horror genre than a mask? Probably not. Instead of the typical dress code, encourage your guests to come in their favourite horror mask, whether it’s Jason’s iconic hockey mask, the ever-popular scream mask, or something more obscure. Just make sure you take them off before axe throwing – you don’t want your vision obstructed when throwing a literal weapon!

Don’t wait until October to throw the ultimate horror party. Follow the tips above and make any time of year a scary affair!