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How to ensure that events staff are productive

As you plan for that event, all you want at the end of the day is results. Proper planning will help you achieve your goals. You may have all the resources and the right events team to execute the plan but if you have no strategy to ensure productivity, the results may frustrate you. Again, the staff you hire for the event will determine the success of your strategy.

Continue reading and see how best you can ensure your events staffs remain productive

Clear goals

Get your goals clear and communicate that to the events staff. Why you paid such large sums of money is because you needed to get a high output in a short span.  You must have a strategy meeting where you communicate your expectations, the goals that you need to achieve, and how you want them to behave. Every event staff must be clear on what their targets are; the amount of money they should make (if the event involves selling), the contacts they should get, new businesses, cross-selling and such. This will ensure that they do their work with a focus and will even evaluate themselves.

Get the right team

Once you have developed your business goals regarding the event, you have to bring on board the event staff that will execute your plan perfectly. You have to get guys with the right attitude; people who have a winning spirit and ready to work hard no matter the circumstances. Let the events company give you a team with staff who are hard-working and able to deliver your goals. Hiring the right team ensures that you have an easy time at the event and you achieve your business goals.

Clarify roles and tasks

Every member of the team must know their role in the event. Take time and describe the tasks you want them to focus on individually. Give an estimate of the time you want each to devote to the tasks. Be clear on the quality of work you expect. Take time and explain the expected results.  When you have done all that, then, give them the freedom to work in the best way possible.

Give and receive feedback

Once you hire event staff, you must be in constant communication, giving observations, and honest feedback. Again, you have to be open to receive feedback on the progress of different staff. This will ensure that they work with your confidence and that they are achieving your expected results. Do not disappear and then come back toward the end of the event, you may not achieve your goals this way. 

Embrace teamwork

From the onset, you must be clear on this one aspect-teamwork. Yes, each has a task to accomplish but all these should be tied to a common goal- the big picture. Thus even with individual targets, you need to ensure that they work as a team, support one another as they push to achieve the group target. Keep close contact to ensure the competitive spirit doesn’t kill teamwork. This will ensure that your business goals are achieved.

Measuring everything

If you can’t measure, you can’t improve and therefore you need to have in place metrics that matter to the team. You should have in place a system where every individual knows whether they are in line with the objectives and when they’re off.  With this, you will know in time when you’re off target and re-strategize for better performance.

Get a good events company with a great team that will help you execute your business strategy and help you achieve your goal for the event.