How To Clear Overgrown Land

Reclaim your land with quality landscaping attachments and the right clearing steps. Mowing a large lawn only requires a large mowing deck and a few hours of your time, but some land is overgrown with far more than just grass. Explore the ways that highly rated attachments can make quick work of brush, trees and other debris on your land.

Clear Bushes and Tall Grass

The first step should be to clear bushes and tall grass with a lawn mower attachments for your tractor or skid steer. These mowers are durable enough to cut through thick brush and other obstacles. Your overgrown land is too much for a standard riding mower, but this attachment can clear a significant amount of the brush and help you get a clear sense of what’s left.

Use caution as you operate a lawn mowing attachment through your overgrown land. There may be boulders, large branches, holes and debris hidden in the overgrowth that you shouldn’t drive over. Avoid these areas and come back after you’ve moved the obstacle with a grapple bucket. Otherwise, consider using a hand trimmer to work around these obstacles.

Cut Down Trees

Many overgrown areas have unwanted trees. Clear the area around any trees before you remove them. There are a number of ways to remove a tree from your property, including a chainsaw, bulldozer or skid steer attachments for cutting trees.

Compare attachments and strategies as you survey your overgrown land. Mature trees may need to be cut down with a chainsaw, but smaller trees can be pulled out with a tree puller, or cut with a tree shear. These tools can help you clear an entire field of saplings without getting out of your machine.

Use a skid steer stump grinder and wood chipper to clear the trunk, branches and stump from your property. A stump grinder is particularly important if you’re clearing the land for farming. 

A chipper is a quick and easy way to remove branches and sections of the trunk, depending on the diameter of the tree. Large-diameter trees may need to be split with a chainsaw and hydraulic log splitter before they can be mulched or cut down into firewood.

Remove Debris

There will still be a considerable amount of debris after your mower deck and tree removal tools have gone over your overgrown land. Now it’s time for a grapple bucket or standard bucket to move across the land. Remove stones, branches, mulch and other items.

After this is accomplished, your overgrown land will start to look more tamed. Now it should be cleared enough for a riding mower or a plow to go over, depending on your goal for your property.

Pick Up the Right Equipment for the Job

Don’t let a few trees and thick brush keep you from enjoying your property. Clear the way for a field, spacious lawn or building site with professional attachments for your skid steer. Select a dynamic list of equipment that allow your versatile skid steer to clear any obstacle that comes in your way.