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How to Become a Successful Youtuber

A large following starting from scratch is very difficult to achieve on YouTube today. It does happen but requires a focused, diligent approach to achieve it and some measure of patience too. 

Here are some tips on how to become a successful Youtuber. 

Get the Production Quality Right

There’s much less tolerance for low-quality production values on YouTube now. The audience has been spoiled with 1080p and 4K visuals, fast-moving animations, and location shooting. 

One great way to get noticed immediately is to have an impactful introduction sequence. This is tough to do when you’re just starting. We, therefore, suggest using an experienced production team to achieve this for you. With Boston video production, you get excellent production values and an urban city landscape that’s distinctive for some cool visuals. 

Up Your Personality

It helps to be more outgoing than you might otherwise be in real life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a false persona or put on a performance per se. However, it does mean that when you’re in front of the camera, your personality has to come to life. 

Confidence is a key component. When you’re feeling self-confident, it comes across on the screen. Your vocal tone and even your facial expressions and body language all provide indicators. Also, note that there’s a difference between being confident in yourself and confident in the video. The latter tends to develop over time with experience. 

If you have a dramatic or outlandish side, it’s often good to show this on camera rather than hide it (unless you’re in a serious niche where it would be unsuitable). 

Niche Down Significantly

There are so many YouTube channels now that it’s necessary to niche down to get away from highly competitive topics. While this will potentially reduce the size of your audience when the channel is at its most successful, without doing so, it’s difficult to get noticed. 

One way to get around boxing yourself into a corner is to be careful about the naming of your channel. For instance, one van dweller who lived in his Honda Element van called his channel “Element Van Life,” as well as purchasing a dot-com domain and using Instagram under the same brand. He’s since moved onto a larger van instead, yet his channel and YouTube intro still has the Element logo prominently shown as that’s how people know him. 

Be Patient

Most YouTubers don’t see much success in the first few months and give up. However, with a little patience, they would have seen progress by the year-end and into the second year where the “hockey stick” growth of their audience would have made it all worth it. 

Growth in the size of the audience, minutes watched, and subscriber count grows exponentially once a channel begins to take off. This usually takes time to happen and isn’t an overnight thing.

It’s still possible to be a successful YouTuber and earn a good income from it. Adopt the right strategy to see success over time.