How Much Is the Kobe Bryant Estate Worth? Everything You Need To Know

How Much Is the Kobe Bryant Estate Worth? Everything You Need To Know

Kobe Bryant is often considered the second coming of Michael Jordan. In fact, his all-time NBA points are ahead of Michael Jordan at 33,643 to 32,292.

With a 20 year long career, Kobe earned not only a fortune but his own brand. His name alone carries its own capital. Sadly, this illustrious career was cut short due to a tragic helicopter accident that took both Kobe’s and his daughter’s life.

Although Kobe is no longer with us, his estate continues to grow. To hear about its new developments, check out the information below. 

Kobe’s Basketball Salary

The foundation of Kobe’s current estate began with his impressive, 20-year basketball career with the Los Angeles Lakers. In total, he made over $300 million, which is the third-highest in the NBA. 

It’s no surprise that he’s one of the top earners in the history of the NBA. After all, his accolades include:

  • 5 NBA championships
  • 2 Finals MVP awards
  • NBA MVP in 2008
  • 4 All-Star MVP awards

He’s even won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film!

Kobe’s Former Endorsements

Of course, Kobe added to his hundreds of millions through commercial endorsements. He represented everything from McDonald’s to Turkish Airlines, and reportedly made another $350 million from them.

He was not only a superstar in the United States, but in China as well. Thanks to his business acumen, he took advantage of his popularity halfway across the world and scored Chinese endorsement deals that most athletes don’t have available to them.

Kobe’s Branded Items

As previously stated, Kobe is more than a talented athlete — he is a brand. His branded items, like Nike shoes and apparel, make up a bulk of his estate. 

Previously, only Michael Jordan was able to hold a Nike deal after retiring from the NBA. However, since Kobe is also considered one of the greatest players of all time, this opportunity was extended to him as well. 

The Kobe Bryant jersey is still selling like he’s on the court! 

The BodyArmor Deal

Kobe may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten — and neither is his estate. Just recently, BodyArmor was sold to Coca-Cola, netting Kobe’s estate a cool $400 million. 

Back in 2014, Kobe bought a 10% stake in BodyArmor. It was such a large investment that he was on the board of directors of the company. Later, Coca-Cola acquired a 15% stake. 

After the loss of Kobe, Coca-Cola wanted to honor the late, great athlete with a huge acquisition — they purchased the remaining 85% of BodyArmor. Now, Kobe’s estate, which was already worth $600 million, has just hit $1 billion.

Threats to the Estate of Kobe Bryant

Unfortunately, the estate of a deceased person is often vulnerable to attack. Right now that attack is coming from Kobe’s own mother-in-law, Sofia Laine. She is going after Kobe’s estate, claiming to be a longtime, unpaid assistant and nanny to the Bryant family. 

To learn more about this story, check it out for yourself.

Post-Mortem Financial Gain

After the Kobe Bryant crash, his fans were left in shock and disbelief. Then came the surge of demand for the late celebrity’s memorabilia. The love for Kobe has benefited his estate in his passing. 

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