How Much Do Restaurant Managers Make per Year?

How Much Do Restaurant Managers Make per Year?

Whether you’re in the process of becoming a restaurant manager or it is a goal that you are working toward, you may be starting to think about the salary involved in this occupation. We will provide you with information about a restaurant manager’s salary and how you can make your way into the highest positions in the industry.

First, let’s take a look at your resume and ensure that it is ready to be used when applying for restaurant manager positions. Even if you think you are happy with your resume, it is worth checking it against an industry-standard example. You can use the restaurant manager resume example at ResumeHelp to help you with this. 

Annual Salary

According to, the median annual wage of a restaurant manager in the United States is $57,189. This salary will fluctuate for several reasons, ranging from experience, training, and location. 


With 50 states to choose from, you have a lot of choices when it comes to deciding where to manage a restaurant. Whether or not you want to relocate, it is good to have a general understanding of the market-leading states and where the big dollars are. States, such as California, have a highly saturated industry when it comes to being a restaurant manager, with over 7,000 options! The average salary in California is also above the national wage, so this is an excellent option for restaurant managers. Other states with higher salaries than the average are Washington, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and Montana. Do keep in mind that these states may have different demands for managers, though. 


There are many viable restaurants you can choose to manage, from large chain suppliers to independent businesses. Although it is hard to know exact figures for independent restaurants, and they will vary depending on your area, there are indicators of which restaurants make the most money. Some higher-paying restaurant manager companies are DoubleTree by Hilton, Round Table Pizza, Olive Garden, and Rutter’s. 


In most occupations, your salary will increase as you gain more experience, whether this is through training or working your way up the ranks of your respective industry. For example, to become a manager, you will likely have already been in the industry for quite a while. But, the longer you stay in a managerial role, the more your pay will go up.

Ways to Increase Your Salary

Although there are factors that can increase and limit your salary, there are also options to progress as a manager. This may sound surprising, as many of us have the general thought that a manager is a top position you could get to, but you can progress into higher management positions or by relocating.

Higher Manager Positions 

From managing one restaurant for a few years, you will possess many skills that would assist you in becoming a regional restaurant manager. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the performance and occupations of various restaurants in your area. This position pays considerably more than being a restaurant manager for just a single restaurant, coming with an annual salary of $98,698. 


Uprooting your life and moving elsewhere isn’t for everyone, and you can progress your career being a restaurant manager without doing this. However, it may help you to earn more if you were to move, so if this is feasible for you and your life, moving to a different location could be a significant step in your restaurant manager career!