How Many ML of Vape Juice Equals a Pack of Cigarettes?

How Many ML of Vape Juice Equals a Pack of Cigarettes?

Vaping has become a popular choice for those who love smokeless tobacco. Most people prefer vaping to smoking because of the fewer risks associated with it. However, one question that always keeps popping up is how many ml of vape equals a pack of cigarettes?

This is a question you will come across in smoking vs. vaping debates. However, the answer to how many ml of vape equals a pack of cigarettes is complicated. There are various factors you must consider from your smoking habits to the nicotine concentration in the vape juice. 

Vaping Habits Matter

Vape juices have other compounds besides nicotine. Some e-juices have added natural flavours to mask the nicotine scent and keep your breath fresh. However, learning how to vape well is a good habit if you are switching over from smoking.

First, find a vape juice that replicates the sensation you got from cigarettes without going over your regular nicotine intake. This is crucial if your end goal is to regulate your nicotine addiction. 

Buy your vape juices from reputable vape shops like ePuffer. E-juices have a mix of various compounds, including vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavours, and nicotine. You should look out for e-juices that are 100% organic.

Smoking to Vaping Guidelines 

You may be interested in knowing what numbers to go by when buying vape juices if you are switching from smoking to vaping. Most vape juices come with different metrics detailing the amount of nicotine present. 

Manufacturers often use the mg/ml ratios to show the nicotine concentration levels in their e-juices. However, the new metric in town uses percentages to denote the nicotine present in the vape juice. For example, a 2.4% nicotine e-liquid has around 24mg of nicotine, which is suitable for a smoker who goes through one pack of cigarettes daily.

Medium smokers who consume half a pack regularly can go for 0.6-1.2% nicotine e-liquids. If you are a light smoker who probably smokes two to five cigarettes per day, any vape juice with under 0.6% nicotine by volume is perfect.

Nicotine Concentration and Puffing Habits

According to relevant studies, one cigarette has around 1-2mg of absorbed nicotine. Furthermore, the nicotine content in cigarettes varies depending on the manufacturer. The nicotine concentration in vape juices varies from 0mg/ml to 20mg/ml. 

Vape juices with over 16mg/ml nicotine content are ranked as strong. They are suitable for heavy cigarette smokers switching to vaping. The idea behind vaping using strong vape juices is to offer quick satisfaction for nicotine cravings. 

Studies also show that puffing habits can influence how much nicotine a vaper or smoker consumes. People who draw long and deep puffs consume more nicotine than those who take shallow puffs.

Final Takeaway

There is no sure way of converting ml of vape juice to an equal number of cigarettes. Studies show that how much nicotine is absorbed in the body varies from person to person. However, the rule of thumb is that if you are a heavy smoker, go for 2.4% nicotine e-liquids. 

Vaping can be effective for quitting smoking for good. You can start high and work your way down by buying vape juices with less nicotine content.