Health Benefits of Salt Water Taffy - Surprising Nutritional Facts
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Health Benefits of Salt Water Taffy – Surprising Nutritional Facts

A trip to a candy shop typically includes an array of sugary treats. While it is important to indulge in moderation, consuming excessive amounts can cause tooth decay and nutritional deficiencies.

Traditionally, salt water taffy is made by boiling a mix of sugars and other ingredients. It is then stretched and pulled by a machine, which creates its unique chewy texture.

It’s Low in Fat

A piece of the best salt water taffy contains 40-60 calories. While it’s an excellent treat for those with a sweet tooth, you should enjoy it in moderation. The calorie content can quickly add up and lead to weight gain. A high sugar intake can also cause dental problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay. In addition, excessive sugar can be converted to fat in our bodies.

It is important to note that a 7-piece serving of taffy has 2 grams of fat and 38 grams of carbohydrates with no dietary fiber. Therefore, you should be careful when consuming this candy, especially on a keto diet.

It’s Low in Calories

When it comes to sweets, taffy is known for its delightful texture. It is neither too hard nor too soft, striking the perfect balance. This allows you to savor each bite and truly enjoy your candy.

Its delicious taste has made it a favorite treat for those who visit beachside boardwalks and other tourist destinations. The best way to enjoy saltwater taffy is often to purchase it from local candy shops. By doing so, you support small businesses while enjoying a delectable treat.

While salt water taffy is not considered a healthy food, it is low in calories and can be enjoyed as an occasional treat within a balanced diet. Just be sure to practice portion control and consume it in moderation. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, consider making your soft taffy at home using a recipe that includes sugar, corn starch, corn syrup, salt, butter, and flavoring. You can use it in recipes to create unique treats such as taffy-covered pretzels or ice cream.

It’s Low in Sugar

A trip to the beach is only complete with a bag of saltwater taffies. These chewy treats are available at your local candy shop and have been part of summer vacations for decades. They are also popular for kids’ birthday parties and candy buffets.

Although taffies are a sweet and delicious treat, it is important to consume them in moderation. Too much sugar can cause weight gain, nutrient deficiencies, and tooth decay.

It’s Low in Sodium

In addition to low fat, salt water taffy has relatively low sodium levels. This is because it’s cooked to the “soft crack” stage and extensively stretched, kneaded, and pulled to create a chewy texture.

It is also lower in sodium than other types of taffy, such as light variations or fudge, due to the cooking process and glycerine (instead of butter) as an ingredient. There is approximately 13 mg of sodium per piece of saltwater taffy.

As with any candy, it is best to consume salt water taffy in moderation.