Exploring the Future and Past of Geigerverse

Exploring the Future and Past of Geigerverse

The shocking ending of Geiger #6 from Image Comics stunned fans, leaving fans wanting more of the epic story that Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson created. Thankfully, there is more on the horizon. In November, fans can look forward to the 80-page Geiger Special. In a wide-ranging interview on The Comics Pals Episode 338 Podcast, Johns delves into what fans want to know about this timeline and explores what’s in store for the Geigerverse.

The Unnamed timeline highlights some key moments throughout the history of the Geiger world. It began in the 1940s and 1950s when Bryan Hitch characters like Redcoat and Eco were created. The timeline moves to the present day, where we currently find ourselves in the main Geiger series. However, the timeline doesn’t stop there.

One of the exciting things about the timeline is that it includes concepts from an earlier iteration of the Geiger world that Johns and Frank worked on before the current series. This means there will be opportunities to explore a different version of the Geigerverse that has yet to be seen. 

Another fascinating development is the mention of a new character, Cosmonaut. Johns has mentioned this character before, but we don’t know much about them yet. However, the name alone suggests a connection to space and space exploration, which could open up an entirely new area of the Geigerverse to explore.

Fans can also look forward to seeing more of Geiger himself. As we know from the main series, Geiger is a complex character with a rich backstory. There’s no doubt that Johns, Frank, and Anderson have more planned for him.

And while the timeline focuses on the past and future of the Geigerverse, it’s important to remember that the current Geiger series is ongoing. There are still more issues to come, and with the tease of the 80-page special, we can expect even more stories to be told in this world.

From the existing characters like Redcoat to the new ones Cosmonaut, there’s so much to be excited about in the world of Geiger. The Untamed timeline hints at a rich history that serves as the backbone of the current series. But it also promises a future that is full of potential. Whether we’re exploring different versions of the world or digging deeper into the characters we’ve come to love, there’s no doubt that the Geiger series has more surprises in store for fans. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of this fascinating world. Make sure to reserve your copy soon, because this release will certainly sell out fast after its June 2023 release.