Essential Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories For Self-Defense

Essential Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories For Self-Defense

Once you’ve built up a collection of concealed carry outfits that work with your firearm and holster, it makes things much easier when getting dressed in the morning. Look for natural fabrics that print less, and add a few items with purpose-built gun-sized pockets, like the Operatus jeans from Viktos.

Natural Fabrics

Concealed carry clothing and accessories are designed to discreetly and comfortably accommodate firearms for individuals with concealed carry permits, offering a blend of fashion and functionality to ensure a secure and inconspicuous way to carry weapons while maintaining a stylish appearance. These specialized garments often incorporate features like hidden pockets and reinforced holsters, providing a practical solution for those prioritizing personal protection without compromising style. When you think of natural fabrics, you might picture rough burlap-sack textiles that are scratchy, rustic, and not very fashionable. But, when you choose the proper clothing for concealed carry, they can look sleek and stylish with the added benefit of providing a discreet holster for your firearm.

These sustainable fibers include cotton, silk, hemp, jute, and rayon (modal). They are also more ethical than synthetics as t they’re made from plants instead of animals.

The fabric you choose should also provide good gun printing coverage, meaning your holster doesn’t show through the garment when you bend, walk, or move in specific ways. It should also clear your cover garment and draw quickly and smoothly without fuss. Some people can conceal carry in just about anything. Still, it takes the right fit and careful selection of garments to ensure comfort and easy access to your weapon in self-defense scenarios.


While concealing your firearm should be a top priority, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort or style. You may have to make some adjustments when dressing for concealed carry, but you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

When looking for concealment clothing, look for items that successfully hide your firearm while leaving it accessible if necessary. The first thing to consider is fit and size. Choose garments that aren’t too tight or loose, and wear a gun belt to keep your weapon securely holstered.

Another aspect to consider is printing, which occurs when the outline of your weapon can be seen through your clothing. This can be avoided by choosing garments that can easily be swept aside or pulled up without showing the outline of your pistol. It’s also a good idea to avoid jackets with buttons and zippers that hinder quick access. Instead, opt for a bomber-style or hoodie jacket that can be quickly opened.

Tie-Front/Knot-Front Shirts

When it comes to concealment, subtlety is key. That’s why we offer a variety of shirt styles designed to hide your weapon easily. Some have extra pockets to accommodate a clip, while others have longer hems to reduce the telltale bulge when you bend over or sit down.

You also want to look for concealed carry clothing that doesn’t trade comfort for security so you can go about your day without feeling hindered by your firearm. Look for breathable items with a bit of stretch in the waistband for easy access to an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster.

Lastly, ensure your concealed carry attire won’t snag on accessories like car keys, gun magazines, or the straps on range bags. You’ll need to be able to clear your cover garment quickly and easily in an emergency. Look for jackets with oversized sleeves that won’t catch on your sidearm, and keep your magazine from popping out of your pocket as you reach for it.

Peplum/Ruffle-Hem Tops

The proper clothing can conceal a firearm, spare magazines, and other essentials without attracting unwanted attention. You can find plenty of stylish options, including those with built-in holsters and pockets that hide your weapon securely but leave you easy access to it in a self-defense situation.

Shirts with prints and patterns and those that are very dark help break up your pistol’s outline and make it harder for others to see your grip. This tactic can be beneficial if you carry an inside-the-waistband holster, which can create a telltale bulge under some shirts.

Safari and photographer vests are ideal concealed carry garments, long enough to hide holsters behind the waistband and thick enough to mask bulges. They also tend to have multiple pockets for ammunition and other accessories. They’re not for everyone, so you should practice clearing and drawing from them before relying on them in self-defense.