Elevate Your Style With Professional Balayage Highlights

Elevate Your Style With Professional Balayage Highlights

If you’re unfamiliar with balayage, it is a popular hair coloring technique that gives your strands gorgeous dimensions. Unlike traditional foil highlights, this freehand technique is customized for your look.

Balayage is great for all hair colors because it looks natural and sun-kissed. This low-maintenance option is perfect for clients who want to change their hair color with the seasons or have a seamless grow-out.

Natural-Looking Highlights

Unlike foil highlights that create noticeable lines of demarcation, balayage looks more natural and produces a softer grow-out at the roots. The colorist must be skilled and use the right brush to achieve this. Artego has creamy balayage bleach and is easy to work with on strands.

Balayage hair salon uses a versatile hair coloring technique for all hair colors and shades. It’s also easy to maintain (say goodbye to six-week touchups) and works well for women with various facial features.

This balayage highlight palette adds gorgeous caramel pops to a light brown base, giving you that beachy, sun-bleached look. And the subtle ombre effect on the bottom layers of your hair accentuates your curls and waves. You could even pair it with lowlights for an even richer look.

Long-Lasting Color

Unlike foiled highlights, which can produce obvious re-growth lines, balayage creates a naturally blended effect that easily hides any root growth between salon visits. Because of this, clients can go up to a year without getting a full balayage touchup, provided they’re willing to accept some fading and brassiness in that time.

Balayage is also great for creating on-trend fashion tones and shimmer shades, such as rose gold or champagne blonde. Warm skin tones look best with warm blonde shades like apricot or buttery toast, while cool-skinned women can opt for more neutral hues, such as beige or caramel blonde.

To keep your balayage looking fresh between appointments, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that nourishes the ends of your hair (which take on the brunt of color processing), and apply a rich, hydrating hair mask once or twice a week. Using a purple shampoo occasionally is also a good idea to avoid brassiness.

Easy to Maintain

Balayage gives you a more natural, blended look that doesn’t require as much upkeep as traditional highlights. That means you can get away with going longer between appointments.

When choosing the right shade for your balayage, you want to match your hair color to your skin tone. If you have warm skin, try a sun-kissed blonde or apricot technique. If you have cool skin, a golden honey or champagne blonde will suit you.

Your stylist will hand-paint the bleach on your hair in a way that mimics how your hair naturally lightens in the sun. That means you won’t end up with a block of color on the top of your head like you would with foil highlights.

If you have thicker hair, you may need to come in for two full balayage services a year and one partial service. Otherwise, a single balayage appointment once a year should keep your highlights looking fresh and healthy.

More Affordable Than Foil Highlights

Balayage is a great way to get those sun-kissed highlights that fade gradually and look naturally beautiful all year round. It is also more affordable than foil highlights and requires less maintenance.

A good colorist can give you an idea of what your results might be like before the appointment, and they may even have samples of different looks they’ve created. Foil highlights can take dark hair four or more shades lighter, while balayage allows you to achieve more subtle hues.

A balayage expert can also create a range of looks, from soft, subtle strands that blend with your natural color to a full head of highlights that’s completely glam and gorgeous. You can even have lowlights woven in, which help to add dimension and depth to your color. These are particularly helpful if you have fine or thin hair. They can make your hair look thicker and healthier as well.