Creating a Customized Gift Basket for a Special Someone – Consider These Themes

When faced with the prospect of coming up with the “perfect” gift for that special someone, it can be a difficult process. This is even more the case if that person seems to already have everything, or is difficult to buy for. Customized gift baskets can end up being the ideal route to take, as you are able to speak to their own interests, hobbies, and passions and create something that is truly unique. But what should you include in the basket?

To help spark some inspiration and ideas, we’ve gone ahead and collected a handful of popular themes that you could apply to the gift basket. Once you’ve picked a theme, the shopping will be much easier and then the basket will have a more cohesive feel to it.

Appeal to the Chocolate Lovers Out There

Here’s a theme that is wildly popular, and relatively easy to find items for. If that special someone you’re buying for happens to love chocolate, then you’ve got tons of routes to take. It also makes it possible to shop in a wide variety of budget points, as you can opt for the more mainstream items or look for those more decadent and artisanal chocolate pieces. 

You may even want to take it a step further and look for chocolates with some kind of unique twist or addition, such as these CBD chocolates that already come boxed and ready to pop into the basket. 

And don’t forget, chocolate isn’t just in food; it’s also in beverages such as hot chocolate, chocolate-infused tea or coffee, and even chocolate liqueurs. 

Help Them Create a Cozy Reading Nook

For those who love a good book, why not give them all the ingredients they need to create their own cozy reading nook at home? This could include a plush and luxurious throw blanket, a cozy wrap or shawl, warm fuzzy socks, a reading light, bookmarks, and some nice warm beverages like coffee or tea that they can sip on while reading.

Of course, you can also pack a couple of bestsellers or classic books into the basket to help get them started on their reading list.

A Basket Meant for Pampering

Giving a gift basket to a busy mom could be the perfect opportunity to pack it full of items meant for pampering. Let’s face it, moms rarely take the opportunity to look after their own wellbeing, so why not give them some tools and items that will hopefully encourage them to slow down and take a moment for themselves?

Items to include could be such things as scented candles, luxurious bubble bath and bath salts, a plush body towel, a selection of calming herbal teas, a book on meditation, a yoga mat, and any other item that helps a person to relax.

Get as Creative as You Want

Building your own gift basket for someone really gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box as these choices often end up being the best ones.