coffee table

Choosing the perfect coffee table

How many hours of comparison and research did you put into buying your sofa? What about your bed frame? Your chest of drawers? I’m willing to be money you thought harder about these items of furniture than you did when it came time to buy a coffee table. You aren’t alone; the vulnerable coffee table seems to be forgotten by almost everyone when they are creating a lounge room or living space.

This neglect is baffling when you consider just how vital the coffee table’s role is. Coffee tables hold our drinks, phones, snacks, remotes, and other trinkets. A good coffee table is something you will use every day without ever noticing it’s there. These pieces of furniture are everywhere, and you probably inherited one without even realizing it. Upgrading your coffee table can transform your lounge room, so, how do you go about buying a new one?

Relation to sofa

There are no rules about furniture buying, but there are some fundamentals that should be considered. A coffee table is best chosen in relation to your sofa. If you have a straight three-seater, a square-shaped table will complement its design. If your sofa is sectional or L shaped, a round coffee table will be a better fit. Of course, you can choose whatever shape you like, though you may get better results by following the formula below.

Your coffee table should be at least half the length of your sofa, but no more than three quarters the length. For example, if you have a 3-seater that is 180cm long, your coffee table will need to be at least 90cm long. If you have a sectional or L shaped, ignore the overall length of the lounge and measure seat to corner. Your table should be the same height as your seats; this is usually around 50cm.


Keeping the formula mentioned above in mind, you can still choose a round table for a straight lounge, or a rectangular table for a sectional lounge. The shape you pick should reflect your coffee table’s daily duties. A rectangular-shaped coffee table is suitable for a long lounge where multiple people may be reaching for drinks etc.

A square coffee table is excellent for those with a sectional lounge set up for conversations as it fits snuggly into your nook and provides a large surface area for your fellow conversers. Square coffee tables usually represent the best bang for buck as their designs are often easier to build and require fewer materials.

A round table can make it easier for guests to walk around or get up from the sofa. Smart designs like nesting coffee tables can not only look great but can save space when only one is required. Round tables are great for those with small spaces as they take up less room and give the impression of more space (fewer corners).


Coffee tables work best when they are themed with your sofa. If you have a dark brown leather sofa, a dark-toned coffee table will look best. Wood is durable and attractive and can bring warmth to your room’s aesthetic. Marble coffee tables are making a comeback due to marbles durability and ageless appeal but are heavy and expensive. Consider whether you will regularly be moving as this could dictate how light a coffee table you want to purchase. Your choice of material is personal, so take your time and be sure to get one that matches your room.

Choosing a coffee table should be like selecting any other piece of furniture. For some reason, the coffee table is often an afterthought rather than a focal piece, which you can change right now. Choosing the right coffee table will transform your space and reward you and your guests  with faithful service for many years to come