7 Tips on Buying Vaporizers Online for New Users

7 Tips on Buying Vaporizers Online for New Users

The total number of adult vape users rose from 7 million people in 2011 to 41 million people in 2018. With this trend still on the rise chances are you will eventually become a vape enthusiast if you are not already.

Learning about buying vaporizers online is your best bet to get an affordable price for all different types of vaporizers. Using an online vaporizer store is a great option when comparing vaporizer costs.

A vaporizer store website is a great place to get a cross-section of all the different vape options you have at your disposal. Use these 7 tips for buying vaporizers online when you are ready to start thinking about a purchase.

1. Research Types of Vaporizers

Before you start perusing through websites to find a vaporizer you should first get a good idea of the different types of vaporizers out there. The first question you need to ask yourself in this department is what you plan on vaping.

Most nicotine vaporizers come with replaceable cartridges or rechargeable chambers. A weed vaporizer on the other hand has more variability in its forms. From dry-herb to cartridge-based, choosing the right kind is important.

2. Determine Your Spending Limit

If you are on a budget you don’t want to get your heart set on a top-quality vaporizer only to realize that you can’t afford it. Setting a limit for your budget right off the bat will help you be realistic with your purchasing decisions.

Many online stores have filters where you can sort their products from the most expensive to the least expensive and vice versa. Take advantage of this if you need it and always make sure to watch out for special promotions.

3. Choose What Features You Like

You may want a vaporizer that has a refillable chamber. Extended battery life, artistic designs, and durable construction also may be features that are important to you. 

Modern vaporizers have a staggering array of features. Here are a few examples of features you may find.

Rechargeable Batteries

Some vaporizers use rechargeable batteries which extend their life and make them a bit more environmentally friendly. Some also have removable battery packs that you can switch out. 

Others don’t have removable battery packs but plug straight into a wall outlet or micro-USB port. Rechargeable batteries can be a great way to save money on having to buy disposable vapes over and over again.

Temperature Settings

Some vaporizers have an interface that allows you to change temperature settings. This can be a great feature for avid vape connoisseurs that appreciate the consistency of their vape hits.

Refillable Chambers

Some vapes use single-use cartridges or pods that you need to replace each time they are depleted. Other vapes have refillable chambers that you can pour e-liquid straight into. This allows you to buy bulk e-liquid for cheap.

Size and Portability

The size and how portable your vaporizer is are two features you will want to consider. Large vaporizers can be great for home use but they are a bit unwieldy on the go.

Make sure to consider the size of your vaporizer when selecting your intended use for it. Something that fits in your pocket may be great for a busy day out, while a nice table vape could be great for a relaxing evening at home.


There are tons of different design features out there to take into consideration with your vape. From the size of the mouthpiece to the coloration of your vape. If you use your vape every day you should get a design you enjoy seeing.

4. Buying Vaporizers Online With Brand Names

There are some heavy-hitting brand names that have a reputation for quality and performance. If you want the best possible vaporizer for your money you may want to consider finding out what a few of these top names are.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a disposable vape or one that is less expensive you may want to avoid brand names. Purchasing a lesser-known brand will be cheaper, but it may not be as reliable.

5. Research the Reputation of Vendors

Finding your ideal vaporizer is only half the battle. You also need to find a reputable place to purchase your new device. Vaping, like all popular trends, tends to attract a ton of retailers that may not be reliable.

To avoid getting scammed make sure to check out some online customer reviews. Positive reviews will help substantiate the legitimacy of any online retailer. Use them in conjunction with other research to pick the best vendor.

6. Determine Your Vaping Frequency

If you vape on a daily basis it makes more sense to spend the money on a top-quality vaporizer. You will also want one that has a refillable chamber to avoid having to spend a ton on new cartridges. 

For the infrequent or social vape enthusiast, a more basic model may suffice better. Infrequent users may want to consider disposable vapes as well. They tend to be cheaper and less complicated than reusable ones.

7. Try Many Different Products

Once you purchase your first vaporizer you shouldn’t let that be the end of your vaping journey. You should keep looking for other great vape products online so you can determine what you like best. 

The only way to find your ideal vaporizer is to try all the different ones that the marketplace has to offer. Borrowing a friend’s vape can be a great way to try one out before you buy it. Never give up on your quest for the perfect vape.

Vape Until Your Heart’s Content

Vaping has turned into a very popular pastime for Americans of all ages. If you are one of them, buying vaporizers online is your best possible option for getting a great deal.

Online retailers are much cheaper and have a better variety than most brick-and-mortar vape stores. Use the tips in this guide to find the best vaporizer online today and check back with our site for other amazing articles like this.