5 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents on a Road Trip

5 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents on a Road Trip

Road tripping is a great way to create memories with friends and family. While many people create good and laughable memories, others regret the day they packed for that road trip because they got involved in accidents.

Car accidents over the summer are common because everyone is out for fun, hence busy roads. With many drivers on the go, the chances of meeting distracted and negligent drivers are increased.

If you or your family member has been involved in a car accident because of another driver’s negligence, call an Anaheim car accident lawyer immediately. The lawyer will investigate the accident and help you open a car accident injury claim against the driver at fault.

Road safety is a combined effort. Drivers should assume that they are the only sane drivers on the highway. That said, we are going to discuss tips that will help you keep safe on the road.

What Are the Top Ways to Avoid Road Accidents?

1. Service Your Car

Road trips involve driving long distances. While your car might not show any complications during your travels around town and to-and-from work, it might not be fit for long-distance traveling. Therefore, to clear any doubts, take it to a trusted mechanic.

Schedule for servicing a week before the trip in case your car will need to stay at the mechanic’s for some days. Pre-trip maintenance involves checking the brakes, tire conditions, safety belts, lights, hoses, fluid levels, and the cooling and heating systems.

2. Focus on the Road Only

Distracted driving is a significant cause of road accidents. Avoid anything that takes your attention from the wheel. If you must attend to something else, it will save your lives to pull over.

Major road distractions include attending to cell phones, eating, assisting passengers, looking up directions while driving to mention a few. Also, kids can be dangerous distractions. If you are traveling with kids, have someone to attend to them, pack enough snacks, and bring entertainment.

3. Switch Drivers

Leaving the driving job to one person is not only unfair, but also risky. It will help if you factor for multiple drivers during your trip. If one person gets tired, they can be relieved by the next driver. If you could only get one driver, take rest stops after every few hours.

Driving is exhausting and exhausted drivers are dangerous. A tip to drivers: take healthy, whole foods that will keep your energy levels high during the trip. If you are sleepy or too weary, there is no shame in stopping and taking a power nap.

4. Do Not Drink and Drive

Drunk driving claims lives daily, but it is unfortunate that drivers still get behind the wheel intoxicated. Irrespective of the number of drinks the driver has had, their judgment and reaction time have slowed down.

If you must drink, get a sober driver or sleepover. Risking drunk driving will cost you thousands of DUI fines, hospital bills, or worse, death.

5. Maintain the Speed Limit

The hype and excitement of road trips make drivers ignore safe speeds. By going against the set speed limit, you are risking not only your life, but also that of other road users. Ignore the urge to get to your destination faster. Take as much time as needed and get there safely.

Do Your Part to Avoid Road Accidents

Unfortunately, even the most careful drivers suffer road accidents, but that does give you a pass to rogue driving. By following the five tips above, you will be taking care of your life and that of other road users.