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Prague Nightlife Guide

by Drew on March 24, 2014 50 comments

*This post was last updated on March 16th, 2016*

I know that I might be a little biased (because I studied abroad in Prague), but I think Prague has the best all around nightlife in Europe.

But wait, what about Barcelona?  What about Berlin?  What about Stockholm?

Don’t get me wrong, those are amazing cities to party in- and I had some wild nights in those places.   But they just don’t have the complete nightlife package that Prague does.

Prague has it all.  Insane nightclubs, hundreds of pubs, underground cave bars, rooftop terraces, dive bars, house parties and my favorite of them all, beer gardens.

On top of all that, there is one more thing that sets Praha apart from the other big European party cities that I mentioned above. And that is…

–> The Cheap Prices! <–

IMG_4551Prague is a hell of a lot cheaper than every country on the Euro (The Czech Republic’s currency is the Koruna).  For example: at my favorite underground bar called U SUDU (read about it below), a half liter of beer was about $1.50USD.  How’s that for a bargain? For just $10, you will be hammered.

The drinking culture in Prague is similar to it’s neighboring country, Germany.  Everything is beer, beer, beer.  The Czech’s actually drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world, which gives Prague such a fantastic nightlife scene.  There are several beer gardens located around the city, each one with long wooden tables, lots of rowdy people and an unlimited supply of beer.  In the summertime, beer gardens are best places to drink beer during the day.  My favorite beer garden is called Riegrovy Sady, which was just a few blocks away from my house (Namesti Miru station).  You must check it out if the weather is nice!

Also, see my list of the Best Czech Beers to try in Prague!

Of course, the clubbing scene is amazing.  There are at least a dozen big room, EDM dance clubs that stay open until the sun rises.  Prague is also home to the biggest club in Central Europe, the 5-story Karlovy Lazne Club.  No matter which night of the week you’re out, people will be drinking there until 6AM. It’s just that crazy.

If clubs or beer gardens aren’t your thing, then don’t worry because the pub/bar culture is ecstatic!  There are many underground, grungy dive bars that feel  like you’re walking thru a maze because there are so many rooms.  Most of them have dance floors, awesome electronic music, and different bars in each room.  Seriously, these are the spots to go to pregame (drinking before going to the clubs) because the beer is so cheap!

Alright, without further adieu — here is my list of the best places to party in Prague! 

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*Top Clubs in Prague*

#1. Sasazu

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.19.04 PMOverview:
Sasazu is Prague’s newest and biggest club for partiers who like raves and house music.  Since its opening in 2009, Sasazu has held a wide range of international DJS’s and performers such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, One Republic and Fedde Le Grand.  As one of the largest entertainment facilities in Prague, this club can hold up to an incredible 2500+ people.  A good mix of locals and international guests are always partying at Sasazu.  The interior is a giant room with a dance floor in the center, with bars surrounding every corner.  There is a sweet upper deck with many tables and a balcony overlooking the club, making it a perfect to take a break from dancing.  If you had to choose one club to go to on a Saturday night, I would highly recommend going to Sasazu.

Cover is usually $10 (200 CZK), but can be more if there is an event or big-name DJ.  Drinks are more on the expensive side, but not too bad because everything is relatively cheap in the Czech Republic.

Bubenske nabrezi 306/13
17004 Prague, Czech Republic- Holesovice

Metro: Holsovice stop on the Metro A line (red line).  Sasazu is located just north of the Vltava river

#2. Retro

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.26.46 PMOverview:
Retro is my favorite club in all of Prague.  This incrdible electro-house music club has a capacity of 1,200+.  You will find well-known DJ’s nearly every weekend, spinnin’ their best dance beats.  Retro is a sort-of a mini version of Club Sasazu- with an upper level balcony overlooking the club and a big dance floor in the middle.  Inside, there are many bars surrounding the dance floor, and a separate section in the back with tables. The sound system and light show is amongst the best, and music is always extra loud. There is always a good mix of local Czech’s and foreigners, which makes this clubs so unique and awesome.

Cover charge is normally about $5 for guys and girls get in free.  Drinks are very reasonably prices, given that this club is in a neighborhood instead of in a tourist area.

Francouzská 4, 120 00 Prague 2.

The Metro/Tram stop is Namesti Miru, and it’s right around the corner

#3. Karlovy Lázně

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.32.11 PM

With 5 stories of music, dancing and fun, Karlovy Lázně is the biggest music club in Central Europe.  Every floor has its own unique style, including a hip-hop floor, an 80s dance floor, a hard-core trance floor and more.   The very top floor is a chill-out room with mellow tunes and big couches, so you can take your loved ones up and relax. The interior of this club dates back to the 14th century, with original mosaic tiles on the walls and floors.  It’s known as a foreigner club and you will meet cool people from all over the world.  Don’t miss out on the fun here, because Karlovy Lázně is one of the most famous clubs in Europe.  There is a party on every night of the week!

Cover charge is generally about $7-10 (150-200 CZK) per person.  Girls do not get in for free.  Drinks are on the expensive side (because it is a touristy club), so make sure to get nice and drunk before you go.

Novotneho Lavka 5

Old Town, Prague 1

Metro stop is Staromestka (line A) and the tram stop is Karlovy Lazne (trams 17, 18 and 53). It’s right next to Charles Bridge.

#4. Lucerna

Located in the heart of Wenceslas Square (Prague’s main shopping district area), Lucerna is your place for the best 80s and 90s dance music.  This enormous underground club hosts popular Czech bands during the week, and turns into one of Prague’s hottest clubs by night.  The nightclub is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, because bands are playing during the week.  The interior is massive, with big monitors displaying the music video of each song, and a giant dance floor that will rock your world.  Lucerna is always flooded with foreigners and international students and makes a great place to meet new people.

Cover Charge is always $5 (200 CZK) for guys, and free for girls.  Drinks prices are very reasonable, with a great selection of Czech Beer, hard liquor and wine.

Vodickova 36
New Town, Prague 1

Take the metro to Muzeum (lines A and B) or Mustek (lines A and B).  Tram stop: Vaclavske Namesti (trams 3,9,14,24,51,52,54,55,56,68).  You will see a big neon sign that says Lucerna in Wenceslas SQuare- this is the club.

#5. Duplex

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.47.19 PM

Photo by Ondra Soukup on Flickr

Duplex is located on a rooftop in Wenceslas Square- one of the best locations for a club in Prague (this picture was taken from the balcony).  During the day, Duplex is a great place to eat lunch or dinner.  At night, Duplex transforms into an incredible nightclub.  The club is designed as a huge glass cube, on top of the 6th and 7th floor of a building in Wenceslas Square. The views at the top are magnificent.  The layout is awesome, with dance floors on two different levels, four bars and a great sound system.  Duplex Club was awarded with membership of the World’s Finest Clubs.  Often, there are special events held at this club for international students, so make sure to check those out!

Cover charge is from $5-10USD for boys and girls.  Drinks are expensive, given it’s primetime location.

In the middle of Wenceslas Square, on the top floor of a building.  Just look for the big sign that says “Duplex”- You can’t miss it.

#6. Roxy

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.24.37 PMOverview:
Roxy is a great club for electro-house-techno music lovers.  Conveniently located on Dlouha Street near Old Town Square, Roxy is well-known as one of the oldest and best clubs in town.  This club has a huge dance floor, and hosts international DJ’s every weekend.  The light shows are awesome- strobe lights, disco balls, neon colored- flashing lights and a big video monitor is all on the Roxy dance floor.  There is a giant bar in the back that will serve you any kind of drink you prefer, including absinthe.  Roxy is conveniently located just minutes walking from Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge. Thursday-Sunday are the best nights to Roxy 😀

Roxy is located in a very touristy area of Prague, so the prices are expensive, but reasonable.   Definitely drink a lot before you go!

Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Prague,

It’s around the corner from Old Town Square on Dlouha street.

#7. Radost FX

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.56.59 PMOverview:
Radost translates “joyful” in Czech, and that’s exactly how you will feel at this club. Radost FX is a small club with lots of potential.  The crowd is usually international kids (lots of Americans), and the music is normally American hip-hop (sometimes old school hip-hop).  Radost is known as the club where Shakira shot her music video “Please Don’t Stop The Music” click HERE to watch that video and see what Radost looks like!  There is also a great vegetarian restaurant/breakfast place attached to this nightclub, which is perfect for hangover breakfasts the next morning. The club has a sweet back room, with fuzzy black-and-white couches and a bar, to hang out when you are tired of dancing. Head here on Thursday nights beacuse that is the most popular night to go!

Cover charge is $5 for guys, and girls get in free.  Drinks are reasonable and less expensive than most clubs around Prague.

Belehradska 120, 12000 Praha

Tram and metro stop is I.P. Pavlova and it is literally across the street, you can’t miss it.

*Top Bars*

#1. U Sudu

U Sudu is where it’s!!

For being somewhat of a hidden bar, U Sudu is THE place to pregame at before the night gets wild.  When you walk in the door, your first impression will be that U Sudu is no more than an ordinary bar.  But as you keep walking and turning corners, you will keep discovering new rooms underground, in a cave-like set up.  There are 5 different rooms all spread out from each other, and several bars to get your favorite drinks.  You literally feel like you are inside a cave when wandering around this bar- that is why it is so unique.  There are always people there everyday of the week- mostly locals but also some foreigners who have heard about this secret bar.  U Sudu is the best place to meet with a group of friends before going out to a club or wherever the night takes you.  In each dim-lit room, there is always different music, bringing on different vibes constantly.  Don’t miss out on the fun at U Sudu, I went there at least 4 times a week!

Very cheap beer (less than $2 for a half-liter of beer), and no cover charge.

Vodickova 10, Prague.

Take the tram or Metro to Karlovo Namesti and walk 2 blocks alongside the park.  It is located directly across the street from Hooters.

#2. Double Trouble

This is one of the best places to go during any night of the week!

Double Trouble is one of the most popular “cellar bars” in Prague (a cellar bar is an underground bar/club, with a dance floor and several rooms and tables).  It is conveniently located between Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, and drinks are reasonably priced.  DJ’s are playing every night from Monday to Saturday, and the atmosphere will build up as the night gets going.   Definitely worth checking out if you are in Prague on the weekdays.  Most ‘Bar Crawls’ will take you to this place at some point during the night.  There is no cover charge, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Super Cheap! Very reasonable prices for beer and mixed drinks, and no cover charge.

Melantrichova 17

Old Town, Prague 1

Metro: Mustek (line A and B)
Tram: Narodni Trida (trams 6, 9, 18, 22, 53, 57, 58, 59)

#3. Chapeau Rouge

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.08.44 PM

Photo by ‘darwin.wins’ on Flickr

Chapeau Rouge is another underground bar that is great to party on any night of the week.  There are 3 levels- the main level is a chill bar with a bunch of tables, 2nd level underground is a room with a DJ (usually house music) and lots of dancing, and the 3rd level below the ground is another DJ (usually dub-step) with more dancing and a bar.  Generally speaking, the music gets more intense/psychedelic as you go farther downstairs.  Chapeau has music playing all day long, so there is no bad time to have a drink or a smoke here.  This place seems like it never closes, and is located right in Old Town Square.  I have never had a bad time at Chapeau!

Cheap cheap cheap and no cover!

Jakubská 2,

Old Town, Prague 1

Metro: Namesti Republiky (line B)

Tram Stop: Namesti Republiky (trams 5, 8, 14, 26, 51, 54, 56)

#4. The Dubliner

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 4.05.16 PM

Photo by Todd Nelson on Flickr

This typical Irish Bar is located in the heart of Old Town Square.  The Dubliner is big, and has everything that an Irish Bar should have (beer, sports and fun).  There is always Guinness, Fosters, Heineken, Stella Artois, Strongbow Cider and Staropramen on tap, so make sure to stop here if you like quality beer.  On weekends, there is live music of DJ’s performing, which draws in a big crowd.  The Dubliner is also a great place to watch sporting games, because there is 2 big screens at each end of the main bar area, and passionate fans to give this bar a great atmosphere.

A little more expensive than your average bar in Prague. Beers are about $4-5 USD.

Tyn 1

Old Town, Prague 1

Take Metro to Staromestka (line A), or to Namesti Republiky (line B).  Tram Stop is Staromestka (trams 17, 18, 53).

Where to Stay in Prague?

A lot of people ask me which are the best hotels to stay in Prague, so I have compiled this list of quality places that I’ve either stayed at myself or found online.  From cheap hostels to luxury condos, Prague has a large variety of accommodations that will satisfy your needs to party the night away.

For a more comprehensive list of hotels in Prague, check out for the best rates!

1) For Budget Travelers – Czech Inn Hostel (Book Online Now)
*rates – $12/night for 12 bed mix dorm, and $46/night for deluxe double room

Czech Inn is conveniently located in the Namesti Miru district (my old neighborhood), very nearby clubs Radost and Retro.  This hostel has a very nice staff, and always attracts fun backpackers from around the world.  They offer daily pub crawls around the city to get the night started!

2) For Mid-Price – Hotel Salvator (Book Online Now)
*rates – $56/night for a double room

Hotel Salvator is located close to Old Town, but off in a charming neighborhood so you won’t be disturbed.  The building is very old and it gives off a nice feel that is reminiscent of apartment life back in the day, with the old decor, wallpapers, furniture, and creaking wooden floors.  There is even a garden!  You will love this authentic experience.

3) For Luxury – Radisson Blu Alcron (Book Online Now)
*rates – $183/night for a superior double room

The Radisson Blu is as good as it gets in Prague!  The front desk person and manager on duty go above and beyond to make your stay very enjouable.  The rooms are huge, clean and comfortable.  Breakfast served is incredible with many choices (both local Czech and other), and the bar inside is a great place to have a drink!

Give Back 🙂
I spent countless hours time writing this blog post, and making sure that the information stays up to date.  One way that you can give back is to book your hotel in Prague on this link.  It’s an affiliate link, meaning that I make a small commission on each sale made at no additional cost to you.  The money that I make will go directly into making this website better.  Thank you!

Have you partied in Prague before? Please comment and share your experiences!

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  • Mytictraveller - October 22, 2016 reply

    Is it a good time to enjoy the nightlife in december plan to go there during the christmas break. Also can someone suggest the best places during that time.

  • Valva - October 12, 2016 reply

    Hey Drew! I´m going with my friends and we want to go out, but we are underage. Do you think we would have trouble getting into clubs? wich clubs do you think could be the easiest ones?
    Thanks for the review!

    honza - December 26, 2016 reply

    how old are you? its much more lenient then per say north america. also don’t by she to off a few extra to the door man if he’s giving you trouble. usually gets the job done

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    Karina - December 5, 2016 reply

    Hi everybody, I sm cery sorry, but most of the places you recommend here, its tourist trap. Pity, that always everybody recomend only places for tourist. Because locals ordinary not going there…

  • Juan - September 8, 2016 reply

    Hi Drew, your page is awesome…..planning for Prague from 19-22 Sept. all set. Your tips are the best and for sure took note of the suggestions, I am a solo traveler so its very important to go to safe and fun places. My interest is in meeting pretty girls and have fun. Hope I can meet a lot in these clubs you recommend, any other places I shoudn`t miss ?! Ia have in my list: U Sudu, Riegrovy sady, Double Trouble, Chapeau Rouge, Sasazu, Reto, Lucerna, Karlovy Lazne….what else ? What about K5 Relax, Darling Cab, AAA Club ??

  • Amanda - August 12, 2016 reply

    Just got back from Prague a few months ago, and you are so right, the nightlife in Prague is probably the best I’ve seen. I studied there for a month and we went to Retro every Wednesday (that’s when they had ladies night, granted the cover for the boys was something around $2USD ha!) Chapeau Rouge was probably my favorite that we went to just because of all of the people that you meet there. In addition to their clubs though, is their bar crawls. All of their bad crawls are so much fun! Drunken Monkey was probably my favorite out of the ones that we did. So if you ever go back, I would absolutely recommend that! Happy travels! 🙂

  • Jerry - July 12, 2016 reply

    Hey Drew. Hope u r gud. Will be in Prague from the 12 August to 15 August 2016 and will be staying at jury’s inn. Can u pls recommend where I can party hard 24/7, where i can find brothels with nice black ladies or any. Just wanna have fun. Too much stress in London. #brexit.

  • Francis - July 5, 2016 reply

    Hey Drew..really useful post! Going to Prague next weekend. Going to be staying in a hotel on Wenceslas square. Really looking forward to it!

  • Shani - May 26, 2016 reply

    Hello, this post is sooo helpful! I’m going to Prague for my birthday and renting an apartment but I still want it to be in a good location that’s close to the party or easy to get to the party! 😂 Please help me?! Thank you x

    Drew - June 14, 2016 reply

    Stay on Dlouha Street!

  • jay - April 9, 2016 reply

    Radost is where Rhianna filmed the song..not Shakira 😀 I partied many a time in Prague and I have to admit the most friendliest place in my opinion was Radost. I tried the other clubs but found many tourists were rude and well within thier own culture and they werent too open to realize they are just guests in another country, the tourist were terrible in the big clubs and consisted primarily of Germans, Americans, Brits and Russians. Unfortunately I cant complain either way though with all my experiences there. I would of course recommend booking the hotel either with your link, or by calling the hotel directly. (it would be less expensive, the time of year is also a major factor) I love Prague and will probably move there forever in the near future as its just next door to germany where I live 😉 dont forget the parties are fun, but be responsible 😉

    Drew - April 15, 2016 reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! And yes, Rhianna not Shakira haha. See you someday in Praha!

  • Jimmy - April 3, 2016 reply

    How will the nightlife be if we visit during the week? Monday-Thursday

    Drew - April 15, 2016 reply

    It’s poppin during the week, you’ll love it

    Sonny - July 14, 2016 reply

    Hi guys!

    I actually had the same question about the nightlife during the week. Me and my wife are travelling mid september during the week and we are not party animals,at all..we are more into pubs and lounges..but we do want to take part in the apparently amazing club experience in which is the one place we should not avoid? I will be in town on Mon, Tue and Wed

    Thanks so much for the info!

  • Emre - March 29, 2016 reply

    Nice post!

    We are goning to prague this weekend (1-4 april).
    Some of us are only 17 yr old, so im asking:

    What are the best/most popular bars and nightclubs for the locals under 18?

    Drew - March 31, 2016 reply

    Have fun! And you can get into any club when you are 17 😉 Check out Karlovy Lazny – the 5 story club!

    lior - September 13, 2016 reply

    hi I 17 yr old and I have the same question about the bars, they not ask for ID or why age??

  • San - February 11, 2016 reply

    Hi Drew, We are coming for Prague from Fri-Mon(First time). What is the ideal 3 days itinerary including city and sight seeing plus nightlife?

    Drew - February 12, 2016 reply

    So awesome! Please see my General Travel Guide to Prague post, and all of my recommendations are in there. Best, Drew

    Drew - February 16, 2016 reply

    Everything I write in my “PRague Travel Guide” would be good! Check it out!

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  • Matt - February 1, 2016 reply

    Looking to go abroad fall semester of 2016. Top choice is Prague but I do not speak czech. Do you think this will be a problem? Also would you recommend any other countries/cities?

  • zulena - January 8, 2016 reply

    Which would be a central location to stay at? Close to the partying scene (as well as close to a bus/train access)?

    Drew - January 11, 2016 reply

    Dlouha Street! Everything is close in prague, beacause it’s such a small city

  • Jen - November 10, 2015 reply

    Hi Drew, thanks for the review. I am planning to spend NYE 15/16 in Prague. Any suggestion for party scene? Should I just hit the club or join the boat party? Thanks

    Drew - November 14, 2015 reply

    Hey Jen! I would go to the bars on Dlouha street, or a boat if you want, but it’ll be freezing! Have fun!

  • Thomas - October 19, 2015 reply

    Any good underground bars? Really liked the look of Vzorkovna, but it seems to be closed. Any similar (bohemian/rough edge) bars worth visiting? Žižkov area seems to be the most promising area, or am I wrong?

    Drew - October 25, 2015 reply

    Chapeau Rouge and Double Trouble were my favoritess!!

  • Veronica - June 12, 2015 reply

    I´ve been to Prague two times and I love the city. I am planning to go back in October with my girlfriends and I am just wondering if there is any age limit to any of these clubs? Do they ask for ID or something? 🙂

    Drew - June 13, 2015 reply

    Awesome – I will also be going back soon!! No, there is no age limit. The Czech’s don’t care 😉

    Have fun! And let me know if you need any more advice

  • Kevin - June 11, 2015 reply

    Hi Drew,

    I am going to a bunch of places in Europe this summer for a holiday (prague being one of them) Have you heard of a M1 lounge or the Fancy Lounge? I heard these are both very good places and offer Hip Hop & RnB. Any insights on this?



    Drew - June 13, 2015 reply

    Hey Kevin, M1 is fun, but it’s REALLY SMALL and it gets too crowded. You should go to Karlovy Lazne (the 5 story club) and go to the hip hop dance flooor!

    GOPAL - January 1, 2016 reply

    Hi Drew , I like your suggestions, what are good places to get some gear.

    Drew - January 5, 2016 reply

    What kind of gear are you looking for?

    Brett - November 5, 2016

    What’s the drug scene like clubbing in Prague? Tolerated?

  • Prague Overview - The Hungry Partier - June 9, 2015 reply

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  • niklas - June 6, 2015 reply

    Im not sure if this is the right place for this question, but what ever, do you know about gig’s in prague, is there much of them at summer? Im into all music but mostly hiphop,rock,heavy and ofc italo disco! but everything goes as long as i stay drunk and the sounds stay groovy!

    Drew - June 7, 2015 reply

    Hey Niklas! There isn’t a big music scene like that in Prague. For some reason, Czech’s are hardcore and they love heavy metal and hard work. Other than that, the night clubs just play EDM. There is no indie or hip hop scene. But you should still go there and check it out, because you never know! Have fun!

  • elliot - May 20, 2015 reply

    hi mate! is prague good to go out on a Monday and Tuesday night?

    Drew - May 21, 2015 reply

    Yes of course!! Go to U Sudu to drink some delicious beer before hitting the clubs.!

  • Melissa - April 3, 2015 reply

    Hey I am currently studying abroad in Prague and I have enjoyed reading your suggestions! Haven’t tried a few of these bars yet. Just wanted to correct you on a few things. Lucerna is currently 100 korun for guys and girls. Which is only $4. And also it wasn’t Shakira that shot her music video at Radost it was Rihanna. 🙂

    Drew - April 3, 2015 reply

    Hey Melissa! First off, i am SUPER JEALOUS that you are studying in Praha right now. I’d do anything to go back to those days! Hope you are having a blast.

    Thanks a million for correcting me on these. I’ll have to go in and fix those errors. Also, my writing was for 3 years ago, and I’m wondering if these clubs/bars are still happening? Are there any new places that I can add to this list? Thanks!

    Treg - November 1, 2016 reply

    Just try cross club nez time at holesovice or palac akropolis

  • Alexis Montano - March 13, 2015 reply

    I’d have to argue and put Harley’s, James Dean, and U buccanyr topping this list!

    Drew - March 13, 2015 reply

    Haha, those are second-tier in my opinion! But thanks for sharing 🙂

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  • Sabina @GirlvsGlobe - August 18, 2014 reply

    I’m actually a Czech passport holder and yet have NEVER partied in Prague! Clearly I need to get on it, because the club scene looks kraaaay 🙂

    Drew - August 18, 2014 reply

    Are you serious? You’ve never partied there?! It’s SO fun! And I didn’t know you are Czech.. Mluvíte česky?

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