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by Drew on November 3, 2014 54 comments

Hello | Hola | 안녕하세요 | Ciao | 你好

Welcome to The Hungry Partier – your #1 resource for nightlife guides around the world.

My name is Drew Binsky and I’m the dude who started The Hungry Partier back in August, 2013.  Over the last 4 years, I’ve partied in more than 80 countries and 150 cities.

I’ve always been a kid who loves to have fun, especially during my college years, when I attended The University of Wisconsin-Madison.  But it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Prague when I got bitten by the travel bug and EDM. That semester opened up my eyes to the world and I was instantly hooked on traveling, meeting new people and partying around Europe.

After graduating college, I immediately moved to Seoul, South Korea to be an English teacher for 18 months, where I traveled to some 20 countries in Asia.  That was when I started this blog, which was originally a place for me to share my crazy travel stories and party experiences with my friends.  Read more about me here. 

My ultimate goal with this blog is to inspire and encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and have maximal amounts of fun on the road.

After spending 3 years writing content for The Hungry Partier, I’ve decided to start a personal travel & lifestyle blog,, and transform this one into a bigger database, focused on providing the best nightlife guides in various cities around the world.  

Please contact me if you’d like to be a contributor for The Hungry Partier!  I am accepting submissions for nightlife guides, but first, please check to make sure that your city isn’t already covered (click here to see).

Also, click here to see my standard city guides with travel advice, and click here to read some crazy stories. 

3 Most Popular Nightlife Guides:


3 Most Popular Blog Posts:
– How I Can Afford to Travel
How EDM is Taking Over the World
Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Korea

3 Craziest Travel Stories:
– I Survived a Fatal Bus Crash in India
– An Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia
Deadly Boat Ride in the Philippines

Want to work together?

Awesome, So do I! 

Whether you’re a business or a blogger, there are many ways in which we can work together.  Please see my Work With Me page for more information.

And lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to all my readers, friends and fans.  It humbles me to know that I’ve inspired so many people around the world, and I truly enjoy connecting with each and every one of you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether you just want to say hello, become a contriubtor to this blog, or pick my brain for advice.  

The best way to follow my personal travels is on Instagram and Snapchat (@drewbinksy).  I post daily photos and videos of my travels! 

With Love,

Drew Binsky

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Hello! Since 2012, I've been traveling and partying my way around 74+ Countries. Shortly after I graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, I took a job as an English Teacher in South Korea for 18 months. Now, I'm traveling and blogging full-time on a never-ending voyage around the world. Please comment with any questions you have, and feel free to join me on Snapchat & Instagram @drewbinsky :)

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  • nathan - October 24, 2016 reply

    Hi Drew, can you give advice on places to stay in Cebu as well as Burma?

  • Manuel - October 20, 2016 reply

    You should visit Latin America. Its the only place that you have left out! You will be amazed!

    Manuel - October 20, 2016 reply

    Ive seen your twitter and you visited Latin America, looking forward for guides about it!

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    lacey - August 9, 2016 reply

    you are just some yuppy who gets fucked up in different countries……you arent doing anything great

    Michael - August 24, 2016 reply

    Lacey, Drew is spending his early twenties exploring the world. Whichever method you use to be able to do so is no business to you. Helping people who may never have been to Europe or cities they are soon traveling to get a sense of understanding and direction of where and how they can have fun in those places is something great for people who enjoy traveling. Now Lacey, let me ask you, how is judging, demoralizing and demeaning a person’s blog doing something great exactly? Do everyone who would like to learn from someone’s experiences in cities they are traveling to and gain some needed perspective and focus on yourself. Thank you!

    Thomas - August 24, 2016 reply

    What a poor comment Lacey.

  • Rochelle Baboolal - May 12, 2016 reply

    Which 74 countries?And when are you coming to South Africa? 🙂

    Drew - May 20, 2016 reply

    You can see the map on my “About” page! I will be going to South Africa in 2017

  • Mari - April 26, 2016 reply

    I really like travel and your pages. Did you come to Iran any time?
    I like to invite you to my country and I can assure you that It is interesting to you.
    Call me if you like.

    Drew - May 3, 2016 reply

    Thanks, hopefully I can visit someday but not in the near future.



  • lesley - April 20, 2016 reply

    Loved the blog on Myanmar – am going at the end of the year with my husband, so got some really good tips. You haven’t said anything about Mandalay, did you not get that far up?

  • Brittany C. Davis - April 8, 2016 reply

    I leave for Korea in a month! You’re blog has def. helped ease some worries! So excited! Thanks for all the advice!!

    Drew - April 15, 2016 reply

    So happy to hear that Brittany! Have fun!

  • JAC - April 8, 2016 reply

    Hey Drew~

    I’ve been following you on IG for a while now. Thank you for always posting–I can’t imagine how much work and brains you put into documenting your travels while keeping your audience and investors interested! Amazing job~

    I was wondering how you handle taxes each year. Since you are in other countries and are constantly receiving new jobs, is it like freelancing in the USA? Do you consider yourself self-employed, like an independent contractor? A LLC? Do you need to pay taxes to the country you are also teaching English in? At the end of the year, we all have to pay our dues–how do you do it?

    Thank you!

    Drew - April 15, 2016 reply

    Hi Jac, I have an accountant and I file for all of my taxes from the money I make each year. Just like anyone else who is self-employed. I pay all taxes in the USA, cuz I am a US citizen.


  • Lindsay - March 13, 2016 reply

    Thanks so much for your awesome website! It’s gonna help me a ton when I plan and go on my first ever solo trip and it’s to Seoul! Thanks again! So excited~!

    Drew - March 15, 2016 reply

    My pleasure!!

  • Chris - March 4, 2016 reply

    Hey Drew, amazing site! I’m really impressed and will definitely be taking closer looks at more of your articles for travel tips and advice, including the one about increasing social media presence for a travel blog (I’m a former 9-5’er trying to transition to be more location independent),

    Drew - March 11, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the kind words, Chris! Best of luck!

  • Brittany Davis - December 29, 2015 reply

    Going to Korea this year to teach! Thanks for the advice! You’re blog really helped to ease some worries!!!

    Drew - January 5, 2016 reply

    So awesome! That made me so happy! Have a great journey 😀

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  • amira hamdene - November 18, 2015 reply

    hello!! amazing blog! and im in love with ur ig too! i really hope that i can go to s korea someday too! i just saw ur ig post about the giveaway! that is great

    Drew - November 21, 2015 reply

    Thanks, Amira!!

  • MAIKEN - November 9, 2015 reply

    Hi Drew! I’m very happy to have found your blog, as I have been following your snapchat for a long time. I’m a norwegian, living in China – studying chinese and travelling (a lot). I always look for good travel blogs, and I just LOVE yours! And I am amazed by all the countries and cities you’ve seen and (especially) the food you show us on snapchat. I hope you never stop writing, always stay safe travelling and never stop dreaming. CONTINUE BEING AWESOME 😀 Greetings from Shanghai!

    Drew - November 14, 2015 reply

    Thanks so much, Maiken!! Means a lot to me 🙂 I have a 24 hour layover in Shanghai on Jan 4 – maybe we can meet up!

  • Robert - November 9, 2015 reply

    Hi Drew, I’ll be in Seoul for about a week on a vacation from Phoenix, AZ. Should I take cash with me to spend over there or is it okay to mostly use my debit card? Great blog.. I just found it and plan on reading more about things to do while I’m there..

    Drew - November 14, 2015 reply

    Haha small world – I am from Phoenix!! I would bring cash, although you can use your card as well. Cash is always a good idae to have. Enjoy!

  • CINDY - November 5, 2015 reply

    I planning to go to Iceland. Have you been, any tips, suggestions?

    Drew - November 5, 2015 reply

    I only spent 24 hours there for a layover.. go tothe blue lagoon and explore Reykjavik!

  • asmaa - November 4, 2015 reply

    you should visitie Morocco in north africa , i think it will be very good experience for you 😉 its a diverse country filled with majestic palaces, interesting museums, mouth-watering cuisine and large expanses of stunning natural landscapes.

    Drew - November 5, 2015 reply

    Yeah it’s high on my list! Hope to go soon!

  • wel - October 27, 2015 reply

    I am from Egypt how I can travel to Europe as a tourist where they keep refuse granting me a visa !! they treat me like I am not human !!

    Drew - October 31, 2015 reply

    I’m sorry to hear that!

  • Kelly K - October 21, 2015 reply

    Hey Drew! First, I’m obsessed with your Snapchat. I check it multiple times a day, which of course causes crazy travel envy, haha. I’m actually moving to Korea next week to teach for a year! I’ll be in a suburb just outside of Seoul (Gwangmyeong). Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome blog and all the work you do on it because I’ve definitely been using it as a guide while I’ve been preparing to go to Korea– and even for starting my own travel blog (
    Enjoy your adventure in Asia, it looks incredible, and keep the posts and snaps coming! Hey, maybe we can even meet up when you come back to Korea!!

    Drew - October 25, 2015 reply

    Thanks so much Kelly! I put a a lot of time into Snapchat, so I’m glad you like it 🙂 and very cool that you’re going to Korea! It was the best decision that I ever did. I’m heading back to Seoul week for a few weeks. best of luck!

  • Prudviraj - September 22, 2015 reply

    I am very glad that I found you in Instagram. And I’m glad that you haven’t visited South Indian places like Kerala, Bangalore and Hyderabad because had you visited them I would’ve missed an opportunity to meet you. And now I wish you would visit South India soon. And you are an inspiration to so many people. Happy Travels 🙂

    Drew - September 26, 2015 reply

    Thanks for the note! I will def go back to India and visit the South soon!

  • Linda Paxson, - September 17, 2015 reply

    Great blog ! I have been travelling for 45 years and have visited over 30 countries, some more then 6 times- different reasons, different parts.
    I had decided that my 4th trip to India, last year, to Kashmir and the Himalayas, was to be my last. But your Myanmar blog has got me thinking,
    Thanks !

    Drew - September 19, 2015 reply

    Hi Linda – Wow 45 years! I Hope I can say that someday as well 🙂 I absolutely recommend a trip to Myanmar. It still is my favorite place in Asia. Please me me if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to give more advice!

  • voyagingvanessa - September 12, 2015 reply

    I LOVE your snaps!! Your snap chats are so entertaining and your new site design looks great! (Please share?! lol)) Thanks for your stories, they inspire us all! I will definitely be using your 10k in 7 mo article and snapchat article to grow my blog!

    Drew - September 13, 2015 reply

    Thanks so much! I love Snapchatting around the world — it’s so fun! Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • Breakhna - September 9, 2015 reply

    Literally All I do is wait for your snapchat stories drew . My best friend told me about you as we both wanted to travel the world together… I lost him 5 months ago . But I am still in love with your life . How you’re so alive and happy . People here stress is out so much . That you have to be a doctor or an engineer or some kinda billionaire businessman to be happy but I really don’t care about any of those anymore . You inspire me to travel the world and finish the dream my best friend and I once had . I’ll have to do it alone and that makes me kinda sad but looking up to you . I know I’ll be just fine . Thank you for inspiring us . ❤️❤️

    Drew - September 11, 2015 reply

    Thanks so much for your comment Breakhna 🙂 It’s my pleasure. Best of luck and happy travels

  • CJ - February 25, 2015 reply

    Hey Drew,
    you just went up to be my Number 1 favorite Traveller Website! Your work inspired me to finally get my own travel blog. I love the structure of your blog and used some of it in mine as well. Since I am a rookie for now, it will take a while until I can get seriously online with it. But at least I finally made the step to start my very own blog because of you! 😀
    Keep up the great work! I really enjoy every single page and post of your site and will follow you in the future! Wishing you all the Best! Enjoy traveling! I know I will! And please keep posting about all the yummy food you are eating!!!!!

    Drew - February 25, 2015 reply

    Thank you CJ! This comment means a lot to me 🙂 Please email me if you have any questions about blogging, and good luck!!

  • Moira - February 24, 2015 reply

    This is wonderful information that I found you on Pinterest! I was traveling to Jackson Hole for a ski trip when we saved these retired Wyoming’s from a delayed flight. They had just spent 5 weeks in Myanmar which I had never heard of. I asked them where is this place? They said close to Thailand and I said oh my husband wants to go there when he retires. They said don’t go to Thailand for Myanmar was the new paradise. What hotel would you suggest in Ngapali Bch?

    Drew - February 24, 2015 reply

    Yes that is absolutely correct!! Having been to both Myanmar and Thailand, I can tell you that Myanmar is much more enjoyable and untouched. I didn’t make it out to Ngapali beach, but you can certainly find some nice places on! Let me know if you have any other questions about Myanmar 🙂

  • Alfredo Nahum - January 24, 2015 reply

    I just discovered your blog today, and I already love it! Congratulations, It’s so interesting and useful!
    By the way, también hablas español cierto? Te sigo desde México, saludos!

    Drew - January 25, 2015 reply

    Hey Alfredo, muchas gracias! Si, hablo un poco espanol 🙂 Saludos!

  • Dani - January 18, 2015 reply

    Great blog, I’m enjoying going through your posts! I’m brazilian and this year I’ll move to German, Eichstaett (don’t know if you heard of, small city near Munich). So I’ll totally read all your tips from Europe 🙂 And maybe be a guest here! Kind regards!

    Drew - January 25, 2015 reply

    Hi Dani- thanks so much! I actually have heard of that city before, I’ve been to Munich twice. Please Let me know if you have any specific questions about travel in Europe. I’m going back to Europe for 3 months from July 1 this year, so maybe we will cross paths 🙂

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