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by Drew on July 18, 2014 No comments

The following links are guest articles and mentions that I have contributed on other travel blogs and websites.  

Feel free to contact me if you’d like me write up a piece for your website, because I am happy to do so!

The format is:

The Source” —–> “My Contribution


Travel Websites 

Book Mark Travel —–> Grand Palace in Bangkok

CEA Study Abroad —–> Why It’s Important to Eat Locally Abroad

Clemson Study Abroad —–> How to Travel on a Student Budget

Escape Artist —–> What It’s Like to Live and Work in Rural Korea

Escape From America —–> Why Seoul is the #1 Party City in the World

Frayed Passport —–> Take a Risk While Traveling: Bungee Jumping in Switzerland

From a Traveller’s Desk —–> Featured Traveler: All About Amsterdam

GO NOMAD —–> Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea

Go Overseas —–> Taking a Gap Year in South Korea

Go Overseas —–> Taking a Gap Year in Hungary

Hitchhiker’s Handbook —–> My Story of an Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia

Huffington Post —–> 3 Ways to Save as a Solo Traveler

Huffington Post —–> 6 Reasons to Visit Seoul

Holiday Lettings —–> Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World

My World Abroad —–> Q&A to Teaching English in Korea

Passport Study Abroad —–> The Art of Light Packing

Passport Study Abroad —–> The Fun and Enjoyment From Traveling

Passport Study Abroad —–> Korean Nightlife Culture

The Abroad Guide —–> The Ultimate Guide to Partying in Prague

The Hostel Life —–> 5 Incredible Things to do in Prague

Travel Dudes —–> Sunset in Koh Samui, Thailand

Travel —–> Top 5 Things to do in Prague

U.S. News Travel —–> 6 Reasons to Visit Seoul

U.S. News Travel —–> 3 Ways to Save as a Solo Traveler

U.S. News Travel —–> 5 Tips to Survive a Long Flight

Travel Blogs

A Couples Odyssey —–> Travel Experience Interview

E Tramping —–> 5 Budget-Friendly Things to do in Prague

Flip Nomad —–> Why Seoul is the Best Party City in the World

Get In The Hotspot —–> A Million Things to See and Do in Seoul

Just a One Way Ticket —–> 10 Amazing Things to do in Seoul

Laurence Bradford —–> Best Destinations in SE Asia (contribution)

Lazy Travelers —–> “Jetsetters” Featured Interview

Mapping Megan —–> 5 Mouth-Watering Korea Foods to Try

Our Oyster —–> Budget Travel in South Korea

Planet D —–> What It Means to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Raising Miro —–> Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

The Expeditioner —–> Off The Beaten Path Things to do in Prague

The Pin the Map Project —–> Traveler Series Interview

Travel With Kat —–> A Guide to the Street Food in Singapore

Turtles Travel —–> “Food For Thought” Interview

Wandering Educators —–> 3 Reasons Why It’s Imperative to Eat Local Foods

Young Dumb and Fun —–> Why Seoul is the #1 Party City in the World

Other —–> The Best Czech Dishes to Eat in Prague

Fest Pop —–> Boryeong Mud Festival Korea

Fest Pop —–> Sensation White Festival

Fest Pop —–> Magnetic Music Festival Prague

RR Chronicle —–> EDM Intro


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