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by Drew on August 16, 2015 2 comments

Since I’ve been traveling around the world nonstop since 2012, I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge. In this post, I am going to share with you some of the most helpful online resources that I use, which will make travel experience better.

This is my ultimate list of the top travel websites, transportation sites, accommodation sites, technology recommendations, travel insurance, travel gear and more!

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DrewTravel Resources


by Drew on August 13, 2015 No comments

The best way to follow my travels is on Snapchat (@drewbinsky).

Snapchat has revolutionized how I share my experiences with my followers around the world.  It has more power than Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because it brings out my personality and enables me to better connect with my audience.

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Q&A with the #1 TEFL class called myTEFL

by Drew on June 11, 2015 9 comments

I’ve said it a million times already, and I’ll say it again —  Teaching English is the BEST way to live and work abroad. 

I taught English in Korea for 18 months, and it was the best experience of my life.  I highly recommend it to everyone reading this, if you meet the 3 basic requirements of:
– Being a native English speaker
– Having any bachelors degree
– Getting your TEFL Certificate (Teach English as a Foreign Language)

I am delighted to recommend myTEFL, as it is both extremely affordable and of a very high quality, eclipsing many of the other courses available out there.

Lately, I have been receiving several questions from people who are interested in getting their TEFL Certificate, but don’t really know what it’s all about.

So, I interviewed a guy named Tyler (photo below), who works at myTEFL, and is here to answer all of your questions in this blog post.  Tyler is an avid traveler himself.

After reading this interview, you’ll be on your way to starting your TEFL Class course, and ready to move abroad to teach English and teach the world!

(If you want to read more about my experiences teaching in Korea, then see this blog post

1. Briefly describe what the myTEFL’s 120 hour course consists of, and how long it takes to complete?

Briefly there are 8 Units which cover the full gamut of teaching English. This includes classroom management, learner styles, the PPP method, incorporating tech and media in the classroom, lesson planning, curriculum development, creating and implementing effective testing and feedback mechanisms and much more.

It takes most people between 4 – 6 weeks to complete. This depends on whether you are working outside full-time, part-time or are still finishing up school. That’s one of the benefits of our course. You log in and work on it at your own pace. No restrictive schedules!

2. It sounds a bit complicated.  Can someone without a teaching background understand and make use of the course?

Love this one! So first off, our courses were developed through our own language schools overseas. We were training hundreds of people who came out to China with NO teaching experience and very little cross cultural immersion. We needed to develop an internal training system that worked. It had to successfully blend theory with hands on practical skills that could be put to use immediately.

Over the years we kept improving based on teacher feedback and our own performance observations in the classroom. We created an amazing program, and after 5 years decided to make it accessible to the public at a reasonable price.

3. There are a lot of TEFL providers out there. Why myTEFL?

I’d say the top reasons are:

Employability – We have an amazing placement success rate. Employers love our graduates, and we are able to place people in great positions around the world. We carefully vet potential employers beforehand, and will only work with them if we are sure they are professional, offer a market or higher than market package, and provide full on the ground support including visa and accommodations. We want our graduates to have an amazing “first time”, and a good contract and employer plays a large role in that.

Value – Many people are questioning the value of $2,000 USD plus a serious time commitment for an onsite course, when you can complete an accredited online program for $300 USD (our retail price) or less and get placed immediately at the same pay grade. Most employers are going to spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks conducting hands on classroom training anyways, so the few hours of observed (often not with real students) practice touted by some other courses often makes very little difference in hiring and teaching outcomes.

Service – We’ve found the TEFL industry to be sorely lacking in this area. I can’t count how many times a student has signed up for our course just because other providers either completely ignore their queries, or treat them with a “buy now or stop wasting my time” attitude. Due to our actual education background, we have the manners and communication of an admissions officer rather than those of a commission based salesperson.

4. How long does the Job Placement process typically take?

It depends on the country and employer. In Korea we place in the public school system (amazing employment package by the way), and the application and visa issuance process is a bit more complex and takes more time than say in Thailand. Realistically the quickest you could be abroad and teaching would be within 45 days of completing our TEFL; on average it takes about 3 months destination dependant. The timeframe includes applications, interviews, offers, work visa processing, vaccinations, and farewell parties!

5. Which countries would you say are best for EFL teachers?

I’d say Taiwan and Korea depending on your personal taste. Taiwan is such an underrated destination. It has gorgeous beaches, amazing nature, friendly people and food like you wouldn’t believe. The cost of living is really low, so the typical EFL salary allows for a great lifestyle with plenty of savings at the end of the month.

You know how good the public school contracts are in Korea. They pay really well and offer many substantial bonuses. Korea is more expensive to live in, but with accommodations and the bonuses, it’s one of the top destinations for an EFL teacher.

However, that is looking at it from my point of view, and balancing costs of living with salary. It really boils down to personal tastes and preference. Thailand is such a laid back, fun loving, exciting place that captures many a heart. It’s hard to put a price on that type of tranquility and experience.

Other countries that are popular to teach in are: Vietnam, Japan, UAE, and China.

6. Why would you recommend teaching abroad in general?  

I’d say for the sheer adventure, fun and excitement of stepping out of the narrowly framed lives that most people live, and understanding that life is too short to waste on a dull, rote routine that typically is unfulfilling. The 9-5 back home is dying. At least before you sold your soul for job security, a good salary and pension. Those benefits are now a thing of the past.

There is growing demand for English teachers abroad, the employment packages allow for a great lifestyle, and you are always able to change your scenery when you feel like it. I would say EFL isn’t just a gap year job anymore, but a viable lifestyle path. It’s your world. Go explore it!

7. How much money can you actually earn?

Employment packages are complex when factoring in accommodations, flights, bonuses, cost of living etc. We have grads in China putting in longer hours (35 teaching hours would be considered long hours!) and pocketing about $3000 USD per month. We have grads teaching 20 hours per week in small villages in Thailand earning $900 USD per month.

I think the best way to approach the salary issue is to consider the costs of the destination country, the employment package , and local salaries. That paints a more accurate picture than straight salary numbers can.


Thank you for giving your time to answer these questions, Tyler! Don’t hesitate to contact either Tyler (tyler@mytefl.net) or myself if you have any more questions 🙂

And don’t forget to purchase your TEFL on this link!

*Note* (These are affiliate links, meaning that I make a small percentage if you purchase the TEFL class on my link at no additional cost to you.   Please note that this money will go directly into improving my website, so you’d be helping me out a lot. Thanks!)

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DrewQ&A with the #1 TEFL class called myTEFL

Top FAQs

by Drew on May 16, 2015 3 comments

My email has been overloaded with many of the same questions from all of my readers.

So, I decided to give answers to all of my Frequently Asked Questions in this post 🙂

But as always, don’t hesitate to email me if I didn’t cover it below!

1. What is your favorite country?

This question is impossible for me to answer. The term “favorite country” is way too vague. It’s almost like asking, “what’s your favorite food?”

If you re-word the question more specifically, then my favorite country for food is Japan, for nightlife is Korea, and for meeting locals is Myanmar.   I also love The Philippines, Czech Republic and Sweden.

… But as much as I love exploring the world, The USA is always #1 in my book.

2. How can you afford to travel?

I get really annoyed when people assume that I am rich, or that my parents pay for everything.

I’m not rich, and I don’t take a penny from my parents.

I make money in two ways: teaching English and through this travel blog.

I Taught English in Korea for 18 months, and made a lot of money there with great benefits like free housing. It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend teaching in Korea if you are a native English speaker!

These days, I am making enough money from this blog to travel full-time, along with all the awesome benefits like free hotels, free transportation, etc.  These benefits enable me to travel longer and cheaper.

3. How can I teach English abroad?

I wrote this 7,000 word guide to teaching English in Korea, which will give you everything you need to know from start to finish. If are interested in teaching in other countries, then simply do a Google Search and you can find loads of information online.  I highly recommend teaching in Asia over Europe beacuse the overall experience will be much more diverse, and the pay is often higher.

Keep in mind that there are 3 general requirements for ALL teaching English jobs around the world:  These requirements are 1) having a degree from a 4 year University, 2) holding a passport from an English speaking country, and 3) obtaining your TEFL Certificate (Teach English as a Foreign Language).

Click this link for my person recommendation on a good TEFL class 🙂

4. What are best cities for nightlife?

Here are my Top 5 (in order):

Seoul, Prague, Barcelona, Stockholm and Bali.

5. What are the best cities for food?

Again, my top 5 in order are:

SingaporeBangkok, Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul (yes, I am obsessed with Asian food) ^^

6. How Can I get started to travel long-term?

There are many ways that you can get started to travel, and none of them require you to be rich or have a huge savings account.

The biggest risk is quitting your job and buying a one-way plane ticket. I know it’s nerve racking, but I can promise you that so many new opportunities will come your way once you take the leap.

It’s not as hard as you think to find your first job overseas. Here are some suggestions:
Teach English
– Work on a Cruise Ship
– Start a Blog
– Do Freelance Work (writing, editing, movie making, modeling, consulting, etc.)
– Work at a Bar
– Work in a Hotel
– Work at a tour agency
– Organize private tours
– Search Google for jobs in your field

7. How do you find cheap flights?

I wrote an entire post on U.S. News Travel about finding cheap flights.  Read it here.

The first sites that I check for flights are Kayak and Momondo. I am aware that these websites may not be the cheapest, but they do the best job of laying out all of the possible flights, and you can get a ballpark range for the price.

Once you see and pick out which airlines offer the cheapest prices, then go to that airlines specific website and try to book the flight on there. Many times, it is cheaper that way.  If not, then just book directly on Kayak.

**Another trick that sometimes works for overseas flights is Expedia.JP (JP stands for Japan).  It’s exactly the same as Expedia, but just for Japanese people.  Go on the site and just set the language to English and the currency to Dollars and search for flight normally. Sometimes the algorithm for Japanese search engines finds MUCH cheaper flights (I once saved $300 from Seoul to LA!)

8. Are you rich?


I don’t spend my money on useless materialistic shit and I make decent money from travel blogging. You can do it too, easily.

But I do work my butt off on my blog. Here is a blog post which shows what keeps me busy for 6-8 hours everyday.

9. Do you want to travel with me? 

Absolutely! I love meeting up with my followers around the world. Just send me an email and let’s have fun!

I’ve been doing Instagram meet ups lately wherever I go, so keep an eye out for that too in case we are ever in the same city 🙂

10. Do you prefer to travel solo or with people?  

When I first started traveling, I always went with a friend or two.   It wasn’t until my recent trips to Myanmar and India until I ventured off alone.

Both have their pros and cons.  But if I had to choose, then I’d prefer to travel with 1 best friend who I am very compatible with.   And if we want to go off and do our own things, then we can.

I refuse to travel with more than 2 others, because it’s a nightmare.

11. What should I see and do in _(city)_?

See all of my destination guides here!

For every place I visit, I write up a detailed reviews of my experience and my recommendations for you.

12. Do you make a living from your blog?


The amount of money that I make varies month to month, depending on how many clients that I can get to sponsor me. Some months I have made $500 and others, while others up to $2,200.

But it’s the benefits – like free hotels, meals, trains, travel tours, etc – that are just as good, if not better, than the money for me.

13.  Where have you been?

I have been to 4 continents, 53 countries and over 200 cities.

Here is a map and list of where I’ve been in the world.

14. How are you living the Dream? 

I’m not living “the dream.”  I’m just a normal dude who took advantage of the opportunities that came my way (teaching English and travel blogging).   You can do it too if you make some sacrifices and set your mind to it.

I wrote an entire blog post about this, called I’m NOT living the dream, and here’s why.

15. Are you ever going to stop? Where and when do you plan on settling down?

I have no idea.   Right now, I am loving life and I’m not going to stop what I am doing. We will see what the future has in store for me.

Ultimately, I plan on living back in the USA (most likely Chicago), but I’ll always be traveling. It’s my job, and it’s my life.

16. How do you prefer to travel? 

Everyone has their own ways they go about traveling, but mine is plain and simple:

I want to see as many places as humanly possible.

I want to see every inch of land, every mountain range, every tropical beach, and all the wonders of the world. I want to fully immerse myself in the local culture, be thrown in places that don’t speak or understand a word of English, and completely observe the everyday life around me.

So due to my preferred way of explorng, it’s hard for me to travel for a long time in any given country.  My longest trip in a country was 7 weeks in India, but I usually travel for 4-10 days in any new place.

17.  I want to know more about you!

Awesome – here are a bunch of random facts about me.

Thanks for reading! If you still have a burning question, then email me 🙂

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DrewTop FAQs

Top 8 Shopping Malls in Seoul

by Drew on February 5, 2015 2 comments

Seoul is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 25+ million people.  If you are a first-timer around this city, then it’s safe to say that you will be overwhelmed by all the blinking neon lights, the 20-something story buildings, and massive Samsung LED TV Screens on every wall of every building.      

And if you like to shop, then Seoul might just be your soul mate.  The city is mecca when it comes to shopping malls.   In my mind, it ranks up there with Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei for being one of the world’s top shopping destinations.

Around the city, you can find A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that you can possibly think of.   From Western-style shopping malls, to traditional markets, keep your eyes peeled for hand-made goods, top-notch designer stores, cheap or expensive clothing, goods, electronics, food, textiles, and more.   The chaos is real.  There are just too many options to choose from.

To be honest with you, I’m not really a shopper myself, but I do enjoy walking around the shopping malls to entertain myself and see what there is to buy.  

After living in Seoul for about a year-and-a-half, I have put together a complete list of the 8 best shopping malls in Seoul

If you are just looking for the most popular shopping districts in Seoul, then head over to Myeongdong, Dongdaemun or Namdaemun.

I hope you enjoy!

1. Times Square


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.11.40 PMOpened in 2009, Times Square is one of the largest malls in Korea.

This mega, multi-purpose mall has a hotel, a cinema, departmen stores, and hundreds of other shops in one complex.  There are nice founains and gardens, and a glass-foor leisure space that stretches up 5 stories.  

In addition to the general “shopping mall stores,” there is also a Shinsegae Department Store, a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, banquet center, game center, coffee shops, E-Mart, and more in this area.  Even pubs! This mall also has plenty of food options from Korean to many international cuisines.  This place is so big that you will get lost, but that’s okay because you can stay here for an entire day. 

Location –> Yeongdeungpo Station.  Follow the signs through the underground mall 


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.12.57 PMCOEX is considered the largest underground mall in Asia.  Recently, the mall is going through some heavy construction until late 2015 (projected), but it’s still worth a visit when you go to Seoul. When it’s all said and done, COEX mall will be part of a massive complex which also includes Hyundai Department Store, a large aquarium, a duty free shop, KEB foreigner desk, Grand Intercontinental Hotel, and more.  

Side note: across the street from the COEX complex to the northwest of the mall is the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple. It’s free and absolutely worth a visit. You’ll find yourself in relative silence in the middle of a large city, not to mention seeing one of the largest Buddha statues in Seoul. 

Location –> (Line 2 Samseong Station exit 6 or Line 9 COEX Station)

3. Central City

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.13.36 PMAdjacent to Seoul’s largest bus terminal is the Central City Shopping Complex.   The mall also features a record store, bookstore, and more. In addition to the main mall area, there are plenty of other shops and cafes under the terminal, but like most of Express Bus Terminal, it can be a bit of a maze.  I get lost everytime I walk around this mall and I’ve been here several times!

Central City mostly caters to the higher-end crowd with the JW Marriott Hotel and Shinsegae in the same complex, not to mention Marquis Thermal Spa & Fitness Club, a wedding hall, and Family Center, an entertainment center for children. If easily finding things isn’t your strong point, Central City has a main entrance at its north end. Exit the north side of Express Bus Terminal and walk west toward Shinsegae.

Location –> At the Express Bus Terminal Station in Gangnam

4. Lotte Mall

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.14.19 PMLotte Mall is your classic Western-style shopping mall. It opened it’s doors in late 2011, and it’s located adjacent to Gimpo Airport.  

Lotte mall has set the bar high for modern and luxury malls in Seoul.  It has several floors and even a rooftop observatory so you can watch the planes go by.   Outside of this mall is a nice pond and a playground which is also a brilliant musical fountain several times a day.   The food in Lotte Mall is some of the best around, so if you aren’t going to buy anything, then you can have a feast! 

Location –> Gimpo Airport Station

5. Garden 5

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.15.16 PMGarden 5 gets its name from the 5 sections that the mall was made into.  They are Living, Young, Fashion, Techno and Tool.   In addition to these sections, there is also an E-Mart (big grocery store), and a rooftop garden that offers amazing views of Gangnam.  

The only issue with Garden 5 is that it’s undergoing some massive construction right now.  However, it’s still worth a visit because may of the stores are still open.  If you are in the area, check it out! 

Location –> Jangji Station exit 3

6. D- Cube City

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.16.14 PMAs one of Seoul’s newest and most impressive malls, D-Cube opened it’s doors in 2011 and has shocked the city ever since.  This place is paradise for shoppers. 

The design is world-class and modern.  There is a nicely lit waterfall dropping from the top floor to the basement level.  In the basement, you can find an overwhelming amount of food options.  If you need to buy anything electronic, then head over to the Sindorim Techno Mart which is located adjacent to the mall complex.  Anything else that you need to buy can be found from the stores inside of the mall.

Location –> Sindorim Station exit 1 

7. IFC Mall

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.17.28 PMThe IFC Mall is located in the basement of Seoul’s tallest Skyscraper in Yeouido (near the river).   You can easily spend an entire day at the IFC mall and around the area.  If the weather is sunny, hang out my the Hangang river park when you are feeling tired, and explore the mall when you’re feeling active.  

The IFC  Mall is an international style, which has famous global fashion brands like Hollister, a two-floor H&M, Lush and more.  There is also a movie theater and an awesome food court inside, offering lots of Korean and foreign foods. 

IFC MALL is Korea’s first mall of international style where you can meet famous global fashion brands, including some first stores in Korea, such as Hollister, and the best domestic fashion labels.

And when you’re done shopping, check out the famous Mapo bridge over the Han River, which is a 5 minute walk outside the mall! 

Location –> Yeouido Station exit 3

8. Mecenatpolis

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.18.12 PMLast but not least is Mecenatpolis Mall, and it’s a personal favorite.  This mall is more of a hidden gem than anything, which is why I added it to this list.  It’s adjacent to Hapjeong station, but it’s tucked under a sizeable apartment complex making it hard to find.  

The mall isn’t large by any means, but it has an impressive display of flowers, fountains gardens and art projects.   There are some fantastic food options and a nice selection of stores to roam around.  

It’s possible to get off at Hapjeong station and not realize that this mall exists, which makes it that much more prestigious! 

Location –> Hapjeong Station exit 9 and 10

Have fun in Seoul and let me know if you have any more shopping questions (or any questions in general)! 

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DrewTop 8 Shopping Malls in Seoul

Balloons Over Bagan: An Honest Review

by Drew on January 29, 2015 18 comments

In this blog post, I will share my exact thoughts about my experience at Balloons over Bagan. I went in January, 2015.

Balloons Over Bagan is a company that flies hot air balloons over the incredible temples of Bagan in Myanmar.   There are a few companies that offer this service, but Balloons over Bagan have been the most reputable and professional since 1999. However, they are not the cheapest.  

Just how expensive is it?

The cost is $380USD per person for a 40-50 minute ride in the balloon. The price also includes:

– A pick-up service at your hotel at 5AM
– Tea and Coffee before the ride
– 40-50 minute balloon ride (depending on the weather)
– Champagne and pastries when you land
– Transportation back to your hotel around 9AM


But to be quite honest with you, I was quite underwhelmed by my experience at Balloons over Bagan.

Maybe it’s because I did the ride on my 3rd day in Bagan, after I had extensively explored the temples around the city. And frankly, despite the company being professional and legit, I think that the price is MUCH too expensive. Especially considering that you’re paying for unnecessary things like champagne at the end and transportation both ways.

It didn’t occur to me that this balloon ride is heavily catered for the elderly tourists.

I was by far the youngest person doing the balloon ride. An overwhelming majority of the people were 50-60 year old rich tourists from Europe (French, German and British) who have an extra $380 to throw around. That’s exactly why they serve the cliché champagne at the end of the flight, which I think is pretty dumb and unnecessary.



I think that Balloons Over Bagan should consider a cheaper option for backpackers which is half the price, and it only includes the balloon flight.  People like myself can find out own transportation, and we don’t need to pop bottles of champagne at 7AM when we land on the ground.

Another (major) factor to keep in consideration is the weather. It takes a bit of luck to have a flawless experience in the air. In other words, if there is ANY rain or a more then a slight breeze, then the balloon ride will be cancelled.

I know this because my ride was cancelled on my first day due to rain, and I was lucky enough to go the next day with overcast weather. And when I went, the balloon was prohibited to fly above 400 feet due to weather conditions… I mean come on, I bungee jumped higher than 500 feet in Switzerland– so I was expecting to go much higher into the sky.

So, I advise you to check the weather forecast the the coming days before you do it.  If you see rain or cloudy weather, then it’s honestly not worth the money or time. You won’t even be able to see the sunrise.

Also, it’s important to know that the Balloons are seasonal, which means that they only operate from October-March.  If you are going to Myanmar during any other month, then the balloons will be closed.

I don’t mean to be too negative in this blog post, I just want to give you my honest feelings.  Yes, of course the balloon ride is amazing and peaceful when you’re up in the air over the temples, but trust me, you can get a similar view by hiking to the top of the highest temple- which is free and there’s no time limit.

Kinda like you see in the photo below. Now a bad view, eh? I sat up there for hours.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.55.56 PM

To wrap it up, I would only recommend Balloons over Bagan if you have an extra $380 extra cash to spend, and the weather is sunny and clear skies. I’ll admit that it’s an awesome experience to be up in the sky in a balloon, and you also can check riding in a hot-air balloon off your bucket list, but I’d tell you to consider saving that $380 for a week-long getaway to Thailand.

Have you seen my fresh & up-to-date 2015 Travel Guide to Myanmar? I share exclusive travel tips, what to expect, local foods, nightlife, and things to do in Myanmar.  It’s the most recent guide to Myanmar on the internet! 

If you have any more questions about Bagan, or anything related to travel in Myanmar, then please contact me! I’m happy to help you 🙂

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DrewBalloons Over Bagan: An Honest Review

Enter to Win a FREE Travel Kit {Travel Adapter, Dry-Fit Towel & Hostel Sheets}

by Drew on January 2, 2015 No comments

The holiday season isn’t quite over yet!

I am thrilled to announce my first giveaway to one of my awesome readers.  

My friends over at Rentluggage.com and I are working together to give one lucky person a sweet package of travel goodies FOR FREE! The kit includes hostel sheets, a dry-fit towel and a worldwide travel adapter – an $85 value – completely for free! 

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter below from Jan 1 – Feb 15, and I will randomly choose a winner! It’s a win-win.

Enter to Win the FREE Travel Kit!
...and stay updated on my adventures to 20+ countries in 2015!

Here is more info about Rent Luggage:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.03.31 AMAfter backpacking around Europe, the founders of Rent Luggage realized that travel backpacks are too expensive to buy and only use once a year.  They thought it was unnecessary for a $350 backpack to just collect dust in your closet.

They recognized a problem, and came up with a solution.

Rent Luggage is a growing company that offers backpack rentals and/or camping gear for your upcoming trips abroad.  With their rentals, you can maximize your travel budget while still having the best experiences abroad! Their bags are perfect for backpacking Europe, a camping trip with friends, or a road trip with the family.

How does it work? 

Simply select a backpack rental from their online catalog, then pick the period of time you need the rental bag for, and when you need it delivered by. RentLuggage ships the bag straight to your doorstep.  After your trip, send it back in the same box with Free Return Shipping!  It’s as easy as that.

Here are more details about the travel kit that one of YOU will win! 

The travel kit includes:

1) Hostel Sheets ($40 Value)
2) Dry-Fit Towel ($30 Value)
3) Worldwide Travel Adapter ($15 value)

1) Hostel Sheets ($40 Value) 

Don’t want to pay to rent hostel sheets every time? Afraid of getting bed bugs? Bring your own sheet! They are soft, light and durable.  Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.38.07 PM

2) Dry-Fit Towel ($30 Value) 

These microfiber towels are ultra light, making them take up no space in your backpack.  You can wring out 90% of the moisture after using it, so it dries instantly.  A must-have for all travelers! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.20.00 PM

3) Travel Adapter ($15 Value)

This travel adapter can fit any outlet in the world!  It also has a built-in USB charger.  You can’t travel around the world without it!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.17.21 PM

This entire package can be yours FOR FREE by just signing up for my email list below!

Enter to Win the FREE Travel Kit!
...and stay updated on my adventures to 20+ countries in 2015!

By signing up for my monthly newsletter, you’ll stay updated on my crazy travels in 2015, which include a backpacking trip around Nepal/India and a 3+ month Eurotrip! I share exclusive stories, give away free prizes, and send you my latest blog posts straight to your inbox! You can’t go wrong 🙂

Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

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DrewEnter to Win a FREE Travel Kit {Travel Adapter, Dry-Fit Towel & Hostel Sheets}

Start Here

by Drew on November 3, 2014 54 comments

Hello | Hola | 안녕하세요 | Ciao | 你好

Welcome to The Hungry Partier – your #1 resource for nightlife guides around the world.

My name is Drew Binsky and I’m the dude who started The Hungry Partier back in August, 2013.  Over the last 4 years, I’ve partied in more than 80 countries and 150 cities.

I’ve always been a kid who loves to have fun, especially during my college years, when I attended The University of Wisconsin-Madison.  But it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Prague when I got bitten by the travel bug and EDM. That semester opened up my eyes to the world and I was instantly hooked on traveling, meeting new people and partying around Europe.

After graduating college, I immediately moved to Seoul, South Korea to be an English teacher for 18 months, where I traveled to some 20 countries in Asia.  That was when I started this blog, which was originally a place for me to share my crazy travel stories and party experiences with my friends.  Read more about me here. 

My ultimate goal with this blog is to inspire and encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and have maximal amounts of fun on the road.

After spending 3 years writing content for The Hungry Partier, I’ve decided to start a personal travel & lifestyle blog, drewbinsky.com, and transform this one into a bigger database, focused on providing the best nightlife guides in various cities around the world.  

Please contact me if you’d like to be a contributor for The Hungry Partier!  I am accepting submissions for nightlife guides, but first, please check to make sure that your city isn’t already covered (click here to see).

Also, click here to see my standard city guides with travel advice, and click here to read some crazy stories. 

3 Most Popular Nightlife Guides:


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3 Craziest Travel Stories:
– I Survived a Fatal Bus Crash in India
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Deadly Boat Ride in the Philippines

Want to work together?

Awesome, So do I! 

Whether you’re a business or a blogger, there are many ways in which we can work together.  Please see my Work With Me page for more information.

And lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to all my readers, friends and fans.  It humbles me to know that I’ve inspired so many people around the world, and I truly enjoy connecting with each and every one of you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether you just want to say hello, become a contriubtor to this blog, or pick my brain for advice.  

The best way to follow my personal travels is on Instagram and Snapchat (@drewbinksy).  I post daily photos and videos of my travels! 

With Love,

Drew Binsky

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