Top Party Citites in the UK

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There’s no question that the United Kingdom is an excellent place for all of you crazy nightlife seekers out there.  On my blog, I write a lot about nightlife — so why not talk about the scene of the most visited countries on earth? During my time spent in London last summer, I had a great time bar hopping around Soho, Shoreditch and other lively areas of the city.

If you’re heading to the UK and want to know where to party, or have a stag party, then choosing a destination can be a little tricky. There are loads of great cities in the UK that offer fun nights, but it all comes down to what you’re planning to do on the weekend. To help you choose, I’ve put together some of the best destinations (along with the help from some of my British friends).

Here are the top picks:


A metropolitan borough at the heart of the west midlands, Birmingham is a buzzing city with great atmosphere that’s renowned for being student-friendly and having plenty of opportunities to party. There are an abundance of sights and things to do to make sure that you stay entertained, and you can even try things like WA Rebel kart racing, zombie action or stock car racing. If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are many affordable hotels in the area as well.


This lively seaside resort has always been a hugely popular and fashionable city, and with so much to see and do it’s the ideal party destination. Renowned for the famous Victorian pier, a stroll down the promenade will give you a cosmopolitan vibe and there are various attractions such as the arcade, fairground rides and a number of traditional fish and chip shops. If you’re looking for activities, Brighton has plenty to offer including sailing, Zapcat racing and even sea fishing.


Located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Leeds is a compact city that offers some excellent views and beer consuming nights. Over the past few years there has been some serious money spent on growing the city, and it’s definitely one to keep your eye on as one of the UK’s most up and coming cities. Big on live music, if you’re considering going to a gig as part of your adventure, this city definitely makes an excellent choice.


Known as the capital of the north of England, Manchester is a welcoming city which is fierce with pride when it comes to culture and heritage. Over the last decade, Manchester has expanded significantly, with over five hundred bars, traditional pubs and a range of clubs across the city. There is no shortage of things to do, with a three level indoor karting circuit, urban paintballing, and attractions such as indoor skiing, snowboarding and skydiving.


Last but not least, the capital city of the UK is undoubtedly the best place to party in the UK. London is full of pretty much everything that you need for an awesome weekend, and is has something for people of all ages. The nightlife in the capital offers a great variety of choice, and if you’re looking for activities there is plenty to choose from, including sightseeing or the regular stag do activities such as karting, quad biking and urban paintballing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fun time partying in the UK!

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DrewTop Party Citites in the UK

The Best Food Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam

by Drew on November 15, 2015 5 comments

Are you planning a trip to Hanoi?  If so, you MUST go on this mouth-watering food tour of the city.  Along with visiting Ha Long Bay, this was the highlight of my trip to Northern Vietnam.

The 4-hour guided walking tour was arranged by my friends at Viet Vision Travel.  They are a great company that provides comprehensive tours around Vietnam, and the staff is nice and easy to work with.  There is no better company to choose that Viet Vision Travel!

My food tour guide was a young guy named Mark, who was very knowledgeable about each dish we ate and several other cultural things about Vietnam.  He was fun to hang out with and it was educational for me to hear him explain all of the dishes.

Here is a photo of me and him:

And not only was this a food tour, but my guide also took me around to some really cool areas that I otherwise wouldn’t have explored!  We visited some hidden markets and off-the-beaten path alleys.

So, here is a breakdown of the delicious things we ate during the 4 hour walking tour:

Meal 1. Egg coffee at Cafe Trung (Cà phê trứng) – What a way to start off the tour!  We drank some famous egg coffee in one of the most authentic coffee shops in Vietnam.  It was sweet and SO tasty!

Meal 2. Pho ga (Phở gà): Pho (noodle) with chicken and soup – Ahh, my favorite Vietnamese dish is Pho!  I am happy that we started off with this, because I was extra hungry and I could fully enjoy it.  Pho is a hot and spicy noodle soup with fresh vegetables inside a delicious broth.
Meal 3Nuoc mia (Nước mía): Sugar-cane juice – We just got this from a street vendor for about $0.50.  They squeezed the sugar cane out with a machine, and collected the juice in a cup. So sweet and refreshing.
Meal 4.  Banh mi (Bánh mì Hải Phòng): Hai Phong’s style bread – This is my second favorite Vietnamese dish. The Banh Mi is a French inspired sanwdich served in a baguette with pork, onions, green vegetables and spices.   I ate one everyday in Vietnam.
Meal 5. Nem cua be (Nem cua bể): Crab spring rolls – Exactly like it sounds, these spring rolls were filled with crab & vegetables, and wrapped in thin white rice paper.
Meal 6. Banh cuon (Bánh cuốn): Rolling stuffed Dumpling – These dumplings were a bit more filling beacuse they were stuffed with more ingredients.  But nonetheless, I devoured them and couldn’t wait to eat more.
I even learned how to make these from the street food vendor lady!
Meal 7. Bun Cha (bún chả): Grilled pork noodles – At this point, I was getting pretty damn full.. But I managed to tough it out and enjoy these grilled pork noodles.  Apparently, Bun Cha originated in Hanoi.  It is served with grilled fatty pork over a plate of white rice noodle and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce.
Meal 8. Nom ga hoa chuoi (Nộm gà hoa chuối): Banana Flower salad with chicken – I had never even heard of banana flower before this meal, but it was really tasty.  There were so many flavors on the plate!
Meal 9. Banh ran (Bánh rán): Fried Sticky rice Cake – And last but not least was fried sticky rice cake.  I only could take one bite of this, because I was so full that I could hardly breathe.  But the sweetness was a perfect touch all of the salty Vietnamese dishes that I had eaten over 4 hours.
SNAKE (BONUS MEAL) — the next day, I went on an adventure to the snake village of Vietnam called Le Mat and I was treated to a delicious snake lunch!  They literally brought the snake to our dinner table, killed it, and then we drank the blood in a shot glass.  Then, they cooked up the snake and prepared it to us in many different ways.. it was really good!
And that is it! It was the best food tour I’ve ever been on in my life, and I highly recommend you to check it out on your trip to Hanoi with Viet Vision Travel 🙂
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DrewThe Best Food Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam

Introducing My Essential Kits

by Drew on November 15, 2015 2 comments

To be quite honest, I was unimpressed when I first received an email to do a review about My Essential Kits…  There are so many travel gadgets out there, and I find most of them to be useless.

However, I agreed to test out these products and write an honest review, so here it goes.

The product is called My Essential Kits and you buy it online right here. 

For a price of $39.99, the kit comes with 4 necessities that you need for your backpacking adventures.
1. Collapsable Water Bottle
2. Mini Sealer
3. Micro Fiber Towel
4. Two Combination Locks

Overall, the kit is nicely packaged and presented when it comes in the mail.  The first thing I liked about the Essential Kit is that all the products are small, lightweight and packable.  This is especially crucial for me, because I only travel with a 40 liter backpack.  I can’t afford to pack anything big and bulky.

All 4 products in the travel kit are handy, and they will really make your life easier when you’re on the road.

In the remainder of this post, I will talk about each product in detail:

1. Collapsable Water Bottle

I probably drink more water than anyone that you know — at least a gallon per day.  Lately, I’ve been purchasing water bottles from convenient stores, but this is dumb because the prices add up and it’s a waste of plastic.  So, you can bring this nifty water bottle around with you to refill with water.  And when you’re not using it, you can fold it up nicely in your bag! (shown in left of photo).

2. Mini Sealer

This is the perfect device that can seal up all of your toiletries and bags on the go.   You can also seal up wet clothing, which is awesome because I always struggle with packing my wet & smelly swimsuit after taking a dip in the sea!

The only thing I don’t like about this is the bulky size.. It’s a bit hard for me to pack in my backpack, but if you have room for it in yours, then give it a go!

3. Micro Fiber Towel 

For me, this is probably the most useful thing in the kit, because it’s always smart to pack a towel with you on any trip!  This towel is so versatile —  it’s light weight, it folds up tiny and it dries extremely quick. Also, if you are a girl, then you can turn this towel into a dress and wear it to the beach!

4. Two Combination Locks 

I’ve stayed in so many hostels around the world, and it’s mandatory that you lock up your bag.  You never know who is going to be peeking into your bag when you are out exploring the city.  So, these locks are useful for putting on the zippers of your bag, or just to lock your important things in a locker.



By purchasing this Essential Travel Kit, your life on the road will be much easier. I highly recommend it!

For more explanations, check out this video about each product:

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DrewIntroducing My Essential Kits

5 Tips on How to Stay Safe Before Traveling

by Drew on September 10, 2015 2 comments

Along with health, safety is the biggest issue that relates to traveling abroad.

I’ve traveled to about 1/3 of the countries in world, and being safe is something that I always take extra precautions for.  I’ve gained substantial knowledge and learned the common sense skills for making sure I’m safe in any country.

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Drew5 Tips on How to Stay Safe Before Traveling

Top 10

by Drew on August 16, 2015 1 comment

The following are the Top 10 most viewed articles on The Hungry Partier

1. How I Got 10K Real Followers in <7 Months
2. How I Can Afford to Travel
3. 50 Lessons I’ve Learned From 50 Countries
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5. 2015 Travel Guide to Myanmar
6. How EDM is Taking Over the World
7. 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat at McDonald’s in Every Country
8. Seoul (Gangnam) Nightlife Guide
9. India — The Ultimate Travel Guide
10. Prague Nightlife Guide


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DrewTop 10

Let’s Party

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When it comes down to it, I’m a party animal.

Since January 2012, I’ve partied in more than 45 countries and 100 cities across The USA, Europe, Central America and Asia.

It all started when I decided to go to the biggest party college in the USA- The University of Wisconsin-Madison. That was the single best decision of my life, and I would be nowhere on my journey today if I chose to attend any other University.

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DrewLet’s Party